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2024 Reveal | 13+ Must-Play Games on Slack


Astrid Tran 11 January, 2024 8 min read

Now, let's start our exploration with a question: Have you been thinking about how to foster team engagement in your virtual workspace? Slack is the perfect choice. Welcome to the dynamic world of team engagement and collaboration on Slack!

Let's explore the most interesting and interactive games on Slack, slack games, its benefits, thereby making teamwork between team members bonded and improving work performance.

What are the best games on slack for teamwork?

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What is Slack Games?

Can you play games on slack? Yes, of course. Slack, the go-to platform for team communication, serves as the heartbeat of virtual collaboration. In the dynamic realm of remote work, fostering team camaraderie is essential. Enter Slack games—a strategic and enjoyable approach to infuse the virtual workspace with levity and human connection.

Beyond structured work discussions, these games become a canvas for vibrant team dynamics. Diverse games tailored for Slack, are envisioned as a team connected not just by projects but also by shared experiences, laughter, and healthy competition. Games on Slack are more than breaks; they are catalysts for joy, discovery, and collaboration in the digital workspace. 

Why is Hosting Games on Slack Important?

Why is having Games on Slack significant?
  • Curated Games for Engagement: The 13 carefully curated games listed above are specifically designed for Slack, aiming to enhance engagement and foster human connections within the team.
  • Opportunity for Connection: The paragraph emphasizes that every interaction within these Slack games serves as an opportunity for team members to connect on a personal level, transcending the boundaries of work-related discussions.
  • Unified Team Dynamics: The paragraph underscores the idea that these Slack games contribute to a sense of unity within the team. The collaborative nature of the games encourages collective efforts and shared experiences, reinforcing a cohesive team spirit.
  • Adaptability in Remote Collaboration: The mention of the ever-evolving landscape of remote collaboration suggests that these Slack games are not just a response to the current situation but are adaptable strategies that align with the changing dynamics of remote work.

13 Excellent Games on Slack 

These 13 games on Slack add a dynamic and engaging dimension to your team interactions, fostering camaraderie, creativity, and fun in the virtual Slack arena!

1. Slack Trivia Showdown

  • Best for: Igniting a friendly competition and knowledge-sharing fiesta with Slack Trivia Games! It's time to challenge your colleagues to a Slack Trivia duel.
  • How to play: Simply inviting the trivia bot to your channel and kick off a game by typing "@TriviaMaster start science trivia on Slack." Participants can then showcase their brilliance by answering questions like, "What is the chemical symbol for gold?"

2. Emoji Pictionary Extravaganza

  • Best for: Infusing a burst of creativity into your Slack communication with Emoji Pictionary – it's more than a game; it's an expressive masterpiece on Slack!
  • How to play: Sharing a set of emojis representing a word or phrase, and watch the game unfold in your Slack channel. Participants engage by responding to the challenge, decoding playful symbols like "🚗🌲 (Answer: Forest Road)."
Fun games on Slack with emoji

3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt Slack Adventure

  • Best for: Transforming your remote work into an epic adventure with Virtual Scavenger Hunt – the ultimate team-building slack games for teams.
  • How to play: Equipping your team with a list of items to find or tasks to complete and let the scavenger hunt commence on Slack! Participants post photos or descriptions of their discoveries, turning Slack into a treasure trove of shared experiences.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

  • Best for: Break the ice and unravel the mysteries of your colleagues with Two Truths and a Lie – one of the best games on Slack where honesty meets intrigue.
  • How to play: In your Slack channel, team members take turns sharing two truths and one falsehood about themselves. The game unfolds as others on Slack guess the lie. "1. I've swum with dolphins. 2. I've climbed a mountain. 3. I've won a cooking contest. What's the Slack lie?"
Fun games on Slack

5. Daily Check-ins

  • Best for: Cultivating a positive and connected team atmosphere with Daily Check-ins – it's the mood-boosting game on Slack!
  • How to play: Leveraging Slack's status feature for the game. Team members share their moods or a quick update using emojis. Engage on Slack with expressions like "😊 Feeling accomplished today!"

6. Fantasy Challenge

  • Best for: Elevating productivity by turning tasks into a playful competition with Fantasy Slack 
  • How to play: Creating a fantasy league using a task-tracking bot on Slack. Assign points for completing tasks, and let the Slack leaderboard be your guide. "Game on! Earn 15 points for solving a challenging problem on Slack."

7. Guess the GIF Mystery

  • Best for: Adding a dash of visual excitement to your Slack conversations with Guess the GIF – the game that sparks creativity and quick thinking.
  • How to play: Sharing a GIF on Slack related to a specific topic, and let the guessing game commence in your channel. Encourage team members with a challenge like, "What's the story behind this GIF?"

8. Photo Challenges

  • Best for: Discovering the personal side of your team with Photo Challenges – where themed snapshots become shared experiences.
  • How to play: Assigning a theme for the week on Slack, and watch your team share creative photos in response. "Show us your work-from-home desk setup on Slack! Bonus points for the most creative arrangement."

9. Word Association Fun

  • Best for: Igniting creativity and teamwork with Word Association – the game where words connect in unexpected ways, right on Slack.
  • How to play: Starting with a word, and let your team build a chain of associations in your channel. Engage in wordplay like "Coffee" -> "Morning" -> "Sunrise" on Slack.

10. Collaborative Storytelling Magic

  • Best for: Unleashing your team's imagination with Collaborative Storytelling – where each member adds a layer to an evolving narrative.
  • How to play: Beginning a story with a sentence or paragraph on Slack, and let the creativity flow as team members take turns adding to it in the channel. "Once upon a time, in a virtual galaxy, a team of intergalactic explorers embarked on a mission to... on Slack!"

11. Name That Tune

  • Best for: Bringing the joy of music to Slack with Name That Tune – the game that challenges your team's music knowledge.
  • How to play: Sharing a snippet of song lyrics or use a music bot to play a short clip on Slack. Participants guess the song on the channel. "🎵 'Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world...' What's the name of the song on Slack?"

12. A to Z Challenge Alphabetically

  • Best for: Testing your team's creativity and knowledge with the A to Z Challenge – where participants list items based on a theme alphabetically on Slack.
  • How to play: Choosing a theme (e.g., movies, cities) on Slack, and ask team members to list items alphabetically in the channel. "A to Z: Movies Edition. Start with a movie title that begins with the letter 'A.'"
games to play on Slack
Fun games to play on Slack

13. Digital Charades Silent Drama

  • Best for: Bringing the classic game of charades to the virtual realm with Digital Charades– where the silent drama takes center stage.
  • How to play: Participants act out a word or phrase without speaking while others guess in the channel on Slack. "Act out 'beach vacation' without using words on Slack. What's your guess?"

Key Takeaways

As a team communication platform, Slack has transformed from simply a place for work-related discussions to a vibrant space where friendships flourish. The above 13 Games on Slack are carefully picked to increase engagement and human connection among team member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Tic Tac Toe on Slack?

Absolutely! Slack's vibrant ecosystem includes Tic Tac Toe games. Head to the Slack App Directory, look for a Tic Tac Toe app and install it in your workspace. Once installed, challenge your colleagues or friends to a friendly game using the app's specific commands.

How do I use Gamemonk in Slack?

Using Gamemonk in Slack is a delightful experience. First, visit the Slack App Directory, search for "Gamemonk," and install it. After installation, explore the app's documentation or instructions to uncover a world of gaming possibilities. Gamemonk typically provides clear commands to start games and make the most of its diverse gaming features.

What is the word game in Slack?

For word game enthusiasts on Slack, the App Directory is your playground. Look for word game apps that catch your interest, install one, and delve into the linguistic fun. Once installed, follow the app's guidelines to initiate word games, challenge colleagues, and enjoy some wordplay within your Slack conversations.

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