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Trivia For Middle Schoolers | 60 Exciting Questions To Test Their Knowledge in 2024


Thorin Tran 01 February, 2024 7 min read

Middle schoolers stand at the crossroads of curiosity and intellectual growth. Trivia games can be a unique opportunity to challenge young minds, broaden their horizons, and create a fun learning experience. That’s the ultimate goal of our trivia for middle schoolers

In this special collection of questions, we will explore various topics, carefully crafted to be age-appropriate, thought-provoking, and yet exciting. Let’s get ready to buzz in and discover a world of knowledge!

Table of Contents

Trivia for Middle Schoolers: General Knowledge

These questions cover a wide range of subjects, offering a fun and engaging way for middle schoolers to test their common knowledge.

trivia for middle schoolers kitten
Kids are like kittens, always curious and wanting to explore the world. Reference:
  1. Who wrote the play "Romeo and Juliet"?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

  1. What is the capital of France?

Answer: Paris.

  1. How many continents are there on Earth?

Answer: 7.

  1. What gas do plants absorb during photosynthesis?

Answer: Carbon Dioxide.

  1. Who was the first person to walk on the Moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong.

  1. What language is spoken in Brazil?

Answer: Portuguese.

  1. What type of animal is the largest on Earth?

Answer: The Blue Whale.

  1. In what country are the ancient pyramids of Giza located?

Answer: Egypt.

  1. What is the longest river in the world?

Answer: The Amazon River.

  1. Which element is denoted by the chemical symbol 'O'?

Answer: Oxygen.

  1. What is the hardest natural substance on Earth?

Answer: Diamond.

  1. What is the main language spoken in Japan?

Answer: Japanese.

  1. Which ocean is the largest?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean.

  1. What is the name of the galaxy that includes Earth?

Answer: The Milky Way.

  1. Who is known as the father of computer science?

Answer: Alan Turing.

Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Science

The following questions encompass various fields of science, including biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

Science trivia questions
Middle schoolers are at the perfect age to learn more about science and technology!
  1. What is the hardest natural substance on Earth?

Answer: Diamond.

  1. What is the term for a species that no longer has any living members?

Answer: Extinct.

  1. What type of celestial body is the Sun?

Answer: A star.

  1. What part of the plant conducts photosynthesis?

Answer: Leaves.

  1. What is H2O more commonly known as?

Answer: Water.

  1. What do we call substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances?

Answer: Elements.

  1. What is the chemical symbol for gold?

Answer: Au.

  1. What do you call a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed?

Answer: Catalyst.

  1. What type of substance has a pH less than 7?

Answer: Acid.

  1. Which element is represented by the symbol 'Na'?

Answer: Sodium.

  1. What do you call the path that a planet makes around the Sun?

Answer: Orbit.

  1. What is the device called that measures atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Barometer.

  1. What type of energy is possessed by moving objects?

Answer: Kinetic energy.

  1. What is the change in velocity over time called?

Answer: Acceleration.

  1. What are the two components of a vector quantity?

Answer: Magnitude and direction.

Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Historic Events

A look at pivotal events and figures in human history!

  1. Which famous explorer is credited with discovering the New World in 1492?

Answer: Christopher Columbus.

  1. What is the name of the famous document that was signed by King John of England in 1215?

Answer: The Magna Carta.

  1. What was the name of the series of wars fought over the Holy Land in the Middle Ages?

Answer: The Crusades.

  1. Who was the first emperor of China?

Answer: Qin Shi Huang.

  1. Which famous wall was built across northern Britain by the Romans?

Answer: Hadrian's Wall.

  1. What was the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America in 1620?

Answer: The Mayflower.

  1. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Amelia Earhart.

  1. In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin in the 18th century?

Answer: Great Britain.

  1. Who was the ancient Greek god of the sea?

Answer: Poseidon.

  1. What was the system of racial segregation in South Africa called?

Answer: Apartheid.

  1. Who was the powerful Egyptian pharaoh who ruled from 1332-1323 B.C.?

Answer: Tutankhamun (King Tut).

  1. Which war was fought between the North and South regions in the United States from 1861 to 1865?

Answer: The American Civil War.

  1. What famous fortress and former royal palace is located in the center of Paris, France?

Answer: The Louvre.

  1. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?

Answer: Joseph Stalin.

  1. What was the name of the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957?

Answer: Sputnik.

Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Mathematics

The questions below text mathematics knowledge at the middle school level. 

Math Quiz Questions
Maths is always fun to have in a trivia game!
  1. What is the value of pi to two decimal places?

Answer: 3.14.

  1. If a triangle has two equal sides, what is it called?

Answer: Isosceles triangle.

  1. What is the formula to find the area of a rectangle?

Answer: Length times width (Area = length × width).

  1. What is the square root of 144?

Answer: 12.

  1. What is 15% of 100?

Answer: 15.

  1. If the radius of a circle is 3 units, what is its diameter?

Answer: 6 units (Diameter = 2 × radius).

  1. What is the term for a number that is divisible by 2?

Answer: Even number.

  1. What is the sum of the angles in a triangle?

Answer: 180 degrees.

  1. How many sides does a hexagon have?

Answer: 6.

  1. What is 3 cubed (3^3)?

Answer: 27.

  1. What is the top number of a fraction called?

Answer: Numerator.

  1. What do you call an angle more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees?

Answer: Obtuse angle.

  1. What is the smallest prime number?

Answer: 2.

  1. What is the perimeter of a square with a side length of 5 units?

Answer: 20 units (Perimeter = 4 × side length).

  1. What do you call an angle that is exactly 90 degrees?

Answer: Right angle.

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What are good trivia questions for middle schoolers?

Middle schoolers should have a grasp of general knowledge as well as other subjects such as maths, science, history, and literature. A good set of trivia questions for them covers said subject while incorporating elements of fun and engagement into the game. 

What are some good trivia questions to ask?

Here are five good trivia questions that span a range of topics. They are suitable for various audiences and can add a fun and educational twist to any trivia session:
Which country is both the smallest by land area and the smallest by population in the world? Answer: Vatican City.
What is the nearest planet to the sun in our solar system? Answer: Mercury.
Who was the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911? Answer: Roald Amundsen.
Who wrote the famous novel "1984"? Answer: George Orwell.
What is the most widely spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers? Answer: Mandarin Chinese.

What are some random questions for 7-year-olds?

Here are three random questions that are suitable for 7-year-olds:
In the story, who lost a glass slipper at the ball? Answer: Cinderella.
How many days are there in a leap year? Answer: 366 days.
What color do you get when you mix red and yellow paint? Answer: Orange.

What are some good kid trivia questions?

Here are three age-appropriate questions for kids:
What is the fastest land animal in the world? Answer: Cheetah.
Who was the first President of the United States? Answer: George Washington.
General Knowledge: What is the largest continent on Earth? Answer: Asia.