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350++ Ultimate Funny Fantasy Football Names for 2023

350++ Ultimate Funny Fantasy Football Names for 2023

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Astrid Tran 06 Jan 2023 7 min read

What funny fantasy football names should I name my football team?

You are a football lover, and you have joined the football team? Do you want to boost your team’s spirit and keep your team members on fire? Let’s start to name your team with something unforgettable, something hilarious, fantasy, or even crazy, why not? 

Here we give you a complete list of 350 funny fantasy names for your football club. And don’t forget to read thoroughly to find out what is the secret of making incredibly funny and fantasy football names. 

Table of Contents

funny fantasy football names
Football for all – Source: Unsplash

50++ Inspired by Foods and Drinks – Themed Funny Fantasy Football Names

1/ McLaurin F1

2/ Perfect Apple Pie

3/ Almond Malai Kulfi.

4/ Pistachio legendary

5/ Rubba Chubb Chubb

6/ Tequila monsters

7/ Couch potatoes

8/ Yummy Yummy 

9/ Have you heard of King Burgers

10/ You will never forget 

11/ Kellogg’s

12/ Truffle addictive

13/ Coconut

14/ Asure

15/ King Crabs

16/ Wild Daisy

17/ Vodka for you

19/ Whisky kings 

20/ Fan of Swiss chocolate

21/ Hamburgers

22/ Heineken Bliss

23/ Boozy Bunch

24/ Pizza is coming

25/ Red Velvet

26/ Brandy boys

27/ Smokey Oranges

28/ We are Sherry

29/ Madeira hunters

30/ Beer for Ireland

31/ Fantastic Mayonnaise

32/ Sangria dancers

33/ Seamus Coleman’s Mustard

34/ Pisco youngsters

35/ Marsala twist

36/ Julius Peppers

37/ Italian Affogato

38/ Cream Benzema

39/ Sweet and sour

40/ Cognac of Twenties

41/ Pineapple liars

42/  Burger King

43/ Love Vermouth

44/ Cauliflowers for someone

45/ King of Vinsanto

46/ Grills and Chills

47/ Gaskin Dobbins Bryce Kareem

48/ Fabulous bananas

49/ Don’t forget to eat Ham

50/ Creamy onions

50++ Inspired by Music – Funny Fantasy Football Names

51/ Football Rhapsody  

52/ Havana Kings 

53/ Bloody Queens

54/ Fast and Furious 

55/ Unbeatable ghosts

56/ Unstoppable Wolves

57/ Savage hunters

58/ Smell like Twenty spirit

59/ Bad boys

60/ We will survive

61/ Rockstars

62/ Over the moon

63/ Do it like a real man

64/ Liars

65/ Believers

66/ Dreamers

67/ Better than you play

68/ Our power

69/ Last day on the play

70/ That funny match

71/ Happier than you

72/ Jackies down the line

73/ Don’t push us

74/ Kind of men

75/ The Hawks & Team 

76/ Miami Shark

77/ Warriors of village

78/ Drunk players

79/ Remember the Titans

80/ Miracle of Football

81/ Saved By Odell

82/ DakStreet Boys

83/ Bourne in the USA

84/ Martini Olaves

85/ Stairway to Evans 

86/ Troublemakers

87/ Silence of the Lambs

88/ The Tannehills Have Eyes

89/ All Too Well to lose

90/ Demeanor

91/ The era of newbies

92/ See you again

93/ New teams, old place

94/ All eyes on us

95/ Butter

96/ Call me by your name

97/ Suckers, can you believe it

98/ The friendly players

99/ How can you play without us

100/ Baby sharks

50++ Inspired by Animals – Funny Fantasy Football Names

101/ More than horse

102/ he Killer Pigs

103/ Sons of Wind God

104/ White and Black Bears

105/ Bloody tigers

106/ Smart donkeys

107/ Mutant Penguins

108/ Oxen on fire

109/ Horsepower

110/ Have you heard Rabbit’s legendary

111/ Phoenix and Dragon

112/ Falcon on the sky

113/ Fastest Spiders 

114/ Friendly Alligators

115/ The Redbirds

116/ Flock of Eagles

117/ Purple Spiders

118/ House of Panda

119/ Hippo, can you beat us

120/ Kangaroo team

121/ The Courage Deers

122/ Squat Squirrels

123/ Do you scare Warthogs

124/ Like Possums

125/ Stars of Starfish

126/ Learning from Raccoon

127/ Black Panthers

128/ Lions of City

129/ Finding Gorilla

130/ The Unbeatable Giraffes

131/ Bison troop

132/ Chipmunk and friends

133/ Bats awakening

134/ Comodo dragon

135/ Funny Elephants

136/ Cheetah, get ready?

137/ Meerkats of your favorite

138/ The Hidden snakes

139/ The Funky Town Monkey Pimps.

140/ Thunder Chickens

141/ Pigs might fly

142/ The cheeky donkeys

143/ Darling Swans

144/ Chocolate Orange Penguins

145/ We are Wolves

146/ The chunky bunnies

147/ Evil of black cats

148/ Hello, we are the foxes

149/ Wa-ka Wa-ka Tigers

150/ Moose Knuckles

50++ Inspired by Celebrities – Funny Fantasy Football Names

151/ Gaga on the way

152/ We are Messi of Troll city

153/ Mbappe and friends

154/ Legendary Maroon 20

155/ Wednesday team

156/ Bruce Lee team

157/ Pink Vampires

158/ Can you beat Kingkong

159/ Spiderman and Badman

160/ Alpha team of Hogwarts

161/ Blackpink 

162/ Black panther

163/ Taylor Park Boys

164/ Working From Mahomes

165/ BTS and Armies

166/ Armed Rodgery

167/ Luka, where do we go?

168/ Can’t Fight This Henry

169/ You have Maradona

170/ That’s so Hakimi

171/ That’s so Ronaldo

172/Can’t stop this Mbappe

173/ Toyota Ziyech

174/ Chase your 

175/ Milan Walkers

176/ Titans Ranger

177/ Finding Zidane

178/ Agatha Cruise

179/ Mane Devils

180/ Evils like De Bruyne

181/ Kaka Angels

182/ It’s getting Neyma

183/ Only Torres and Gerrard

184/ Only Messi and Demaria

185/ Never lose Haaland

186/ Rhythm of Ronaldinho

187/ Gea Intention

188/ Moves like Bruno

189/ Smile of Kante

190/ When Mbappe met Henry

191/ It’s all gone after Pele

192/ Top of the Kloopps

193/ Come Digne with us

194/ Crazy Ronaldo and Rivaldo

195/ The classic Bergkamp

196/ Giroud Awakening

197/ When Hernandez meets Iniesta

198/ Diego de Coffee

199/ No Kane, no game

200/ Sheringham Wonderland

50++ Inspired by Football League Teams – Best Funny Fantasy Football Names

201/ PSG mystery

202/ Barcelona twister

203/ Really Real Madrid 

204/ Chelsea beasts

205/ Liverpool unstoppable runners

206/ Genius AC Milan

207/ Ajax Newbies

208/ Bayern Munich Rookies

209/ Juventus Samurais

210/ Celtic Genius

211/ Inter Milan Iron Man

212/ Nottingham Hottest 

213/ Roma Raiders

214/ Lille Explorers

215/ Valencia de Waves

216/ Light of Arsenal

217/ Feyenoord Knights

218/ Silver Monaco

219/ Manchester Yankee

220/ BlackPink Porto

221/ Memphis Showboats

222/ Benfica Brewmaster

223/ Girls United

224/ New York Bullet

225/ Bullfighters Monaco

226/ Crazy NK Celje

227/ Sparkling Liverpool

228/ Purple Buffalo

229/ Sevilla Destroyers

230/ Wales of Wizards

231/ Tampa Bay Bandits

232/ Celta de lions

233/ Napoli Napoleon

234/  Lazio of lala land

235/ Atletico de Young boys

236/ FC Dynamo dreamers

237/ Morocco of truth

238/ Barcelona Dragons

239/ Santos and Beyond

240/ Real Madrid descendants

241/ I am about to go to Real Madrid

242/ We all belong to Napoli

243/ Buffalo Ranger

244/ Hunt for Chelsea

245/ Miami Seahawks

246/ Washington Senators

247/ Arizona Outlaws

248/ The Vasco 

249/ PSG birds

250/ Everton forever

UEFA Champions League clubs logo – Source

50++ Clever Fantasy Football Names

251/ When I met your father

252/ 50 Shades of Hunters

253/ Hangover

254/ Fantastic Beasts

255/ Cool people

256/ 100°C Sexy football players

257/ 1000 lovers

258/ Sexy footballers

259/ Hot and Hot and So hot

260/ Rock it or Leave it

261/ Can you see us

262/ Now you see us

263/ 12 Angry Women

264/ Snap decision

265/ Shake it up

266/ Sunny hills

267/ Wracking football

268/ Heartbreakers

269/ Tom and Jerry 

270/ Lovable players

271/ The Dirty Dozen

272/ Plenty the twenties

273/ Golden Boys

274/ Lonely winners

275/ Young Bucks

276/ Middle Ages boomers

277/ Battle Buddies

278/ Honey Bees

279/ Chinese hope

280/ Blue Angels

281/ Cute Mummy

282/ The era of alien

283/ The Greatest Show on Paper

284/ Adams family

285/ Uganda troop

286/ Rainbow troop

287/ Red Stars

289/ Justice League

290/ I’ll Make You Jameis

291/ Lord of the Rings

292/ Dot Dot Dot

293/ Now you have me

294/ Christian To-Do

295/ Fellowship of the Super Bowl Rings

296/ Fancy Football League

297/ Speed up, friends

298/ More than unusual

299/ From Mars

300/ Murray Christmas

50++ Hilarious funny fantasy football names

301/ Long snappers

302/ Pylon Pythons

303/ Bare Exposure

304/ Dirty thirsty

305/ Disco on the ground

306/ Junior Mint

307/ Madd Dogs

308/ Lolita puppies

309/ Los Angeles Express

310/ Bout That Maction

311/ Bigbang Bang bang

312/ Little Jerry Seinfelds

313/ Victorious Secret

314/ Make you look angry

315/ Pittsburgh limited

316/ Murder on Milan’s floor

317/ The Wizard Of Ozil

318/ De Roon Is On Fire

319/ La Liga is on Fire

320/ Fantasy Field of Dreams

321/ Carra on Camping

322/ Go birds, we are hungry

323/ Are you kidding?

324/ Scottish Claymores

325/ Run like Killers

326/ Women like us

327/ Carr-dee B

328/ Inglorious Stanford

329/ Nevermore

330/ Filthy rich cowboys

331/ Gamblers

332/ Junkers Junkies

333/ Veterans in lost yard

334/ Super Mario Brothers 

335/ Justin Time

336/ Too Many Cooks 

337/ Bottle of Jameson

338/ Got My JuJu Back

339/ Air face

340/ Chubawamba

341/ Euro is shaking

342/ Crazy Raspberries

343/ The Goedert, the Bad, and the Ugly

344/ Sour Coke

345/ We are Euro champions

346/ Peaceful Breecey Feeling

347/ Fumbledore

348/ Drake London Calling

349/ You Kante Be Serious?

350/ Blocked by Ben Roethlisberger

Tips to Pick Funny Fantasy Football Names

It is not easy to make really cool fantasy football names without duplicates. As there are thousands of football teams around the world, from school clubs, local football teams, national football leagues, and private football teams… and each of them is unique and remarkable. 

Source of inspiration: If you or your team are inspired by specific players or teams, it is totally fine to have their names on your dream team name. It is also a motivation for your team to put more effort into practice and become better players. 

Powerful words: People are more easily affected by emotion and feelings. If your team needs stimulation, go for powerful words. 

Make it short and simple: Make your team name as brief as possible. People don’t want to memorize something that makes them confused. 

Avoid dirty or offensive words: We all know that you want to have fantasy football names, they can be popular or clever, it can be weird, silly, or witty, but it is unacceptable to have a dirty word in it. It can lead to some embarrassing moments or make others uncomfortable. 

AhaSlides helps You to Pick Hilarious Fantasy Football Names

So you and your teammates are arguing about choosing the best fantasy team name, here is a very good solution. Put possible football name ideas on the spinner wheel. Press the spin button and wait for the desired outcome. And now you have an extraordinarily funny team name while having fun and maintaining team commitment. 

AhaSlides Spinner Wheel of Football team names

The Bottom Line

It is 2023, and everything is possible. Did you find out your coolest or weirdest fantasy football names? There is a possibility that your football team becomes well known and your team names are gonna go viral one day. And you will be so proud that the funny fantasy football team name you made today would help you make it.

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