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Interesting Quiz about Philippine History | 20 Questions to Test Your Knowledge


Astrid Tran 15 April, 2024 6 min read

"Love the Philippines"! The Philippines is known as Asia's pearl with rich vibrant culture and history, home to centuries of ancient churches, turn-of-the-century mansions, old forts, and modern museums. Test your love and passion for the Philippines with the quiz about Philippine history.

This trivia quiz includes 20 easy-to-hard questions about Philippine history with answers. Dive in!

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Round 1: Easy Quiz about Philippine History

Question 1: What is the old name of the Philippines?

A. Palawan

B. Agusan

C. Filipinas

D. Tacloban

Answer: Filipinas. During his 1542 expedition, Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named the islands of Leyte and Samar "Felipinas" after King Philip II of Castile (then Prince of Asturias). Eventually, the name "Las Islas Filipinas" would be used for the archipelago's Spanish possessions.

Question 2: Who was the first president of the Philippines?

A. Manuel L. Quezon

B. Emilio Aguinaldo

C. Ramon Magsaysay

D. Ferdinand Marcos

Answer: Emilio Aguinaldo. He fought first against Spain and later against the United States for the independence of the Philippines. He became the first president of the Philippines in 1899.

questions about philippine history with answers
Easy Questions about Philippine history with answers

Question 3: What is the oldest university in the Philippines?

A. University of Santo Tomas

B. University of San Carlos 

C. St. Mary’s College

D. Universidad de Sta. Isabel

Answer: University of Santo Tomas. It is the oldest existing university in Asia, and was founded in 1611 in Manila.

Question 4: In which year was Martial Law declared in the Philippines?

A. 1972

B. 1965

C. 1986

D. 2016

Answer: 1972. President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1081 on September 21, 1972, placing the Philippines under Martial Law.

Question 5: How long did Spanish rule last in the Philippines?

A. 297 years

B. 310 years

C. 333 years

D. 345 years

Answer: 333 years. Catholicism came to profoundly shape life in many parts of the archipelago that eventually became the Philippines as Spain spread its rule there over more than 300 years from 1565 to 1898.

Question 6. Francisco Dagohoy led the longest revolt in the Philippines during the Spanish times. True or False?

Answer: True. It lasted for 85 years (1744-1829). Francisco Dagohoy rose in rebellion because a Jesuit priest refused to give his brother, Sagarino, a Christian burial as he had died in a duel.

Question 7: Noli Me Tangere was the first book published in the Philippines. True or False?

Answer: False. Doctrina Christiana, by Fray Juan Cobo, was the first book printed in the Philippines, Manila, 1593.

Question 8. Franklin Roosevelt was a US president during the 'American Era' in the Philippines. True or False?

Answer: True. It was Roosevelt who granted the Philippines a "Commonwealth Government".

Question 9:  Intramuros is also known as the "walled city" in the Philippines. True or False?

Answer: True. It was built by the Spaniards and only whites (and certain others classed as whites), were allowed to live there in Spanish colonial times. It was destroyed during World War II but has been rebuilt and is considered one of the famous tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Hard quiz about Philippine history
Trivia about Philippine history

Question 10:  Arrange the following Names according to the time of being proclaimed as President of the Philippines, from the oldest to the latest. 

A. Ramon Magsaysay

B. Ferdinand Marcos

C. Manuel L. Quezon

D. Emilio Aguinaldo

E. Corazon Aquino

Answer: Emilio Aguinaldo (1899-1901) - First president -> Manuel L. Quezon (1935-1944) - 2nd president -> Ramon Magsaysay (1953-1957) - 7th president -> Ferdinand Marcos (1965-1989) - 10th president -> Corazon Aquino (1986-1992) - 11th president

Round 2: Medium Quiz about Philippine History

Question 11: What is the oldest city in the Philippines?

A. Manila

B. Luzon

C. Tondo

D. Cebu

Answer: Cebu. It is the oldest city and the first capital of the Philippines, under Spanish rule for three centuries.

Question 12: From which Spanish king did the Philippines take its name?

A. Juan Carlos

B. King Philip I of Spain

C. King Philip II of Spain

D. King Charles II of Spain

Answer: King Philip II of Spain. The Philippines were claimed in the name of Spain in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer sailing for Spain, who named the islands after King Philip II of Spain.

Question 13: She is a Filipino heroine. After her husband died, she continued the war against Spain and was caught and hanged.

A. Teodora Alonso 

B. Leonor Rivera 

C. Gregoria de Jesus

D. Gabriela Silang

Answer: Gabriela Silang. She was a Filipino military leader best known for her role as the female leader of the Ilocano independence movement from Spain.

Question 14: What is considered the earliest form of writing in the Philippines?

A. Sanskrit

B. Baybayin

C. Tagbanwa

D. Buhid

Answer: Baybayin. This alphabet, often incorrectly referred to as 'alibata', consists of 17 letters of which three are vowels and fourteen are consonants.

Question 15: Who was the 'Great Dissenter'?

A. José Rizal

B. Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat

C. Apolinario Mabini

D. Claro M. Recto

Answer: Claro M. Recto. He was called Great Dissenter because of his uncompromising stand against the pro-American policy of R. Magsaysay, the very same man whom he helped to put in power.

Round 3: Hard Quiz about Philippine History

Question 16-20: Match the event with the year it happened.

1- Magellan discovered the PhilippinesA.1899 - 1902
2- Orang Dampuans came to the PhilippinesB. 1941- 1946
3- Philippine–American WarC. 1521
4- Japanese occupationD. 1946
5- US recognizes the Philippines' independenceE. Between 900 A.D. and 1200 A.D. 
Hard Quiz about Philippine History

Answer: 1 - C; 2 - E; 3 - A; 4 - C; 5 - D

Explain: 5 facts about the Philippines:

  • The Philippines were claimed in the name of Spain in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer sailing for Spain, who named the islands after King Philip II of Spain. 
  • Orang Dampuans were sailors from Southern Annam, now a part of Vietnam. They traded with people of Sulu called Buranuns.
  • On March 17, 1521, Magellan and his crew first came into contact with inhabitants of Homonhon Island, which would later become part of the archipelago known as the Philippines.
  • Japan occupied the Philippines for over three years, until the surrender of Japan.
  • The United States recognized the Republic of the Philippines as an independent state on July 4, 1946, when President Harry S. Truman did so in a proclamation.

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