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Top 6 Online Test Makers to Make Pop Quizzes Fun | 2024 Reveals


Ellie Tran 15 April, 2024 15 min read

Want to create your own online test? Tests and exams are the nightmares students want to run from, but they’re not sweet dreams for teachers.

You may not have to sit the test yourself, but all the effort you put into creating and grading a test, not to mention printing out piles of papers and reading some kids’ chicken scratch, is probably the last thing you need as a busy teacher.

Imagine having templates to use immediately or having ‘someone’ mark all the responses and give you detailed reports, so you still know what your students are struggling with. That sounds great, right? And guess what? It’s even bad-handwriting-free! 😉

Spare some time to make life easier with these 6 online test makers!

Table of Contents

  1. AhaSlides
  2. Testmoz
  3. ProProfs
  4. Classmarker
  5. Testportal
  6. FlexiQuiz
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – AhaSlides

AhaSlides is an interactive platform that helps you make online tests for all subjects and thousands of students.

It has many slide types such as multiple-choice, open-ended questions, match the pairs and correct order. All essential features for your test like timer, automatic scoring, shuffle answer options and results export, are also available.

The intuitive interface and vivid designs will keep your students hooked when taking the test. Plus, it’s easy to add visual aids to your test by uploading images or videos, even when using a free account. However, free accounts can’t embed audio as that’s a part of the paid plans.

AhaSlides puts a lot of effort into guaranteeing users a tremendous and seamless experience when creating exams or quizzes. With the large template library containing over 150,000 slide templates, you can search and import a premade question to your test in a flash.

More Tips from AhaSlides

How to make online tests? Check AhaSlides right now, as we offer you many easy and creative tools to help you make tests effortlessly.

Top 6 Test Maker Features

File upload

Upload images, YouTube videos or PDF/PowerPoint files.


Students can take the test anytime without their teachers.

Slide search

Search and import ready-to-use slides from the template library.

Shuffle answers

Avoid sneaky peeks and copycats.


Real-time results of all students are shown on the canvas.

Results export

See detailed results in Excel or PDF file.

Other free features:

  • Automatic scoring.
  • Team mode.
  • Participant view.
  • Full background customisation.
  • Manually add or deduct points.
  • Clear responses (to reuse the test later).
  • 5s countdown before answering.

Cons of AhaSlides

  • Limited features on free plan – Free plan only allows up to 7 live participants and does not include data export.


Free?✅ up to 7 live participants, unlimited questions and self-paced responses.
Monthly plans from…$1.95
Annual plans from…$23.40


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

Create Tests that Enliven your Class!

Creating a true or false test question on AhaSlides.

Make your test genuine fun. From creation to analysis, we’ll help you with everything you need.

#2 – Testmoz

Logo of Testmoz - an online test maker.

Testmoz is a very simple platform for creating online tests in a short period of time. It offers a wide range of question types and is suitable for many kinds of tests. On Testmoz, setting up an online exam is quite easy and can be done within a few steps.

Testmoz focuses on test making, so it has a lot of useful features. You can add maths equations to your test or embed videos and upload images with a premium account. When all results are in, you can have a quick look at students’ performance with its comprehensive results page, adjust scores or regrade automatically if you change the correct answers.

Testmoz can also restore students’ progress if they accidentally close their browsers.

Top 6 Test Maker Features

Time Limit

Set a timer and limit the number of times students can do a test.

Various Question Types

Multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, ordering, short answer, numeric, essay, etc.

Randomise Order

Shuffle questions and answers on students’ devices.

Message Customisation

Tell students they pass or fail based on test results.


Leave comments on the test results.

Results Page

Show students’ results in each question.

Cons of Testmoz

  • Design – The visuals look a bit stiff and boring.
  • Paid plans limitation – It doesn’t have monthly plans, so you can only purchase for a whole year.


Free?✅ up to 50 questions and 100 results per test.
Monthly plan?
Annual plan from…$25


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

#3 – ProProfs

Proprofs Test Maker is one of the best test maker tool for teachers who want to create an online test and also simplify student assessment. Intuitive and feature-packed, it lets you easily create tests, secure exams, and quizzes. Its 100+ settings include powerful anti-cheating functionalities, such as proctoring, question/answer shuffling, disabling tab/browser switching, randomized question pooling, time limits, disabling copying/printing, and much more.

ProProfs supports 15+ question types, including highly interactive ones, such as hotspot, order list, and video response. You can add images, videos, docs, and more to your questions and answers and set up a branching logic. You can create a test in minutes using ProProfs’ quiz library, which contains over a million questions on almost every topic. 

ProProfs also makes it easy for multiple teachers to collaborate on test creation. Teachers can create their quiz folders and share them for collaborative authoring. All of ProProfs’ features are backed by delightful reporting and analytics so that you can personalize your learning according to student needs.

Top 6 Test Maker Features

1 Million+ Ready Questions

Create tests in minutes by importing questions from ready-to-use quizzes.

15+ Question Types

Multiple choice, checkbox, comprehension, video response, hotspot, and many other question types. 

100+ Settings

Prevent cheating and customize your test as much as you want. Add themes, certificates, and more. 

Easy Sharing

Share tests by embedding, linking, or creating a virtual classroom with secure logins.

Virtual Classroom

Conduct streamlined tests by creating virtual classrooms and assigning roles for students.

70+ Languages

Create tests in English, Spanish, and 70+ other languages.

Cons of ProProfs ❌

  • Limited free plan – The free plan only has the most basic features, making it suitable only for fun.
  • Basic-level proctoring – Proctoring functionality isn’t well-rounded; it needs more features.


Free?✅  up to 10 students for K-12
Monthly plan from…$9.99 per instructor for K-12
$25 for higher education
Annual plan from…$48 per instructor for K-12
$20 for higher education


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

#4 – ClassMarker

ClassMarker is an excellent test making software for you to make custom tests for your students. It provides multiple types of questions, but unlike many other online test makers, you can build your own question bank after creating questions on the platform. This question bank is where you store all your questions, and then add some of them to your custom tests. There are 2 ways to do so: add fixed questions to display for the whole class or pull random questions to each test so that every student gets different questions compared to other classmates.

For a true multimedia experience with lots of variety, you can embed images, audio, and videos to ClassMarker with a paid account.

Its results analytics feature lets you have a look at students’ level of knowledge with ease. If they’re up to the standard, you can even customise certificates for your students. Making your own online test has never been so easy like this, right?

Top 6 Test Maker Features

Many Types of Questions

Multiple-choice, true/false, matching, short answer, essay & more.

Randomise Questions

Shuffle the order of questions and answer options on each device.

Question Bank

Create a pool of questions and reuse them across multiple tests.

Save Progress

Save test progress and finish later.

Instant Test Results

View students’ responses and scores instantly.


Create and customise your course certificates.

Cons of Classmarker

  • Limited features on free plan – Free accounts can’t use some essential features (results export & analytics, upload images/audio/videos or add custom feedback).
  • Pricing – ClassMarker’s paid plans are pricey compared to other platforms.


Free?✅ up to 100 tests taken per month
Monthly plan?
Annual plan from…$239.5


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

#5 – Testportal

Testportal's logo.

Testportal is a professional online test maker that supports assessments in all languages for users in the education and business fields. All the tests on this test making website can be reused endlessly or modified to prepare new assessments seamlessly.  

The platform has a heap of features for you to use in your tests, taking you smoothly from the first step of creating a test to the final step of checking how your students did. With this app, you can easily keep an eye on students’ progress they’re taking the test. For you to have better analysis and statistics of their results, Testportal provides 7 advanced reporting options including results tables, detailed respondent test sheets, answers matrix and so on.

If your students pass the exams, consider making them a certificate on Testportal. The platform can assist you to do so, just like ClassMarker.

What’s more, Testportal can be used directly within Microsoft Teams as these two apps are integrated. This is one of the main draws of this test maker for many teachers out there using Teams to teach. 

Top 6 Test Maker Features

Various Question Types

Multiple choice, yes/no & open-ended questions, short essays, etc.

Question Categories

Divide questions into different categories to further assess.

Feedback & Grading

Automatically send feedback and give points to correct answers.

Result Analytics

Have comprehensive, real-time data.


Use Testportal inside MS Teams.


Testportal supports all languages.

Cons of Testportal

  • Limited features on a free plan –  Live data feed, number of respondents online, or real-time progress aren’t available on free accounts.
  • Bulky interface – It has many features and settings, so it can be a bit overwhelming for new users.
  • Ease of use –  It takes a while to create a complete test and the app has no question bank. 


Free?✅ up to 100 results in storage
Monthly plan?
Annual plan from…$39


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

#6 – FlexiQuiz

The homepage of FlexiQuiz

FlexiQuiz is an online quiz and test maker that helps you create, share and analyse your tests quickly. There are 9 question types to choose from when making a test, including multiple-choice, essay, picture choice, short answer, matching, or fill-in-the-blanks, all of which can be set as optional or required to answer. If you add a correct answer for each question, the system will grade students’ results based on what you’ve provided to save you time. 

FlexiQuix also supports media upload (images, audio and videos), available on premium accounts.

When doing the tests, students are allowed to save their progress or bookmark any questions to come back and finish later. They can do this if they create an account to keep track of their own progress during the course.

FlexiQuiz looks a bit dull, but a good point is it lets you customise the themes, colours and welcome/thank you screens to make your assessments look more attractive.

Top 6 Test Maker Features

Question Bank

Save your questions by categories.

Instant Feedback

Show feedback straight away or at the end of the test.


Automatically grade students’ performance.


Set a time limit for each test.

Visual Upload

Upload images and videos to your tests.


Export data quickly and easily.

Cons of FlexiQuiz

  • Pricing – It’s not as budget-friendly as other online test makers. 
  • Design – The design is not really appealing.


Free?✅ up to 10 questions/quiz & 20 responses/month
Monthly plan from…$20
Annual plan from…$180


FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueEase of UseOverall

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a test maker?

A test maker is a tool that supports you in creating and conducting online tests, including various types of questions such as short answers, multiple choice, matching questions, etc.

What makes a test a good test?

The essential factor that contributes to a good test is reliability. In other words, the same student groups can take the same test with the same ability at a different time, and the results will be similar to the test before.

Why do we do tests?

Taking tests is a significant responsibility of studying because it allows learners to understand their level, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, they can improve their ability quickly.