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12 Free Survey Tools in 2024 | AhaSlides Reveals


Ellie Tran 07 March, 2024 17 min read

Creating surveys is now simpler than ever thanks to the abundance of online tools. Explore AhaSlides reviews on the free survey tool today, to discover the best options for your needs.

They all help you create surveys from scratch, of course, but which survey maker can help you increase your response rate? Which gives you advanced features like skip logic, and which provides you with a tool to analyse your results in a couple of minutes?

The good news is we’ve done all the heavy lifting. Save heaps of time and create seamless surveys with the 10 online free survey tools below! 


Top online survey tool for engagementAhaSlides
Top survey tool for classic feedbacks and survey?
Top survey tool for education?SurveyMonkey
Overview of free survey tools

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Use quiz and games on AhaSlides to create fun and interactive survey, to gather public opinions at work, in class or during small gathering

🚀 Create Free Survey☁️

Why Use Online Free Survey Tools?

You might already know online free survey tools can help you make your surveys quickly, but they have so much more to offer.

  • Faster feedback collection – Online surveys help you collect feedback much faster than using offline ones. Results then will be collected automatically right after the respondents submit their answers. Unlock the power of engagement! Fun survey questions can make your survey soar.
  • Easy distribution – Typically, you can send the link or QR code to your surveys via emails, social media platforms, or websites. It’s way more convenient than handing out printed forms.
  • Quick data export – Every tool supports raw data export in Excel format, but it’s usually not available in free plans (except for the well-known Google Forms). With this export, you can sort and analyse data more easily. 
  • Anonymity – People can do your online surveys without revealing their names and personal information. They are more likely to respond if they can answer anywhere, anytime they want anonymously instead of doing it in front of you on the street.
  • Payment processes – You can use surveys to accept payments and collect customers’ information. Many tools offer the ability to embed surveys directly into your websites, making it easier to transfer money online.
  • Form building – Besides creating surveys, these online tools can help you make forms, too. They come in handy when you need to recruit talent for your company or keep track of your event registration and requests.
  • Templates!Creating online surveys is simpler than ever! Forget the hassle of starting from scratch and explore the ease of online tools. Most survey software has a bunch of survey templates and examples you can use, developed by professional surveyors in a bunch of different fields.

Which Free Survey Tools Suit You Best?

Check out the free survey tools offers to decide what’s the best fit for you!

🔥 If you’re looking for a free, visually appealing tool with unlimited questions and responses, AhaSlides is your perfect match! 

🛸 Want a similar survey maker with a minimalist design to gather large responses for free? Head to SurveyPlanet

✨  Love the artistic thingy? Typeform is a top-notch tool for aesthetic surveys & exotic navigation.

✏️ Looking for the all-in-one survey tool? Jotform is worth the price.

🚀 Be in your suit-and-tie and get ready to receive customer feedback, customised for businesses (marketing, customer success & product) by Survicate.

🚥 Try the simple Crowdsignal to have that WordPress vibe. Great for lite usage.

🐵  When you only do short, quick surveys and send them to very few people, SurveyMonkey & Proprofs Survey Maker’s free plans are enough. 

📝 To host short surveys for about 100 respondents, use Survs or Zoho Survey for free.

10 Best Free Survey Tools

The title says it all! Let’s dive into the top 10 free survey makers on the market.

#1 – AhaSlides

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unlimited.
  • Maximum responses per survey: Unlimited.
free online multiple choice quiz maker
Free Survey Tools

Although AhaSlides is an interactive presentation platform, you can totally make the most of its features and use it as one of the best free survey tools. It has all the basic survey question types that you need, including polls, open-ended questions that allow respondents to upload images, scale rating slides, word clouds and Q&As. After receiving responses, the platform will show real-time results in charts or boxes right on the canvas. Its interface is eye-catching, intuitive, and very easy to use.

Besides, it’s multilingual with more than 10 languages, and gives you the autonomy to customise themes and filter unwanted words in the responses, all available on its free plan! However, the free plan doesn’t allow you to have data export. 

Pricing: You can use it for free when you let your respondents take the lead and fill in the form anytime they want. However, if you want to have live participants and data export, it’ll cost you $4.95/per month for 50 people and $15.95/per month for 10,000 people. 

#2 –

Free plan: Yes

Free plan details: 

  • Maximum surveys: 10
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unlimited.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 150 is an intuitive web-based form builder tool mainly used by businesses and companies. With its application, users also can access and create their own forms from anywhere in the world with a couple of touches. There are more than 1000 ready-made templates, so even users who haven’t made a form before can enjoy this convenience. 

Moreover, users can benefit from many advanced features such as conditional logic, a calculator, collecting signatures, accepting payments, and customization options even in its free plan. Also, thanks to its real-time notifications, you can get emails whenever your form is filled and submitted. So, You can always be informed about the latest results of your form.


To collect more responses and create forms, you will need paid plans. The price ranges from $19/per month to $99/per month.

#3 – Typeform

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 10/month.
Typeform - Free Survey Tools
Typeform – Free Survey Tools

Typeform is already a big name among top free survey tools for its elegant design, ease of use and wonderful features. Notable ones like question branching, logic jumps and embedding answers (like respondents’ names) into survey text are available in all plans. If you want to customise your survey design to make it more personalised and boost your branding, upgrade your plan to Plus.

Also, you can send collected data to all integrated apps such as Slack, Google Analytics, Asana, HubSpot, etc. Typeform connects with over 100 apps and platforms from different fields so it’s very convenient to send data around.   

Pricing: Paid plans allow you to collect more responses and offer more advanced features. Price ranges from $25/month to $83/month.

 #4 – Jotform

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: 5.
  • Maximum questions per survey: 100.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 100/month.

Jotform is another survey giant that you should try out for your online surveys. With an account, you get access to thousands of templates and have lots of elements (text, headings, pre-formed questions and buttons) and widgets (checklists, multiple text fields, image sliders) to use. You can also find some survey elements like input table, scale and star rating to add to your surveys.

Jotform integrates with many apps to give users more convenience and the freedom to create surveys in different formats. The overall design of the app is quite vivid and you have a lot of styles to choose from to design your surveys, spanning both formal and creative.

Pricing: To make more surveys and collect a larger number of responses than what the free plan has, you can upgrade your plan for a minimum of $24/month. Jotform offers some discounts for non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

Jotform - Free Survey Tools
Jotform – Free Survey Tools

#5 – SurveyMonkey

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 10.

SurveyMonkey is a tool with a simple design and a non-bulky interface. Its free plan is great for short, simple surveys among small groups of people. The platform also offers you 40 survey templates and a filter to sort responses before analysing data.

Alongside the traditional ways to share your surveys, like sending links and emails, there is also a website embedding feature to help you put the questionnaires directly on your own platform.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $16/month for 40 responses/survey and can be up to $99/month for 3,500 responses/month.

SurveyMonkey - Free Survey Tools
SurveyMonkey – Free Survey Tools

#6 – Survicate

Survicate - free survey tools
Survicate – Free Survey Tools

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unlimited.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 25/month.

Survicate is a great live survey tool for companies and businesses, especially the marketing, product and customer success teams. There are over 125 professional survey templates across these 3 categories to help you collect feedback more conveniently. Skip logic and visual editing features (fonts, layout & colours) are available on all plans. However, you’ll have to pay for premium plans in order to collect more survey responses, have data exported and organise data within its Feedback Hub.  

Pricing: Paid plans start from $65/month.

#7 – SurveyPlanet

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unlimited.
  • Maximum responses per survey: Unlimited.

SurveyPlanet has a quite minimalist design, 30+ languages and 10 free survey themes. You might score a good deal by using its free plan when you’re looking to gather a large number of responses. This free survey maker does have some advanced features like exporting, question branching, skip logic and design customisation, but they’re for Pro & Enterprise plans only. There is quite a bit of a hassle in the fact that SurveyPlanet doesn’t allow you to use your Google or Facebook account to sign in, so it might take you a little longer to get on the platform.

Pricing: From $20/month for the Pro plan.

#8 – Survs

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 200.

Survs helps you create your surveys with ease, even when you’re on the fly. It’s great for distribution in many ways, both virtually & manually. You can share your account with at least 1 teammate (depending on your plan) to work together efficiently, as two users can use the same account. 

This interactive survey tool also supports real-time results and 26 languages. However, data export, skip logic, piping and branded design are not part of the free plan. A small point that might annoy some people is that you can’t use your account on other apps in order to register quickly.

Pricing: To be able to collect more responses and have advanced survey features, you need to pay at least €19/month.

A survey on Survs.
Customer service survey on Survs.

#9 – Zoho Survey

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 100.

Here’s another branch of the Zoho family tree. Zoho Survey is a part of Zoho products, so it might please many Zoho fans as all apps have similar designs. 

The platform looks fairly simple and has 26 languages and 250+ survey templates for you to choose from. It also allows you to embed surveys on your websites and it starts reviewing data immediately as a new response comes. Unlike some other survey makers, Zoho Survey – One of the best free survey tools, lets you export your data when you have a free plan, but in PDF file only. To have more export files and experience better features like skip logic, consider upgrading your plan.

Pricing: From $25/month for unlimited surveys and questions.

#10 – Crowdsignal

Free Plan ✅

Free plan details:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unlimited.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 2500 question responses.

Crowdsignal is quite a new name in the ‘Free Survey Tools industry’, but it actually belongs to and inherits a lot from WordPress, as both are built by the same company. If you already have a WordPress account, you can use it to log in to Crowdsignal.

One thing setting it apart from other free survey tools is that full data export is supported on free plans. There are pros in the way that branching and skip logic are available, but a big con in the way there are no pre-made surveys to use. Paid plans also offer some intriguing things, such as preventing duplicate and bot responses or adding your domain to the survey link for more personalisation.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $15/month (with more features and responses than the free plan).

#11 – ProProfs Survey Maker

Free Plan ✅

Free plan includes:

  • Maximum surveys: Unlimited.
  • Maximum questions per survey: Unspecified.
  • Maximum responses per survey: 10.

Finally, ProProfs is known for a long time as one of the best free survey tools, as ProProfs Survey Maker is another tool with interesting features, however, these features are mainly for Premium plans (the price is quite budget-friendly, though). All plans have access to its template library, but Free and even Essentials plans have very limited features. Plus, the web design looks a bit outdated and a little hard to read.

With a Premium account, you’ll have the chance to host multilingual surveys, try advanced reporting features (graphics & charts), theme customisation and skip logic.   

Pricing: Paid plans start from $5/100 responses/month (Essentials) and from $10/100 responses/month (Premium).

#12 – Google Forms

Though well-established, Google Forms might lack the modern flair of newer options. Part of the Google Workspace, it excels in user-friendliness and quick survey creation with diverse question types.

Free Plan ✅

Google Forms: Online Form Builder for Business | Google Workspace
Free Survey Maker. Image: Google Workspace

🏆 Key Features

  • Customization Options: Google Forms lets you customize surveys with images, videos, and branding to match your organization’s aesthetics.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Multiple users can work on the same form simultaneously, making it an excellent tool for teams.
  • Seamless Integration with Other Google Apps: Responses can be directly linked to Google Sheets and Google Drive for easy data analysis and visualization. 

👩‍🏫 Ideal Use Cases

  • Educational Purposes: Teachers and educators can use Google Forms to create quizzes, collect assignments, and gather feedback from students.
  • Small Business Feedback: Small businesses can utilize Forms to collect customer feedback, conduct market research, or gauge employee satisfaction.

✅ Pros

  • Google Forms is free to use with a Google account.
  • It integrates well with other Google services.
  • It makes survey creation straightforward, requiring no prior experience.

❌ Cons

  • Google Forms has limited customization options compared to other survey tools, especially for complex branding needs. 
  • There are also privacy concerns since it’s a Google product and there are questions about how information is used within the broader Google ecosystem.

Summary & Templates

In this article, we’ve laid out the 10 best free survey tools with detailed reviews and relevant information so you can easily pick the one that meets your need.

Short on time? Skip the tool selection process and leverage AhaSlides’ free survey templates to get started quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are best survey tools in 2024?

Best Survey Tools in 2024 includes AhaSlides, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, TypeForm and FormStack…

Is any free online survey tool available?

Yes, besides free Google Forms, you now can try AhaSlides slides, as we allow users to add interactive elements, along with so many types of questions to make the survey feels better, including Open-ended questions, multiple choices and pick image questions…

How to test an online survey to see if it works?

There are a few steps you should do before going lives with your online survey, including (1) preview the survey (2) Test the survey on multiple devices (3) Test the survey logic, to see if the questions make sense (4) Test the survey flow (5) Test the survey submission (6) Get feedback from others to see if they experienced any issues found.