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Best 130 Spin The Bottle Questions To Play in 2024


Anh Vu 14 December, 2023 12 min read

Have you ever organized Spin the Bottle Questions to play fun games with your friends back in high school? Have you ever played Truth or Dare via Spin the Bottle challenge with your friends? If you have done it, good for you. If not, don’t worry. Take a look at our article today and explore the amazing games and a list of interesting questions to play in Spin the Bottle Games. 

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When was Spin The Bottle Games Found?1920s
What is Recommended Age?16+
Number of PlayersUnlimited
Spin the Bottle ThemeKissing, Pub Quizzes, Drinking, Truth or Dare
Kid Spin the Bottle Version Available?Yes, games are flexible with AhaSlides account!
Overview of Spin the Bottle Questions Games

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What is Spin the Bottle?

Historically, Spin the Bottle game is also known as a kissing party game, which was very popular among teenagers from the 1960s until now. However, it has evolved for different motives among the young to make them more cool and exciting, such as Truth or Dare, 7 minutes in Heaven, and the Online version…  People of all ages, nowadays can play this kind of game on a range of occasions and at parties to have fun or strengthen bonding. 

Before gathering people and setting up your fabulous game, let’s prepare Spin the Bottle Questions in advance. Here, we suggest 100+ popular and fun Spin the Bottle Questions for you to use right away.

Spin the Bottle Questions – Check out the Bottle Games – Spin and Play

30++ Spin the Bottle Questions – Truth or Dare for Kids

How to play: If you choose  “truth”, honestly answer whatever question it is, no matter how weird it is. If you choose “Dare”, take the challenge given by the asker. So, let’s check out the best

Spin the Bottle ideas questions!

1/ Would you rather be a bird or a snake?

2/ Would you rather do homework or housework?

3/ Would you rather hide under your bed or in the closet?

4/ What is your scariest animal?

5/ What is your unspoken secret?

6/ What is your nastiest dream?

7/ What is your last nightmare?

8/ Which person do you hate most?

9/ Where is your secret place?

10/ Who is the most beautiful in class?

11/ Who is the cutest in class?

12/ Where in the world would you like to visit?

13/ What is the most annoying action?

14/ Who is the funniest person you know?

15/ What if you have a superpower?

16/ Try to lick your elbows

17/ Eat a fresh carrot

18/ Drink a cup of fresh spinach juice

19/ Stand on one foot until your next turn.

20/ Put on a blindfold, feel someone’s face, and try to guess who it is.

21/ Pretend to swim across the floor.

22/ Perform a movie scene of the superhero you know

23/ Perform a song Baby Shark. 

24/ Write your crush’s name by the button.

25/ Belly dance.

26/ Pretend you are a zombie.

27/ Tell a made-up fairytale story.

28/ Pretend you are a farm animal and act.

29/ Cover your head with a sock and act as if you are a robber.

30/ Let your friend write a letter on your face.

Spin the Bottle for adults. Image: Unsplash

40++ Spin the Bottle Questions – Truth or Dare for Adults

31/ Lights on or lights off when you sleep with your mate?

32/ When is your first kiss?

33/ Do you think you are a good kisser?

34/ What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done to anyone?

35/ What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in public?

36/ What is your nastiest habit?

37/ What is the worst food you have ever tasted?

38/  Have you ever stalked your crush?

39/ How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had before?

40/ Do you play dating apps?

41/ What is your favorite habit during bathing?

42/ What is your greatest fear in a relationship

43/Whom do you want to watch the movie “Sex and the city” within this group?

44/ What is your favorite sex position?

45/ Which celebrity do you want to have a relationship with?

46/ Would you break up with your partner for 1 million?

47/ Would you eat the nastiest food for 1 million?

48/ What is the weirdest action you have done while you’re drunk?

49/ What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

50/ Do you want to have a night stance with a stranger in the club?

51/ Make an animal sound.

52/ Eat a raw onion.

53/ Put one ice cube inside your shirt.

54/ Call your crush and say you want to kiss him or her.

55/ Eat a chilly pepper.

56/ Let one person in the group draw something on your face.

57/ Lick the neck of the previous player

58/ Crawl on the floor like a baby

59/ Give a kiss to someone in the room

60/ Twerk for 1 minute.

61/ Squat for 1 minute.

62/ Drink a shot.

63/ Read an embarrassing sentence. 

64/ Download the dating app and randomly pick someone to chat with.

65/ Spell your name using your butt.

66/ Do a freestyle dancing

67/  Ack like an animal for 1 minute.

68/  Drink a cup of bitter melon.

69/  Put a spoon of wasabi in Coke and drink it.

70/ Post a naughty caption on your Instagram.

Spin the Bottle Questions for Adults
Spin the Bottle Questions for Adults. Image: Unsplash

30 Spin the Bottle Questions – Juicy Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults

How to play: It is easy to play the “Never I have ever” game, be honest and take turns to speak out about possible experiences they’ve never had. Anybody who has done that action has to respond by either raising a hand or taking a sip of their drink. 

Warning: If you are playing a drinking game, make sure to set a limit and don’t get over drunk. So, let’s check out Spin the Bottle questions!

71/ Never have I ever had a friend with benefits

72/ Never have I ever peed in my bed while sleeping.

73/ Never have I ever had a threesome.

74/ Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.

75/ Never have I ever sent a sexy photo to my mate.

76/ Never have I ever popped the question

77/ Never have I ever bitten a person.

78/ Never have I ever had a nightstand.

79/ Never have I ever been drunk in a nightclub.

80/ Never have I ever had a relationship.

81/ Never have I ever given a lap dance.

82/ Never have I ever performed a belly dance.

83/ Never have I ever had a favorite sex toy.

84/ Never have I ever Googled sex positions.

85/ Never have I ever dreamt of sex with others though I am in a relationship.

86/ Never have I ever dated someone through a dating app.

87/ Never have I ever had a weird nickname.

88/ Never have I ever used handcuffs or something similar.

89/ Never have I ever watched 18+ movies.

90/ Never have I sang while having a bath.

91/ Never have I ever bitten my toes.

92/ Never have I ever worn only underwear in public

93/ Never have I ever vomited in public.

94/ Never have I ever slept over 24 hours.

95/ Never have I ever purchased sexy sleepwear.

96/ Never have I ever sent a nude picture

97/ Never have I ever peed in public.

98/ Never have I ate expired food or drink.

99/ Never have I ever worn the same underpants for 3 days.

100/ Never have I ever eaten my nose boogers.

How do you play Spin the Bottle?

30++ Spin the Bottle Questions – Clean Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

101/ Never have I ever washed my hands after going to the toilet.

102/ Never have I broke a bone.

103/ Never have I ever jumped off the diving board.

104/ Never have I ever written a love letter.

105/ Never have I ever made up a fake language.

106/ Never have I ever fallen out of bed in the middle of the night.

107/ Never have I ever gone to school late due to oversleeping.

108/ Never have I ever done a good thing.

109/ Never have I ever told a white liar.

110/ Never have I ever woken up early to do exercise.

111/ Never have I ever been abroad.

112/ Never have I ever hiked a mountain.

113/ Never have I ever donated money to charity.

114/ Never have I ever helped other people.

115/ Never have I ever volunteered to be a class leader.

116/ Never have I ever finished reading a book in 1 week.

117/ Never have I ever watched 12 episodes of a series overnight.

118/ Never have I ever wanted to become a wizard.

119/ Never have I ever wanted to become a superhero. 

120/ Never have I ever turned into a wild animal.

Spin the Bottle Questions - Key Takeaway
Spin the Bottle Questions – Key Takeaway


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What games are like Spin the Bottle?

Games like Spin the Bottle? There are some party games that are similar to Spin the Bottle in terms of social interaction and fun. To cite an example, you can try Cards Of Hearts, Kiss Or Dare, Seven Minutes In Heaven, The Love Secret, and Never Have I Ever instead of Spin the Bottle.

What does Spin the Bottle mean in slang?

It means a kissing game in which a person has to kiss the one that the bottle points to after spinning.