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Guess The Food Quiz | 30 Delectable Dishes to Identify!


Jane Ng 25 December, 2023 8 min read

Hey there, food lovers! Have you ever wondered how well you know your favorite foods? Our guess the food quiz is here to challenge your senses and tease your brain with knowledge of various dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or just someone with a hearty appetite for fun, this quiz is for you.

So, grab a snack (or not, it might make you hungry!), and let’s get into this fun food quiz!

Table Of Contents 

Round #1 – Easy Level – Guess The Food Quiz

Here’s an easy level of “Guess the Food Quiz” with 10 questions. Have fun testing your food knowledge!

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Question 1: What breakfast item is made from ground corn and is a staple in the Southern United States? Hint: It’s often served with butter or cheese.

guess the food quiz
Image: delish
  • A) Pancakes
  • B) Croissant
  • C) Grits
  • D) Oatmeal

Question 2: What Italian dish is known for its layers of pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce? Hint: It’s a cheesy delight!

  • A) Ravioli
  • B) Lasagna
  • C) Spaghetti Carbonara
  • D) Penne Alla Vodka

Question 3: Which fruit is known for its spiky outer shell and sweet, juicy flesh? Hint: It’s often associated with tropical vacations.

  • A) Watermelon
  • B) Pineapple
  • C) Mango
  • D) Kiwi

Question 4: What is the primary ingredient in the popular Mexican dip, guacamole? Hint: It’s creamy and green.

  • A) Avocado
  • B) Tomato
  • C) Onion
  • D) Jalapeño

Question 5: Which type of pasta is shaped like small rice grains and is commonly used in soups? Hint: Its name means “barley” in Italian.

food quiz
Image: Sprinkles and Sprouts
  • A) Orzo
  • B) Linguine
  • C) Penne
  • D) Fusilli

Question 6: Which seafood delicacy is often served with butter and garlic and comes with a bib for messy eaters? Hint: It’s known for its hard shell and sweet meat.

  • A) Crab
  • B) Lobster
  • C) Shrimp
  • D) Clams

Question 7: Which spice gives traditional curry dishes their yellow color and a slightly bitter flavor? Hint: It’s widely used in Indian cuisine.

  • A) Cumin
  • B) Paprika
  • C) Turmeric
  • D) Coriander

Question 8: What type of cheese is commonly used in a classic Greek salad? Hint: It’s crumbly and tangy.

  • A) Feta
  • B) Cheddar
  • C) Swiss
  • D) Mozzarella

Question 9: What Mexican dish consists of a tortilla filled with various ingredients, typically including meat, beans, and salsa? Hint: It’s often wrapped and rolled.

  • A) Burrito
  • B) Taco
  • C) Enchilada
  • D) Tostada

Question 10: Which fruit is often referred to as the “king of fruits” and has a strong odor that people either love or can’t stand? Hint: It’s native to Southeast Asia.

  • A) Mango
  • B) Durian
  • C) Lychee
  • D) Papaya

Round #2 – Medium Level – Guess The Food Quiz

Question 11: What is the main ingredient in traditional Japanese miso soup? Hint: It’s a fermented soybean paste.

  • A) Rice
  • B) Seaweed
  • C) Tofu
  • D) Miso paste

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Question 12: What is the primary ingredient in the Middle Eastern dip, hummus? Hint: Also known as garbanzo beans.

  • A) Chickpeas
  • B) Lentils
  • C) Fava beans
  • D) Pita bread

Question 13: Which cuisine is famous for dishes like sushi, sashimi, and tempura? Hint: It places great importance on fresh seafood.

  • A) Italian
  • B) Chinese
  • C) Japanese
  • D) Mexican

Question 14: Which dessert is known for its layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and layered with mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder? Hint: Its Italian translation is “pick me up.”

Image: The Newyork Times
  • A) Cannoli
  • B) Tiramisu
  • C) Panna Cotta
  • D) Gelato

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Guess The Food Quiz

Question 15: What type of bread is commonly used for a classic French sandwich? Hint: It’s long and slender.

  • A) Ciabatta
  • B) Sourdough
  • C) Rye
  • D) Baguette

Question 16: Which nut is typically used to make traditional pesto sauce? Hint: It’s small, elongated, and cream-colored.

  • A) Almonds
  • B) Walnuts
  • C) Pine nuts
  • D) Cashews

Question 17: Which fruit is often used to make the popular Italian dessert, gelato? Hint: It’s known for its creamy texture.

  • A) Lemon
  • B) Mango
  • C) Avocado
  • D) Banana

Question 18: What is the main ingredient in the popular Thai soup, Tom Yum? Hint: It’s a type of aromatic herb.

food quiz
Image: Craving Tasty
  • A) Coconut milk
  • B) Lemongrass
  • C) Tofu
  • D) Shrimp

Question 19: What type of cuisine is famous for dishes like paella and gazpacho? Hint: It originates from the Iberian Peninsula.

  • A) Italian
  • B) Spanish
  • C) French
  • D) Chinese

Question 20: Which vegetable is commonly used in the Mexican dish, “chiles rellenos”? Hint: It involves stuffing and frying a specific type of chili pepper.

  • A) Bell pepper
  • B) Zucchini
  • C) Eggplant
  • D) Anaheim pepper

Round #3 – Hard Level – Guess The Food Quiz

Question 21: What is the primary ingredient in the Indian dish, “paneer tikka”? Hint: It’s a type of Indian cheese.

Image: The Wanderlust Kitchen
  • A) Tofu
  • B) Chicken
  • C) Cheese
  • D) Lamb

Question 22: Which dessert is made from beaten eggs, sugar, and flavorings, often served chilled? Hint: It’s a popular French dessert.

  • A) Custard
  • B) Brownies
  • C) Tiramisu
  • D) Mousse

Question 23: What type of rice is typically used for making sushi? Hint: It’s a short-grain rice specifically crafted for sushi.

  • A) Jasmine rice
  • B) Basmati rice
  • C) Arborio rice
  • D) Sushi rice

Question 24: What fruit is known for its spiky green skin and is often called the “queen of fruits”? Hint: It has a divisive smell.

  • A) Guava
  • B) Dragon fruit
  • C) Jackfruit
  • D) Lychee

Question 25: What is the main ingredient in the popular Chinese dish, “General Tso’s Chicken”? Hint: It’s breaded and often sweet and spicy.

Image: RecipeTin Eats
  • A) Beef
  • B) Pork
  • C) Tofu
  • D) Chicken

Round #4 – Guess The Food Emoji Quiz

Enjoy using this quiz to challenge your friends or have some food-related fun!

Question 26: 🍛🍚🍤 – Guess The Food Quiz

  • Answer: Shrimp Fried Rice

Question 27: 🥪🥗🍲 – Guess The Food Quiz

  • Answer: Salad Sandwich

Question 28: 🥞🥓🍳

  • Answer: Pancakes and Bacon with Eggs

Question 29: 🥪🍞🧀

  • Answer: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Question 30: 🍝🍅🧀

  • Answer: Spaghetti Bolognese

Key Takeaways 

This Guess the Food quiz is a delightful and engaging way to test your food knowledge and have a blast with friends and family. Whether you’re a foodie looking to put your culinary expertise to the test or just in the mood for some fun and friendly competition, this quiz is the perfect recipe for a memorable quiz night!

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