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Astrid Tran 29 March, 2024 6 min read

Are you looking for a great presentation meme? Why are you so fond of PowerPoint memes?

There are many ways to influence your audience which usually depend on your style of conveying the information and knowledge. If you have known about presentation style before, what can you say about yourself? Or If you are wondering how to start looking for your own style, you can start by making your slides funnier. Adding some PowerPoint memes and Gifs to your slide can be an effective way to keep people's eyes on the ball. 

In this article, we give you the ultimate guide to creating a PowerPoint meme and new insight into specific types of memes that might have different effects on your presentation. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of memes. Let's dive in.

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What is a PowerPoint meme and its benefits?

PowerPoint meme
PowerPoint meme - Source: Memecreator.com

Before going to the PowerPoint meme, let's take a quick glance at the slide deck. It is a fact that PowerPoint Slide is called a deck. The notion of a PowerPoint deck simply indicates the collection of slides that anyone can create on that platform or sometimes presentation aid collection also called a deck.

The fabulous part of working with presentation templates is adding visual elements to emphasize some key points or simply to capture people's attention. If you know about 555 rules (no more than five words per single line, five text-heavy lines on each slide, or five text-heavy slide decks), you may know that a wordy slide is not recommended, and visual aids can solve the problem effectively.

But it might not be enough if you think of lessening the solemn atmosphere. Thus, there is an emerging trend of using a PowerPoint meme to add more sense of humour to the presentation. A well-designed meme used properly can go viral and help to shine your presentation in the brightest way.

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Funnier Slides with the best series of PowerPoint memes

So, what are the best PowerPoint meme that cannot stop the audience from thinking and laughing? Bear in mind that a poorly chosen PowerPoint meme for a presentation is a terrible idea. If you just randomly put memes in PowerPoint without a specific goal, that can turn into a distraction or annoyance. There are two types of 

#1. The classic, one of the most typical types of memes, simply is an image macro, which is an edited photo that has text laid over them. The text is often related to the photo or can be a witty joke or wordplay. Some inspiring phrases and memes that you are easy to see on the internet, which you can leverage to entertain your audience as follows:

  • The moment you realize...
  • No one laugh...
  • When you send two questions via email and they just answer one...
  • You are born to be a doctor but your parents want you to become a soccer player...
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Create Your Own Happiness
  • When You’re Running Late for Work
  • You understand now
  • Challenge accepted
  • You get it, right?
  • Rebecca Black's "Friday"
  • LOLCats
  • Squinting Fry
  • Success Kid
  • Harambe
  • Russell Crowe's iconic line from Gladiator - Are you not entertained?
  • Michael Jackson eating popcorn
  • Haters gonna say it's fake
The classic meme - Source:

#2. The obscurity: When you encounter this kind of meme, there is no surprise if you find it nonsense at the beginning. Your first reaction will be “What?”, or you will laugh out loud. Anyway, their primary goal is to make fun of and encourage the audience to laugh.

#3. The Comic: By making up a story related to a topic, people will find this meme has a certain meaning, but it is not comic. Its content is authentic but then replicated and modified with new content to spread in the media.

The comic meme - Source: Owlturd.com

#4. The series: In this kind of meme, the editor usually adds two images that have opposite shades to describe an unexpected or positive result from a sarcastic perspective. 

#5. Video meme: Last but not least, a Video meme such as animated GIFs or short clips from movies or TV shows that have been customized, often with hilarious subtitles displayed.

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How to create memes in PowerPoint?

With so many hilarious memes widespread on the internet, creating your own is not a bad idea. There are the top three ways to insert memes in your PowerPoint.

#1. AhaSlide presentation tool

You can directly make a presentation with AhaSlides template rather than expensive editing software. AhaSlides can be a replacement for Death by PowerPoint for interactive quizzes and games or you can also integrate AhaSlides into PowerPoint or Google Slides. With just a couple of steps, you can insert a PowerPoint meme into your presentation.

  • Login in AhaSlides and open a blank slide or themed slide
  • Choose one slide to make a meme or Gif
  • Insert an image or short video, and add the sound effect if needed
  • Add a caption and edit with the Edit tap

If you want to insert AhaSlides into PowerPoint, here is our guidance:

  • Copy the generated link after editing in the AhaSlides app (if you want to work with PowerPoint later)
  • Open PowerPoint slides
  • Open Add-in tap and seek for AhaSlides and click Add and Paste the link of the template (All the data and edits will be updated in real-time).
  • The rest is sharing the link or unique QR code with your audience to ask them to participate in the presentation.
ẠhaSlides Powerpoint meme - Photo source: Markus Magnusson

🎊 AhaSlides 2024 – Extension For PowerPoint

#2. Using PowerPoint

  • Choose a slide that you want to add a meme
  • Insert an image or GIF under Insert tap
  • Edit your image under Edit tap
  • Add and edit the text as a caption for the image
  • Use the animation function if you want to transmit the image

#3. Editing Softwares

There are various meme apps and tools you can use for both beginners and professionals, such as Canca, Imgur, and Photoshop... With these apps, you will have an available source of quality images and it is more suitable for complicated animated Gifs and comic memes.

Key Takeaways

It is said that a well-crafted image will successfully deliver either a positive or negative message and make a strong impact on people's minds and feelings, and so do memes. In recent years, memes have become more and more welcomed and well-liked on almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, which attract millions of users' attention. If you can take advantage of PowerPoint memes in your presentation, it sounds promisingly beneficial.

If you are interested in renewing your boring PPT slides in a more innovative and interactive way, get started with AhaSlides right away.

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