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Valued Opinion Review | Top 15 Alternative Survey Tools in 2024

Valued Opinion Review | Top 15 Alternative Survey Tools in 2024

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Astrid Tran 28 Feb 2024 5 min read

If you are looking for a great app to distribute surveys and collect high-quality data, Valued Opinion is a great platform. It works as a hub between researchers and respondents, connecting them through user-friendly surveys designed to gather valuable insights. Learn more about Valued Opinions, the best ways to use this app, and some similar survey tools.

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What is a Valued Opinions App?

Valued Opinion is an international market research panel, with a large base of customers and participants from around the world. As a marketer or researcher, looking for insights and feedback from a diverse audience, Valued Opinions provide several key advantages:

  • Global Reach: With its international presence, Valued Opinions offers access to a vast and diverse pool of participants from different regions, cultures, and demographics. This global reach allows marketers and researchers to gather insights that are representative of a wide range of perspectives.
  • Targeted Audience Selection: Marketers can benefit from the ability to target specific demographics or consumer segments based on the nature of their products or research objectives. This targeted approach ensures that the collected data is relevant to the goals of the study.
  • Cost-Effective Research: Conducting traditional market research can be expensive and time-consuming. Valued Opinions provide a cost-effective alternative, allowing marketers to collect valuable data without the high costs associated with traditional methods.
  • Real-Time Data Collection: The platform enables real-time data collection, providing marketers with quick access to insights. This agility is crucial in rapidly evolving markets where timely information can be a significant advantage.
  • Customer Engagement: Valued Opinions employs a user-friendly interface and a rewarding system, encouraging active participation from its members. This high level of engagement can result in more thoughtful and reliable responses from participants.
  • Selective Respondents Base: Valued Opinions have a strict standard to qualify their participants so that it ensures the quality and accuracy of results. It helps to reduce sampling bias – a common challenge in market research. By narrowing down the participant pool to those who genuinely align with the target audience, marketers and researchers can obtain more representative and unbiased data, leading to more reliable findings and actionable recommendations.
  • Flexible Survey Formats: The platform typically supports various survey formats, including online surveys, mobile surveys, and more. This flexibility allows researchers to choose the most suitable format for their specific study, enhancing the overall research experience.
  • Customizable Research Solutions: Whether a business is looking for product feedback, market trends, or consumer preferences, Valued Opinions offers customizable research solutions. This adaptability allows marketers to tailor their studies to meet specific objectives.
  • Transparent Reporting: Valued Opinions often provide transparent and comprehensive reporting tools, allowing marketers and researchers to analyze the collected data efficiently—clear insights derived from the reports aid in informed decision-making.

Unfortunately, Valued Opinions does not have publicly available information about their specific pricing plans for researchers. The most direct approach is to contact their sales team through their website or email address. They can provide personalized quotes based on your specific research needs.

Valued Opinions App
Valued Opinions App

Top 15 Survey Tools Similar to Valued Opinions

When creating and distributing a survey, it is supposed to reach the target respondents, and earn valuable opinion. Choosing the right tool is the first step for effective surveys. Besides Valued Opinions, there are plenty of survey tools to consider such as:

1/ SurveyMonkey: A popular and user-friendly survey platform with a wide range of features, including question branching, skip logic, and data analysis tools. It offers both free and paid plans, making it a good option for researchers of all budgets.

2/ Qualtrics: A powerful enterprise-grade survey platform with advanced features, such as real-time reporting, survey logic branching, and mobile-friendly surveys. It is generally more expensive than SurveyMonkey, but it is a good option for businesses that need to collect complex data.

3/ Pollfish: A mobile-first survey platform that allows you to create and distribute surveys to mobile app users. It is a good option for researchers who want to collect data from a specific app audience.

4/ Zoho Survey: It is known as an affordable survey platform with a good range of features, including question branching, skip logic, and data analysis tools. It is a good option for small businesses and individual researchers.

5/ Google Surveys: Looking for a totally free survey platform that allows you to collect data from Google Search users – try Google Surveys. It is a good option for quick and easy surveys, but it is limited in terms of features and targeting options.

6/ YouGov: This survey focuses on delivering high-quality data through its rigorous member recruitment and screening process. Offer access to a global panel of over 12 million members across 47 markets.

7/ Prolific: This is also an excellent survey platform for researchers conducting academic studies or surveys requiring specific participant pools. Offers competitive pay rates for participants and transparent pricing for researchers.

8/ OpinionSpace: If you want something more innovative, this tool is a great option with the application of a gamified approach to incentivize participation, making it engaging for respondents. Offers a points-based system that can be redeemed for rewards like cash, gift cards, or donations.

9/ Toluna: It allows to fostering of a deeper engagement with respondents by combining surveys with online communities and forums. Offer interactive insights, real-time data visualization, and analysis.

10/ Mturk: This is a crowdsourcing platform operated by Amazon, offering a vast pool of diverse participants. Tasks on Mturk can include surveys, data entry, transcription, and other microtasks.

11/ SurveyAnyplace: It caters to researchers of all levels, with both free and paid plans depending on needed features and survey volume. Provide user-friendly tools for creating visually appealing and engaging surveys with various question types, multimedia elements, and branching logic.

12/ OpinionHero: It offers various survey formats, including short polls, in-depth questionnaires, new and existing product testing, focus groups, and mystery shopping. Provide in-depth analysis of demographics, sentiment, and brand perception.

13/ OneOpinion: This popular tool is an excellent solution for those looking for platforms with a significant number of participants across various demographics and locations. It ensures robust quality control measures and adherence to data privacy regulations to guarantee reliable and secure results.

14/ PrizeRebel: This tool is known for diverse earning methods beyond surveys, including watching videos, completing offers, and participating in contests. A low payout threshold allows for quicker access to rewards

15/ AhaSlides: This tool specializes in interactive presentations and real-time audience engagement, offering features like polls, quizzes, word clouds, and Q&A sessions. Ideal for collecting quick feedback, gathering opinions during meetings or events, and fostering audience participation.

Bottom Lines

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Is the Valued Opinion survey real or fake?

Valued Opinion is a trusted survey app, where you can earn extra cash by completing paid online surveys with unique location-based & mobile-only studies

How do Valued Opinions pay you?

With Valued Opinion, you will be given up to $7 for each paid survey you complete! Your credit is redeemable for gift cards from top retailers, including, Pizza Hut, and Target.