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20+ Best Gift Ideas For Employees on a Budget in 2024


Anh Vu 15 April, 2024 20 min read

Send gifts to employee is always great! But you need inspiration for your gift ideas for employees on a budget? Many companies worldwide are facing an increase in employees quitting their jobs. In the meantime, many companies welcome back a range of boomerang employees. Why do these issues exist? And how to resolve them?

The answer is simpler than you thought, many employees choose to live or return to the previous company because they know their company values their contribution and are willing to reward them for what they deserve. 

If you are talent acquisition, don’t miss a chance to maintain a strong relationship between the company and employees with employee appreciation gifts. Here, we give you a list of 32+ gift ideas for employees on a budget, which satisfies all of your employees for any occasion. 

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Gift ideas for employees on a budget
Gift ideas for employees on a budget – Check out few team gift ideas!

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20++ Gift Ideas for Employees on a Budget

Need gift ideas for employees on a budget? Let’s check out the best 22 ideas!

#1. Personalized Thank you Note

Employee thank you gift is very important! Never underestimate the power of a simple thank-you note. Simply sending a “thank you” note for a job well done can help the employee overcome a stressful situation and make them feel appreciated and motivated. To make it more valuable, you can customize the design with their name, position, and photo via the online and free app lịke Canvas.

#2. The Gift of Praise

Appraisal feedback or compliment is a good idea for keeping employees motivated. When employees know their leader cares about their effort and gives them time to fulfill themselves for further achievement, they will likely want to work harder and improve their quality of work.

#3. A Welcome Kit for Newcomer

For many companies, there are many times in a year to welcome new employees, such as probation, internship, or colleagues from subordinates. As workplace culture is different from company to company, having a fixed welcome kit is necessary to help new comments feel belonging and valued. A small gathering to introduce new employees and information sharing by seniors can warm up the atmosphere and help new employees overcome neophobia and commit to long-term employment.

#4. A Welcome-back Kit

After the pandemic, there is an emerging trend of boomerang employees who quit their job but choose to return to the position they left after stress passes or priorities shift. To encourage quality talents to come back to work for your company, there is a complicated process,  but part of them re-onboarding them entirely with a welcome-back gift and outplacement service workout. They can create a cohesive view of what has changed, show the employee your care, not to mention create better relationships with ex-employees.

#5. Personalized Gifts to Reward Employees

Looking for birthday gifts for employees? There is no better than personalized items for your employees in their important event. A simple present becomes more valuable and special when it is carved with someone’s name. On their birthday you may send a present engraved with their name on it, like a scarf, a pen, a wooden pin… for employee women, or golf accessories for employee men. 

#6. A Personalized Desk Nameplate 

 A designed luxury is a wonderful gift for a job promotion. It is a public recognition from upper employers for newly promoted employees. The wooden desk nameplate is elegant, classic, and beautiful, plus a scented smell may strengthen its value. They won’t just be proud of their new position, but also proud to display it as a reminder for word-hard to deserve what they have received. 

#7. Wooden Pen Box

Another alternative gift for the job promotion is a wooden pen box engraved with their names. Compared to other gifts, the wooden pen looks luxurious but at an affordable price. With this thoughtful gift, they know your gratitude for their diligence.

#8. An Occasional Break

Employees are easy to encounter burnout and employers also, especially when the employees can afford enough training and fail to complete the given tasks. To mitigate burnout, they sometimes need a short break, to clear their mind and prepare a healthy body and mind for future projects.  A one-day to two-day off is a good employer appreciation gift idea. 

#9. Digital Rewards 

As most employees have a smart device to communicate, for quick and budgeted distributing appreciation gifts at the same time, you may send them discounted vouchers for numerous purposes. They can do shopping, dine in fine restaurants, and exchange movie tickets or theme park tickets… based on their needs whenever they want. 

#10. Bonus in Chinese Culture Festival

There is no better time to bonus your employees with a small gift than festivals. In many cultures, especially in Eastern, employees are expected to get bonuses like small amounts of money or vouchers for important occasions like the Mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year, and Dragon Boat Festival… 

#11. Western Culture Festival Gift Set

A DIY thanksgiving gifts for coworkers is always great! In addition, in  Western culture, some occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and New Year,… are important events to celebrate and companies can prepare gifts for their employees and family. They can be a vase soliflore, decorated ornament, cookie pack, chocolate box…

#12. Seasonal Gift Box

Besides festivals, seasonal gift boxes for employee appreciation are an amazing idea too. You may prepare a specific gift box for each season. When it comes to summer and it’s hot and raining, a cool t-shirt, an umbrella, lavender soap, and a water bottle… may be convenient items. 

#13. Wine Box– Gift ideas for employees on a budget

The wine box is a fine gift box that most employees are satisfied with. They can be used for different events… There are many kinds of wine and pricing that you can arrange for different levels of employees’ status and preference, such as whiskey, red wine, white wine, plume wine… Wine won’t go expired so your company can purchase in bulk for a better deal and present it to employees whenever you want.

#14. Gourmet Tea Gift Set

If your employees don’t prefer wine, a gourmet tea gift includes a packaged tea collection, and different flavored tea bags, tea tins can be a thoughtful alternative. you can surprise your employee with a customizable adorable tea box.

#15. Housewarming Gifts– Gift ideas for employees on a budget

There are some economical corporate gifts for employees but promising quality, such as cutlery boxes, DIY bar kits, knife sets, mini coffee makers, …

#16. Books– Gift ideas for employees on a budget

Books are one of the most inexpensive employee appreciation gifts but have a great value of inspiration. If your employees are bookworms or have children in school, inspired or photographic books can be on the consideration lists. It is easy to look for a good book via recommendation lists, best-seller lists, and must-read lists on the internet from reliable sources. 

#17. A DIY Spa Gift Set

You can customize the DIY employee’s appreciation gift set with the component of the spa set based on the employee’s preferences and package everything in a gorgeous gift basket within your budget! Some suggested products will help to increase mental health and self-treat, such as Himalayan Salt Lamps, Scented Candles, Essence oil, Hand creams, and Therapeutic Soap Bars. 

#18. Appreciation Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Many staff work at home and are reluctant to return to the office but achieve good productivity, especially for the hybrid company with most employees worldwide. Regarding employee appreciation gifts, there are some handy ideas, such as diffusers and desktop vacuum cleaners. These tiny and modern products won’t cost you too much, keep your employee home office tidy, neat, and fresh.

#19. Virtual Appreciation Gifts for Remote Employees

An alternative gift for remote employees is a virtual appreciation event. You can book meals delivered directly to the employee’s houses at the setting time. While having fun live pub quizzes, you can enjoy the same meal at the same time with your beloved co-workers and teammates. 

Gift ideas for employees on a budget
Gift ideas for employees on a budget?

#20. Snack Gift Set – Gift ideas for employees on a budget

A combination of snacks, a jar of cookies, candies, and nuts is a great way to show employees that you appreciate their contribution and effort to the company’s development. 

#21. Eco-friendly Gifts– Gift ideas for employees on a budget

Tote bags and potted plants are handy, sustainable gift ideas for Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts to reward your employees. Moreover, potted plants can be presented as desktop office gifts for those who love immersing themselves in nature. 

#22. Employees Assistance Program

The employee assistance program sounds helpful and practical to benefit your employees.   Providing employees with short-term counseling, referrals, and coaching service… are essential to access and resolve employees’ problems. You can set regular appointments for employees to meet with their tutor 

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Table of Contents

Tips for Better Engagement

Music Quiz Intros Questions and Answers
Guess the Song Games – Guess the Song Quiz
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Music Quiz Intros Questions – Guess the Song Games

1. The club isn’t the best place to find a lover / So the bar is where I go

2. Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote / Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

3. I’ve been reading books of old / legends and the myths

4. I let it fall, my heart / And as it fell, you rose to claim it

5. This hit, that ice cold / Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold

6. Party rock is in the house tonight / Everybody have a good time

7. Imagine there’s no heaven / It’s easy if you try

Music Quiz Intros Questions and Answers
Guess the Intro Quiz – Guess the Song Games

8. Load up on guns, bring your friends / It’s fun to lose and to pretend

9. Once upon a time you dressed so fine / Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?

10. Spent 24 hours / I need more hours with you

11. Slip inside the eye of your mind / Don’t you know you might find

12. When you were here before / Couldn’t look you in the eye

13. I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down / I need your loving, loving, I need it now

14. When your legs don’t work like they used to before / And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

15. I come home in the morning light / My mother says, “When you gonna live your life right?”

16. It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away

17. Summer has come and passed / The innocent can never last

18. I’ve been alone with you inside my mind / And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times

19. I found a love for me / Darling, just dive right in

20. Hold me close and hold me fast / The magic spell you cast

21. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death / I take a look at my life and realize there’s not much left

22. Have you got color in your cheeks? / Do you ever get that fear that you can’t shift the type / That sticks around like summat in your teeth?

23. City’s breaking down on a camel’s back / They just have to go ’cause they don’t know whack

24. Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shinin’

25. Just shoot for the stars if it feels right / And aim for my heart if you feel like it

Guess the Song Games – Lyrics Quiz Questions

26. I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh / I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies

27. I’m holding on your rope / Got me ten feet off the ground

28. She take my money when I’m in need / Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed

29. Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P Diddy (hey, what up girl?)

30. Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk / I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk

31. Gotta get that / Gotta get that / Gotta get that / Gotta get that that that

32. If I should stay / I would only be in your way

33. I just want you close / Where you can stay forever

34. If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say / If you can’t read from the same page

35. I threw a wish in the well / Don’t ask me I’ll never tell

Guess the Song Games

36. Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans) / Boots with the fur (with the fur)

37. Yellow diamonds in the light / And we’re standing side by side

38. I know your eyes in the morning sun / I feel you touch me in the pouring rain

39. Up in the club with my homies, trying to get a lil’ V-I / Keep it down on the low key

40. Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you / I drink too much and that’s an issue but I’m okay

Guess the Song Games
Spotify – The Best Premium Music Source for Guess the Song Games

41. I been tryna call / I been on my own for long enough

42. I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it

43. Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah / Roma-roma-ma

44. I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath / Scared to rock the boat and make a mess

45. Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know / That something wasn’t right here?

46. I’m gonna pop some tags / Only got twenty dollars in my pocket

47. The snow glows white on the mountain tonight / Not a footprint to be seen

48. Once I was seven years old my momma told me / Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely

49. I never really knew that she could dance like this / She make a man wants to speak Spanish

50. I wish I found some better sounds no one’s ever heard / I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words

Guess the Song Games – Music Quiz Answers

1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
2. Luis Fonsi – Despacito
3. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This
4. Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
 LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
John Lennon – Imagine
 Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Maroon 5 – Girls Like You
Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger
 Radiohead – Creep
Maroon 5 – Sugar
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
 Lionel Richie – Hello
19. Ed Sheeran – Perfect
20. Louis Armstrong – La Vie en Rose
21. Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise
22. Artic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
23. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.
24. Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are
25. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

26. Lorde – Royals
27. Timbaland – Apologize
28. Kanye West – Gold Digger
29. KeSha – TiK ToK
30. Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
31. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
32. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
33. Alicia Keys – No One
34. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
35. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
36. Flo Rida – Low
37. Rihanna – We Found Love
38. Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love
39. Usher – Yeah!
40. The Chainsmokers – Closer
41. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights
42. Ariana Grande – 7 rings
43. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
44. Katy Perry – Roar
45. Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time
46. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
47. Idina Menzel – Let It Go
48. Lukas Graham – 7 Years
49. Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie
 ​twenty one pilots – Stressed Out

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