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60+ Selective Subject Verb Agreement Quiz | Basic to Advanced | 2024 Updates


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 7 min read

Preparing for your English exam? Here are the 60 Subject Verb Agreement Quiz with answers of all levels to help you master this significant grammar skill.

Subject Verb Agreement can be a little tricky to learn at first, but fear not, practice makes perfect. Get ready to practice all Subject Verb Agreement Quiz. Let's see how excellent you are!

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What is the subject-verb agreement?

Subject-verb agreement is a grammatical rule that states that the verb in a sentence must agree with the number of its subject. In other words, if the subject is singular, the verb must be singular; if the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

Here are some examples of subject-verb agreement:

  • The chairperson or the CEO approves the proposal before proceeding.
  • She writes every day.
  • Each of the participants was willing to be recorded.
  • Education is the key to success.
  • The group meets every week
Subject Verb Agreement Quiz
Some vital rules of subject verb agreement with examples - Source: Academic Guide

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Subject Verb Agreement Quiz — Basic

This Subject Verb Agreement Quiz is designed for beginner level.

1. The children _____ doing their homework. (is/are)

2. More than half of the basketball court _____ used for volleyball practice (is/are)

3. He _____ English very well. (speak/speaks)

4. A limousine and driver _____ in the driveway. (is/are)

5. Gerry and Linda _____ know many people. (don't/doesn't)

6. One of the books _____ has been missing. (has/have)

7. It should be obvious, but the peanut butter _____ peanuts. (contain/contains)

8. The football team _____ every day. (practices/practice)

9. The shops _____ at 9 am and _____ at 5 pm (open/opens; close/close)

10. Your pants _____ at the cleaner's (is/are)

11. There ______ several reasons for Desiree’s happy expression today. (is/are)

12. Each of the winners ______ a scholarship and a trophy. (receives/receive)

13. Some soups ______ served cold (is/are)

14. The jury ______ been deliberating for five days now. (has/have)

15. Anthony and DeShawn ______ finished with the essay. (is/are)

16. What do you ______ about wasting food? (think/thinks)

17. The curtains ______the wall colors perfectly. (matches/match)

18. Their daughter, Sheela, ______ a grade X student. (is/are)

19. The class members ______ debating amongst themselves. (is/are)

20. The boys_____. (run/runs)

subject verb agreement practice questions
Subject verb agreement practice questions

Subject Verb Agreement Quiz — Intermediate

This section covers subject verb agreement quiz for 4th grade to 6th grade to practice.

21. Neither Kurt nor Jamie ______ as well as Joe. (sing/sings)

22. Five dollars ______ like a lot for a cup of coffee. (seem/seems)

23. Nobody ______ the trouble I've seen. (know/knows)

24. On the dinner menu ______ caesar salad, chicken, green beans, and raspberry ice cream. (was/were)

25. Each of the band's amps _______ to be checked out by the electrician. (need/needs)

26. Jamie is one of those drummers who ______ to get the crowd involved during shows. (try/tries)

27. The Prime Minister, together with his wife, ______ the press cordially. (greets, greet)

28. There ______ fifteen candies in that bag. Now there______ only one left! (was/were; is/are)

29. Every one of those books ______ fiction (is/are)

30. Gold, as well as platinum, ______ recently risen in price. (has/have)

31. Jamie, along with his friends, ______ going to the show tomorrow. (is/are)

32. Either your team or our team ______ the first choice of the project topic. (has/have)

33. The man with all the birds ______ on my street. (live/ lives)

34. The dog or the cats ______ outside. (is/are)

35. The only one of these most intelligent students who  ______  under 18 ______ Peter. (is/are; is/are)

36.  ______ the news on at five or six? (Is/Are)

37. Politics ______ a tough area to study. (is/are)

38. None of my friends ______ there. (was / were)

39. One of these most intelligent students whose example ______ being followed______ John. (is/ are; is/are)

40. Near the center of the campus______ the counselors' offices. (is/are)

10 examples of subject verb agreement
Subject Verb Agreement Quiz - 10 examples of subject verb agreement | Source: Your dictionary

Subject Verb Agreement Quiz — Advanced

Here are subject verb agreement quiz for 7th grade and above. Note that these sentences are longer with more complex grammas and hard vocabularies.

41. The boy who won the two medals ______  a friend of mine. (is/are)

42. Some of our luggage ______  lost (was/were)

43. There ______ a social worker and a crew of twenty volunteers at the scene of the accident. (was/were)

44. Lost Cities ______ the discoveries of many ancient civilizations. (describe/describes)

45. The presence of certain bacteria in our bodies ______ one of the factors that determines our overall health. (is/are)

46. Jack’s first days in the infantry ______ grueling. (was/were)

47. Some of the fruit ______ in our local market from Chile. (comes/ come)

48. He ______ been my best friend since first grade. (has/ have)

49. Delmonico Brothers______  in organic produce and additive-free meats. (specialize/specializes)

50. The class ______ the teacher. (respect/respects)

51. Mathematics ______ a required subject for a college degree. (is/are)

52. Either Ross or Joey ______ broken the glass. (has/have)

53. The plumber, along with his helper, ______is expected to come soon. (is/are)

54. High levels of pollution ______ damage to the respiratory tract. (cause/cause)

55. One of the main reasons for elephant poaching ______ the profits received from selling the ivory tusks. (is/are)

56. A driver’s license or credit card ______ required. (is/are)

57. Leah is the only one of the many applicants who ______ the ability to step into this job. (has/have)

58. Here ______ the two famous stars from that movie. (comes/come)

59. Neither the professor nor his assistants ______able to solve the mystery of the eerie glow in the laboratory. (was/were)

60. Many hours at the driving range ______ led us to design golf balls with GPS locators in them. (has/have)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is subject-verb agreement for English learners?

When forming a sentence, it is important for English learners to use Subject-verb agreement correctly. It means that a subject and its verb must be both singular or both plural: A singular subject comes with a singular verb. A plural subject comes with a plural verb.

How do you explain subject-verb agreement to a child?

Subject-verb agreement is needed to make a sentence make sense and correct according to grammatical rules. 

  • Subject: The person, place, or thing the sentence is all about. Or, the person, place, or thing making the action in the sentence.
  • Verb: The action word in a sentence.

If you have a plural subject, you have to use a plural verb. If you have a singular subject, you have to use a singular verb. This is what is meant by. “agreement.” 

How do you teach subject-verb agreement to students?

There are several ways to help students master grammatical skills, especially in the aspect of subject-verb agreement. It can start with listening, and then give them more assignments like subject verb agreement quiz to practice. Combining fun teaching methods through video and visuals to make students focus and engage.

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