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Best 130+ Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers in 2023

Best 130+ Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers in 2023

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Anh Vu 18 Oct 2023 9 min read

It is a holiday, and it’s time for holiday trivia questions. So, let’s find out the top 130++ best quizzes you can ever get for a holiday coming up!

It is a holiday and you want to reunite and have fun with your friends, family, and colleagues. However, everyone is on their way to having a vacation somewhere else. It is time to leverage virtual holiday celebrations to gather people to cheer up with some interesting holiday questions.

When is Summer holiday?Jun-Sep
When is Winter holiday?Dec-Next Mar
How many holidays do you have in Australia?7 National Public Holidays
How long does the holiday should last?8 days
Overview of Holiday Trivia Questions

So, how to make a list of quizzes for a holiday celebration Go bonkers with AhaSlides suggested 130+++holiday trivia questions and answers following

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More than Holiday Trivia Questions!

holiday trivia questions
Holiday trivia questions

30++ Summer Holiday Trivia Questions

  1. Which are the three summer Zodiac signs?

Answer: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

  1. Which vitamin can you get from direct sunlight?

Answer: Vitamin D

  1. What is another name of the Summer Olympics?

Answer: Games of the Olympiad

  1. How often are the Summer Olympic games held?

Answer: every four years

  1. Where were the first Summer Olympic games held?

Answer: Athens, Greece

  1. Where was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games three times?

Answer: London

  1. Where will be the 2024 Summer Olympics?

Answer: Paris

  1. What is the traditional birthstone for August?

Answer: Peridot

  1. Who had a summer hit with Sealed with a kiss?

Answer: Brian Hyland 

  1. The month of July was named after which historical personality?

Answer: Julius Caesar

  1. Which month of the year is the National Ice Cream?

Answer: July

  1. Which country owns the world’s biggest waterpark?

Answer: Germany

  1. Which are the best-sellers of fresh fruits during summer in America?

Answer: Watermelon, peaches, and tomatoes

  1. How do we call summer in the Proto-Germanic language?

Answer: Sumaraz

  1. In what month does the summer begin in the northern hemispheres

Answer: June

  1. What does SPF in sunscreen stand for?

Answer: Sun protection factor

  1. What is the iconic music of the song “Summer night”?

Answer: Grease

  1. What is the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

Answer: 56,6 degrees Celsius in California’s Death Valley

  1. Name one of the top 5 hottest years on record.

Answer: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020

  1. What ocean-dwelling creature are you most likely to see sunbathing?

Answer: Sea lion

  1. What is the most common butterfly in the United States?

Answer: The Cabbage White

  1. What material can elephants use to prevent sunburnt?

Answer: Dust and mud

  1. Which animal stars in the hit 1970s movie “Jaws”

Answer: A Great White Shark

  1. Which year was the movie Summer Holiday released?

Answer: 1963

  1. Saffron comes from which type of flower?

Answer: Crocus Sativus

  1. What is Aestivation?

Answer: Summer hibernation of animals

  1. Where was the ice pop invented?

San Francisco, USA

  1. Who wrote the song 1980s hit Boys of Summer?

Answer: Don Henley

  1. What is the highest-grossing summer blockbuster of all time?

Answer: Star Wars

  1. Hit drama Our beloved summer comes from which country?

Answer: Korea

Holiday themed questions

Holiday Trivia Questions – 20++ Summer Quiz Questions with Answers

  1. Did Tim Burton direct the 1988 Batman movie?

Answer: Yes

  1. Was the movie “Summer of Love” released in 1966?

Answer: No, it was 1967

  1. Is Jun 6 the anniversary of D-Day?

Answer: Yes

  1. About 95% of watermelon’s overall mass is water.

Answer: No, it is about 92%

  1. Is Frisbee the classic summer game inspired by an empty pie tin?

Answer: Yes

  1. Is Long Beach the longest beach in the United States?

Answer: Yes.

  1. Does Michael Phelps have the most total Olympics medals?

Answer: Yes.

  1. Is California known as the Sunflower State?

Answer: No, it is Kansas

  1. Is Kansas a place for holding the Midnight Sun baseball game?

Answer: No, it is Alaska

  1. Does New Mexico city have Zia Sun on its flag?

Answer: Yes.

  1. The world’s largest strawberry weighed a whopping five ounces.

Answer: False, it actually weighed more than eight ounces!

  1. The world’s longest inflatable slip-and-slide measured 1,975 feet. 

Answer: True

  1. Florida is the state that is the wettest in summer. 

Answer: True

  1. Salmon is the species of fish bears feed on in summer

Answer: True

  1. Heat is the most dangerous weather condition for humans and animals. 

Answer: True.

  1. Is summer the highest birth rate?

Answer: Yes

  1. New York City and Pittsburgh are two cities that claim to be the homeland of the invention of the ice cream sandwich. 

Answer: True 

  1. More thunderstorms occur during the summer than at any other time of the year.

Answer: True. 

  1. California is a U.S. state that experiences the most wildfires during summer.

Answer: True

  1. The world’s tallest sunflower was grown in Germany in August 2014 and is 40 feet.

Answer: False, it is 30.1 feet

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Holiday Trivia Questions – 30++ Winter Vacation Quizzes

  1. What do we call the state when animals sleep during the winter?

Answer: Hibernation

  1. Which holiday is known as the Festival of Lights in Indian culture?

Answer: Diwali

  1. How long does the Diwali festival last?

Answer: 5 days

  1. What is the first festival of the year?

Answer: Makar Sankranti, Festival of Harvest

  1. How long does winter last in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: June to December

  1. How long does winter last in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: December to June

  1. What can you call heavy snow that is not quite a blizzard?

Answer: Snow squall

  1. Which of these words refers to thin, bending ice, or to the act of running over such ice?

Answer: Kitty-benders

  1. Which season does the Earth come closer to the sun?

Answer: Winter

  1. Which kind of snow is suitable for making a snowman?

Answer: Moist to wet snow.

  1. Which city does the winter palace situate in?

Answer: Saint Petersburg, Russia

  1. Name the character played by Macaulay Culkin in the film Home Alone”

Answer: Kevin McCallister

  1. What color are the berries on MOST mistletoe plants? 

Answer: white berries

  1. When was the first snowman photograph taken?

Answer: 1953

  1. How many points does a snowflake traditionally have?

Answer: 6 points

  1. Reindeer are a subspecies of what animal?

Answer: Caribou

  1. When was Eggnog first consumed in history?

Answer: Early medieval Britain

  1. What does a chinook mean?

Answer: Winter Wind

  1. What year were electric tree lights introduced as an alternative to candles?

Answer: 1882

  1. Which two cities named Santa Claus in the United States

Answer: Georgia and Arizona

  1. Which cocktail has the least calories?

Answer: Martini

  1. In which year was the film Home Alone released?

Answer: 1991

  1. Which vacation did the first movie Home Alone feature?

Answer: Christmas

  1. Where is the McCallister family going to have Christmas vacation?

Answer: Paris

  1. Which future US President makes an appearance in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York?

Answer: Donald Trump

  1. What is the name of the movie “Home Alone 4”?

Answer: Taking back the house

  1. What is the color of the Snow flower?

Answer: Scarlet red

  1. Which fruit has a variety called “winter banana”?

Answer: Apple

  1. What country is the coldest place on Earth?

Answer: Russia

  1. Which country holds the hair-freezing contest?

Answer: Canada

Holiday trivia questions

Holiday Trivia Questions – 35++ General Holidays and Event Quizzes

  1. The Summer Solstice is the most important day of the year at Stonehenge, which is a prehistoric stone monument. In which country is this situated?

Answer: UK

  1. Broadcast on TV, Nathan’s hot dog eating contest takes place each July 4; in which state?

Answer: New York City

  1. New YourWhat type of dance will be introduced to the Olympics for the first time in 2024?

Answer: Break dancing

  1. What is the name of plants and trees that remain green and healthy for more than one season?

Answer: Evergreen. 

  1. Alaska’s Katmai National Park holds an annual summer contest to find the fattest of which species?

Answer: Bear

  1. On which public holiday will you find patriotic displays and family events organized throughout the country?

Answer: July 4

  1. Which country gives students 12 weeks off for summer?

Answer: Italy

  1. The world’s largest inflatable pool toy was named “Sally the Swan” by its creators. How tall was she? 

Answer: 70 feet tall.

  1. Which flower is sometimes called the sword lily?

Answer: Benjamin Disraeli

  1. Which flower inspired the William Wordsworth poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’?

Answer: Daffodils

  1. Which flower is often called the ‘Winter rose’ or ‘Christmas rose’?

Answer: Sweet William

  1. What are the 4 islands making up the Balearic Islands in Spain? 

Answer: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca

  1. Where were the earliest recorded festivities in honor of a new year’s arrival dated back some 4,000 years to?

Answer: Ancient Babylon.

  1. In Spain, as its customer, people have to eat grapes to celebrate the New year. How much are grapes to eat?

Answer: 12 grapes

  1. What is the tradition of Panama to drive off evil spirits for a fresh New Year’s start?

Answer: Burn effigies (muñecos).

  1. Which items did Greeks hang on the front door of homes on New Year’s Eve?

Answer: Onion

  1. When was the kissing custom may date?

Answer: At least in the 1500s in Europe.

  1. What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?

Answer: Tea

  1. What type of pasta has a name meaning “little worms”?

Answer: Vermicelli

  1. Calamari is a dish made from which animal?

Answer: Squid

  1. What is James Bond’s favorite tipple?

Answer: Vodka Martini – shaken not stirred

  1. What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule?

Answer: Vodka

  1. What French city does bouillabaisse originate from?

Answer: Marseille

  1. How many episodes of Game of Thrones are there in total?

Answer: 73 episodes

  1. In Game of Thrones, which animal does Tywin Lannister skin during his first appearance in the show?

Answer: Deer (buck or stag also acceptable)

  1. Which character ends up being crowned King of the Six Kingdoms in the final episode?

Answer: Bran Stark (Bran the Broken)

  1. The French word “Noel” is often used around Christmas, but what was its original meaning in Latin?

Answer: Birth

  1. In what decade did Coca-Cola start using Santa Claus in advertisements?

Answer: The 1920s

  1. During what ancient festival did masters temporarily serve their slaves?

Answer: Saturnalia

  1. Which holiday takes place on March 26?

Answer: Brother and Sisters’ Day

  1. In what country did Silent Night originate?

Answer: Austria

  1. What is the other name of the Winter extreme festival in Chinese culture?

Answer: Dongzhi festival

  1. In July 1960, the 50th and final star was added to the American flag; what new state was this to represent?

Answer: Hawaii

  1. The Guinness Book of World Records was published for the first time on August 27, of which year?

Answer: 1955

  1. Which beach sport became official in 1986?

Answer: Beach Volleyball

15++ Multiple-Choice Holiday Trivia Questions (Destination)

  1. What is Tromsø known for?

Skydiving // Beaches // Northern Lights // Theme parks

  1. In which part of Portugal can you find the Algarve?

On an island in the Atlantic Ocean // South // North // Central Portugal 

  1. Which sea does not bord Turkey?

Black Sea // Aegean Sea // Mediterranean Sea // Dead Sea // 

  1. Which country receives the most tourists? 

Italy // France // Greece // Chinese

  1. Which one of the following Canadian cities is French-speaking?

Montreal // Ottawa // Toronto // Halifax

  1. Where is Copacabana Beach?

Sydney // Honolulu // Miami // New Orleans

  1. The name of a city in Thai means City of Angels.

Bangkok // Chiang Mai // Phuket // Pattaya.

  1. Which Scottish island is home to the Old Man of Storr, the Quiraing, and Neist Point?

Isle of Skye // Iona // Isle of Mull // Jura

  1. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean? 

Santorini // Corfu // Rhodes // Sicily

  1. Koh Samui is a popular holiday destination in which country?

Vietnam // Thailand // Cambodia // Malaysia

  1. Where is Abu Simbel?

UAE // Egypt // Greece // Italy

  1. Chateau is the word for a castle in which language?

French // German // Italian // Greek 

  1. The Maldives is situated in?

The Pacific Ocean // The Atlantic Ocean // The Indian Ocean // the Arctic Ocean

  1. Which of the following destinations is among the most expensive honeymoon spots?

Bora Bora // New Orleans // Paris // Bali 

  1. Which Bali is located in?

Indonesia // Thailand // Myanmar // Singapore

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With more than 130++ Holiday Trivia Questions, definitely, this is enough for you to explore more best-themed holiday trivia quizzes right away.

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