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Motivation to Work | 40 Funny Awards for Employees (2023 updates)

Motivation to Work | 40 Funny Awards for Employees (2023 updates)

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Astrid Tran 19 Sep 2023 7 min read

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” — Mary Kay Ash.

Let’s be fair, Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for what they did, especially in the workplace? If you want to motivate employees to work harder and better, give them an award. A little recognition can go a long way in creating a positive and productive work environment.

Let’s check out the 40 funny awards for employees to show them how much you and the company appreciate their contribution.

funny awards for employees
Motivate your employees with funny awards for employees | Image: shutterstock

Table of Contents:

Funny Awards for Employees — Daily Recognition

1. Early Bird Award

For the employee who always arrives at the crack of dawn. Seriously! It can be awarded to the first person to come to the workplace. It can be a great way to encourage punctuality and early arrival.

2. Meeting Magician Award

The employee who can make even the most boring meetings interesting is worth receiving this award. The clever icebreakers, witty anecdotes, or a talent for presenting information in an entertaining way, all need to prepare. They keep colleagues awake and ensure that everyone’s ideas are heard and valued.

3. Meme Master Award

This award goes to the employee who has single-handedly kept the office entertained with their hilarious memes. Why is it worthy it? It is one of the best ways to boost positive influence in the workplace and help to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Office Comedian Award

We all need an office comedian, who has the best one-liners and jokes. This award can promote talents that help everyone in the workplace lighten their mood which can lead to increased creativity through their humorous stories and jokes. After all, a good laugh can make the daily grind much more enjoyable.

5. The Empty Fridge Award

The Empty Fridge Award is a funny award that you can give to an employee who always seems to know when the good snacks are being delivered, snack-savvy. It adds a fun twist to the daily routine, reminding everyone to savor the little joys, even when it comes to office snacks.

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6. Caffeine Commander

Caffeine, for many, is the morning hero, rescuing us from the clutches of sleepiness and giving us the energy to conquer the day. So, here’s to the morning caffeine ritual award for the person who consumes the most coffee in the office.

7. Keyboard Ninja Award

This award honors the person who can complete tasks with lightning speed using keyboard shortcuts, or those who have the fastest keyboard typing speed. This award celebrates their digital dexterity and efficiency.

8. The Empty Desk Award

We call it the Empty Desk Award to recognize the employee with the cleanest and most organized desk. They’ve mastered the art of minimalism, and their clutter-free workspace inspires efficiency and serenity in the office. This award truly acknowledges their tidy and focused approach to work.

9. The Order Award

Who is the person to help order drinks or lunch boxes? They’re the go-to person for ensuring everyone gets their preferred coffee or lunch, making office dining a breeze. This award is given to recognize their organizational prowess and team spirit.

10. Tech Guru Award

Someone who is willing to help fix everything from print machines, and computer errors, to glitchy gadgets. There is nothing to doubt about this award to the office IT expert, who ensures smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Funny Awards for Employees — Monthly Recognition

Funny Awards for Employees
Funny Awards for Employees | Image: Freepik

11. The Employee of the Month Award

The monthly excellent employee award sounds incredible. It is worth honoring the top-performing employee of the month for their exceptional contributions and dedication to the team’s success.

12. Email Overlord Award

Funny awards for employees like the Email Overlord Award is best for an employee who is known for sending impressive emails with well-written and informative content. They turn even the driest of subjects into engaging and constructive messages.

13. The Dress to Impress Award 

The workplace isn’t a fashion show, but The Dress to Impress Award is crucial for maintaining a high standard of uniform code, especially in the service industry. It recognizes the employee who demonstrates exceptional professionalism and attention to detail in their attire.

14. The Office Therapist Award

In the workplace, there is always a colleague whom you can ask for the best advice and who is willing to listen ear when you need to vent or seek guidance. They, indeed, contribute to a positive and caring workplace culture.

15. The Team Player Award

Don’t forget to take care of team players, they shouldn’t be overlooked. The Team Player Award celebrates individuals who consistently go above and beyond to support their colleagues, share knowledge, and work together harmoniously to achieve common objectives.

16. Office DJ Award

There are plenty of times when everyone needs a break away from stress with music. If someone can fill the workplace with energizing beats, setting the perfect mood for productivity and enjoyment, the Office DJ Award is for them.

17. Yes-sir Award

The “Yes-sir Award” pays tribute to the employee who embodies unwavering enthusiasm and an ever-ready “can-do” attitude. They are the go-to person who never shies away from challenges, consistently responding with positivity and determination.

18. Excel Wizard Award 

Excel Wizard Award recognizes their invaluable contribution to the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness, highlighting the significance of meticulous data management in the modern workplace.

19. Note Taken Award

Mastering Note-taking skills is not so easy. The company can offer a Note Taken Award for employees who have impeccable note-taking skills and seldom miss any important detail. 

20. The Queen/King of Remote Work Award

If your company promotes the effectiveness of hybrid work or remote work, think of The Queen/King of Remote Work Award. It is used to appreciate the colleague who has mastered the art of working effectively from home or any remote location.

Funny Awards for Employees — Annually Recognition

21. The Most Improved Employee Award

A yearly funny awards for employees can start with The Most Improved Employee Award where an individual’s growth and dedication over the past year are recognized. It is a commitment from the company to promote professional development and inspire a culture of continuous improvement.

22. Office Bestie Award

Each year, the Office Bestie Award should be a reward for celebrating the special bond between colleagues who have become close friends in the workplace. Much like a peers for progress program in school, companies use this award to promote team connection and high performance. 

23. The Interior Decorator Award

Funny awards for employees like this award highlights the importance of a well-designed workspace, both beautiful and functional, making the office a more vibrant and welcoming place for everyone.

Funny awards for employees | Background: Freepik

24. Snacking Specialists Award

The “Snacking Specialists Award”, a kind of funny awards for employee recognition, can be a one of super funny awards for employees to recognize those who excel in selecting and sharing delicious office snacks, making break times more enjoyable for everyone.

25. Gourmet Award

It is not about ordering food and drinks again. The “Gourmet Award” is awarded to those individuals with an exceptional taste for cuisine. They are true connoisseurs, elevating the midday meal or team dining with culinary excellence, inspiring others to explore new flavors.

26. The Multitasker Award

This award is a recognition for the employee who juggles tasks and responsibilities like a pro, all while maintaining their cool. They effortlessly manage multiple tasks while staying calm and collected, showcasing exceptional multitasking skills.

27. The Observer Award

In the Astronomical League, the Observer Award is given to amateur astronomers who have made significant contributions to astronomy. Within the workplace, it has become one of the funny awards for employees who appreciate an employee’s keen awareness and ability to notice even the smallest details or changes in the workplace dynamics.

28. JOMO Award

JOMO means Joy of Missing Out, thus the JOMO Award aims to remind everyone that finding happiness outside of work is just as important as excelling within it. This award is crucial to encourage a healthier work-life blend, promoting employee mental and emotional well-being.

29. The Customer Service Award 

It is worth mentioning in top funny awards for employees as it strengthens the importance of customer service, which is needed in any organization. The individual who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and provide top-notch service worth being appreciating. 

30. Office Explorer Award

This award acknowledges their willingness to explore new ideas, systems, or technologies and their curiosity in finding innovative solutions to challenges.

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How do you award the best employee?

There are several ways to award the best employee. You could give the employee a trophy, a certificate, or even a gift basket filled with snacks and refreshments. You could also give the employee a more valuable gift such as a special shout-out company newsletter, or on social media, monetary rewards, incentives, or extra time off. 

How to conduct a virtual meeting to celebrate employee appreciation?

You can host a team gathering to award your team members within a comfortable and intimate setting when it comes to funny awards for employees. AhaSlides with many advanced features can make your event full of fun and everyone truly engaging and interactive.