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Popular Examples of Diversity | New Business Model for Success | 2024 Reveals

Popular Examples of Diversity | New Business Model for Success | 2024 Reveals


Astrid Tran 28 Feb 2024 6 min read

Every person’s life journey necessitates deep wisdom, experience, and knowledge. A person’s worldview is an essential component of their intellectual baggage. It is a compass that not only guide people live more purposefully but also facilitates and increases the effectiveness of work.

People will be more inspired to work and creative under the influence of multidimensional thinking and diversity of perspectives. A successful career now involves joy, effort, and a desire to learn, rather than just being a burden and a challenging issue.

This article explains the meaning of worldview diversity, provides examples of diversity in the workplace, and highlights the values of diverse worldviews when creating a new organizational model for the workplace.

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What is a Diversity Meaning at Work?

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A person’s worldview for diversity is how they perceive both their internal and external environments. Diversity of worldview proves itself. All of the immaterial (spirit, faith, spirituality…) and physical (events, things, people, earth, universe, etc.) worlds are included in the external world. Their internal worldview is the framework through which they interpret and assess their own ideas, motives, feelings, and thoughts. 

An individual’s view of the world is shaped by a variety of factors, including personal experiences, relationships, historical knowledge, and even introspection. They possess a wide range of experiences, profound understanding, a reverent attitude toward the natural world, and a love of even the smallest things.

In particular, people who respect ethnic diversity within a group in the workplace, regardless of their social status, exhibit a diversity of worldview at work. Recognizing and valuing your colleagues’ diverse backgrounds, and taking advantage of them when collaborating can help complete tasks successfully.

Popular Examples of Diversity in the Workplace

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A workforce with a diversity of racial, ethnic, gender, age, religious, physical ability, and other demographics is referred to as diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

There are 4 different types of diversity.

  • Internal diversity
  • External diversity
  • Organizational diversity
  • World view diversity

There are many examples of diversity (and lack of) in the worldview at work. 

The Business Resource Groups at Mastercard are a terrific example of diversity in the way the company promotes internally. These self-governing groups are founded on a variety of interests, such as women’s leadership, LGBTQ employees, Asian culture, African descent, and active and retired military personnel. 

As companies diversify their staff, they might find that a large number of their workers have unique experiences and points of view that set these individuals apart from their colleagues. 

In what ways do establishments such as Marriott International Hotels & Resort support diversity in their worldviews? Marriott is one of the great examples of diversity, which has a dedicated multicultural affairs group that offers possibilities for cultural education through forums, webinars, and Culture Day sessions. Marriott has over 174,000 employees worldwide. They support diversity in all its forms, from hiring students from underprivileged backgrounds to developing cross-cultural communication strategies to foster a sense of community.

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How to Implement Worldview Diversity in Developing a Career Path?

How is the worldview formed?

As humans, we all have unique experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. These elements make up our perspective, which in turn shapes our worldview. 

It is crucial to alter and broaden your perspective if you are a leader or even a regular employee hoping to advance in your career. Building and managing teams in a modern, multigenerational setting calls for a wide range of viewpoints. Here are some examples of diversity techniques to support the development of your worldview and career.

Respect cultural diversity at work

When people refer to diversity, they may be thinking first of ethnicity and race. Working in a multicultural environment makes you more conscious of your own cultural identity.

Living in multicultural communities makes people feel as though they must define who they are. Additionally, they feel compelled to comprehend the distinctions and parallels between themselves and people from various backgrounds. Consequently, compared to those who live in a homogeneous society, they are more proud of their heritage. Along with sharing food, music, dance, art, and other things with others, they also feel giving when they celebrate their traditions. Consequently, society gains complexity and interest in general.

One very successful example of diversity is the American Dream. The ethnic makeup of Americans is diverse, allowing each person to blend in and forge their own identity. Their companies have a global impact.

Respect the differences of every team member

Make sure women have equal access to education, pay, and career advancement opportunities as men if you hire a large number of female staff members. pay the appropriate salary despite gender differences; Benedict Cumberbatch is a well-known example of diversity who respects gender differences. If his female coworkers were paid unfairly by the company, he threatened to resign from any position.

Enhance life experience

In a multicultural society, you are always exposed to new ways of doing things and new ways of looking at things. The combination of perspectives, talents, skills, and ideas drives innovation and creates space for out-of-the-box thinking.

You are constantly exposed to fresh perspectives and methods of doing things in a multicultural society. The fusion of viewpoints, aptitudes, abilities, and concepts fosters creativity and makes room for unconventional thinking.

Thus, go out and explore the world to enrich your experiences and ways of thinking. Alternatively, an excellent example of how to put different values into practice is working in a multinational workplace.

Open-minded perspecitves

So how do we, in this digital age of information overload, manage to comprehend different points of view? I’ll share with you a secret: the practice of being “open-minded.” Being open-minded is being willing to understand and take into consideration how to approach the opinions and knowledge of others, as well as having the flexibility and adaptability to let those things work.

A Trend of Diversity in the Workplace

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A team that is inclusive and diverse will enable more viewpoints to be taken into account when formulating ideas or updating procedures. Higher levels of creativity and consequently more innovation may result from this. An organization or team can benefit from the diversity of strengths, skills, and abilities it possesses. A broader team perspective and a more contented team can also result in business success.

For this reason, businesses are favoring the multinational business model more and more these days. Giant corporations like Apple, Google, and others can establish subsidiaries around the world. When feasible, remote work become an advantage of small businesses – Pay less for hiring more foreign talents.

A person with a varied worldview is confident in their actions, has a deep comprehension of knowledge, and is creative in their thinking. In addition to having more promotion prospects than the other team members, this person has the potential to be the hub of communication within the group and develop into one of the company’s future great leaders.

Key Takeaways

Worldview guides cognitive activities, and activities to improve their world, and regulates human behavior in daily life. Therefore, in any case, try to build for ourselves a good worldview. Our worldview will determine the quality of our lives and how we achieve joy and find meaning in diversity and inclusion in our career path.

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  1. What are examples of diversity in society?

Adversity of all kinds strikes people in life. Negative personal experiences include things like disease, losing a loved one, being victimized or bullied, losing one’s job, and having unstable finances. We all live in a world where terrible things like natural disasters, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks frequently make the news.

  1. What are the three examples of cultural diversity?

Gender, age, and sexual orientation are examples of cultural diversity. However, when thinking about cultural differences, we often talk about countries, religions, etc. Cultural differences can bring both benefits and difficulties. Cultural differences can lead to a lack of connection and understanding at work. Team performance in the workplace can be affected by some employees’ disregard for the culture or background of other employees.