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Daily Routine Of A Student | 12 Best Steps in 2024


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 12 min read

Why is daily routine of a student daily routine of a student important?

It is said that every day is an opportunity to take one step closer to your goals, to unlock your potential, and to become the best version of yourself. Since student-hood, you have the power to shape your future path by developing a daily routine that drives you towards greatness. 

So don’t hold yourself back from building up a good daily routine any longer. Let’s start with these basic, but incredibly significant, 12 Best Daily Routine Of A student which definitely inspire you to make the most of each day.

Best Daily Routine Of A student
Best Daily Routine Of A student | Source: Shutterstock

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Daily Routine Of A Student #1: Wake up early

What should-have a daily morning routine for students? Why not make your new day by getting up early, and avoid waking up right before you need to be out the door. Waking up early allows you to have a more relaxed morning routine and make a positive impact on your mood and outlook throughout the day. You can use the extra minutes or hours to plan your day effectively, prioritize tasks, and allocate your time wisely. This can lead to better time management and increased overall productivity.

Daily Routine Of A Student #2: Make a bed

“If you want to save the world, start off by making your bed”, Admiral McRaven says. A big thing starts from doing little things right. So the first daily routine of a student to follow after getting up is making a bed. A neat and tidy bed can create a visually pleasing and calming environment. It can positively influence your mindset and contribute to a more organized and focused mindset for the rest of the day.

Daily Routine Of A Student #3: Morning exercise 

If you are thinking of what contributes to a healthy routine for a student, the answer is doing morning exercise or a quick workout to refresh your body and soul. It is an excellent example of a healthy daily routine for students. By incorporating exercise into your morning routine, you kickstart your day with a burst of energy and vitality, which can help to reduce stress, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

Daily Routine Of A Student #4: Have a breakfast

Many students, especially those in college, tend to overlook the significance of having breakfast in their daily routine. However, it is essential for students to prioritize a nutritious breakfast to fuel their bodies and minds for the day ahead in their daily routine timetable. An empty stomach can lead to decreased concentration, lack of energy, and difficulty in retaining information. Additionally, skipping breakfast may result in symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, and poor decision-making.

Daily Routine Of A Student #5: Plan your day

A productive daily routine for students usually starts with creating a schedule in to-do-list. Students should learn to set goals, and allocate time for specific activities to manage time effectively. Don’t wait until everything is messed up, or last-minute deadlines and find yourself rushing through tasks without careful consideration. Take the time to plan and prioritize your activities, ensuring that each task receives the attention it deserves.

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timetable for study daily routine
A timetable for study daily routine | Source: SAZ

Daily Routine Of A student #6: Pre-class Preview 

For effective academic learning, it is beneficial to take time not only to finish assignments but also prepare for the next day’s lessons. Research indicates that students who review and preview their lessons one day ahead of the class tend to outperform those who do nothing. By familiarizing yourself with the content beforehand, you can actively engage in class discussions, ask insightful questions, and connect new information with prior knowledge.

Daily Routine Of A student #7: Prepare Overnight

While academic studies are a vital aspect of a student’s life, incorporating housework into the daily routine of a student from early childhood can provide numerous benefits. It teaches valuable lessons about responsibility, time management, and contributing to the family or shared living space. For example, they can help with meal preparations by setting the table and clearing dishes afterward, or learn to sort, wash, and fold their own clothes.

Daily Routine Of A student #8: Go to Bed on Time

An ideal daily routine of a student can’t lack consistent fixed bed time. It is worth noting that adequate sleep is crucial for overall well-being and academic performance. It helps regulate the body’s internal clock, promoting better sleep quality and duration. Furthermore, it also promotes healthy habits and self-discipline, as students prioritize their rest and recognize the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Daily Routine Of A student #9: Leave time to socialize

Many students are also facing the practice of “jishuku” or self-restraint during exam periods like Japanese student daily routines. But it is also necessary to balance academic life and social activities, hobbies, and even leisure time. Spending some hours of a week to attend club activities, do sports, engage in volunteer work, or go out with friends are the best ways to get over academic pressure as well as maintain physical and mental well-being.

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Daily Routine Of A student #10: Learn Somethings New

Student life’s daily routine doesn’t just solely focus on school stuff, try to learn something new every day or every period of time. Don’t limit yourself in the confines of textbooks and classrooms. 

In addition, parents also need to give students room to learn new things by encouraging them to visit museums, attend cultural events, enroll in talent classes, explore a new language, and more. It absolutely helps to expand their perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and nurture a passion for lifelong learning.

Daily Routine Of A student #11: Read book

No one can deny the role of reading books in a student’s daily routine. Practicing a habit of reading a book is a rewarding daily activity for a student. They can start with a half hour then increase gradually. You will be surprised how much you can learn from the book and how far it can take you in your personal and intellectual growth. Whether you choose fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or educational books, all are helpful to train your reading habit as long as you find it enjoyable and motivating.

Daily Routine Of A student #12: Limit Screen Time

The last thing that makes a perfect daily routine for a student is to reduce screen time as much as possible. While it is true that smart devices can be useful for learning, they can also be highly distracting and detrimental to productivity. Excessive screen time, particularly spent on non-educational activities such as social media, gaming, or binge-watching shows can lead to procrastination, reduced physical activity, and poor sleep quality.

To create a healthier routine, students should establish boundaries and set limits on their screen time. This involves consciously reducing recreational screen usage and allocating specific time slots for educational purposes or necessary tasks.

successful students daily routine
Limit Screen Time to make your day more productivity | Source: Shutterstock

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Daily routines provide numerous benefits for students. They promote discipline, helping students develop a sense of structure and responsibility. Furthermore, daily routines foster time management skills, allowing students to prioritize tasks effectively and achieve a better work-life balance.
These following steps can help daily routine of a student become more organized:
Determine the waking time and establish a consistent morning routine.
Allocate specific time slots for classes, study sessions, and homework.
Include breaks for meals, physical activity, and relaxation.
Plan extracurricular activities and socializing.
Set a designated bedtime for adequate rest.
Regularly review and adjust the routine based on individual needs and priorities.
The best way to maintain a good routine schedule for students is to push themselves to stick to the routine as much as possible in order to develop good habits and make it easier to manage time effectively.
With schools closed and a shift to online learning, students had to adapt to a new way of studying from home. The absence of in-person classes, reduced social interactions, and the blending of personal and academic spaces disrupted their regular routines, requiring them to establish new schedules and adapt to different learning environments.
Students who are pursuing highly demanding academic programs or engaging in competitive activities often have serious daily routines. This can include students in rigorous academic programs such as medical school, engineering, or law, who may have long study hours, extensive coursework, and challenging exams

Key takeaways

Maintaining a good routine for a student is never easy, especially because there are too many distractions nowadays. Along with pursuing high academic standing, don’t forget to allow yourself short breaks throughout the day to recharge and engage in enjoyable hobbies. And, don’t forget to use AhaSlides in daily learning to save your time and having fun.

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