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Top 140+ We Are Not Really Strangers Questions in 2023

Top 140+ We Are Not Really Strangers Questions in 2023

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Astrid Tran 24 Jul 2023 9 min read

The We are not really strangers questions game is out now!

It’s game on for reconnection to ring up an emotional game night, and play with your beloved ones to deepen your relationship!

And don’t hesitate to play with someone you just met at work or school as well. You’ll be surprised by the connections you can build and the depth of understanding you can achieve.

Check out the 140 “We are not really strangers questions” with a well-crafted three levels game that covers all aspects of dating, couples, self-love, friendship, and family.

Enjoy the journey of deepening your connections!

Play We‘re Not Really Strangers questions with friends

Table of Contents

What is We‘re not really strangers questions game?

The “We’re Not Really Strangers” (WNRS) was created and launched by Koreen Odiney, a writer, artist, and entrepreneur. The game is inspired by her company’s mental health awareness day, with a starting point of empowering team members to reconnect and get to know each other.

Since its launch, the game has gone viral and has been embraced by people around the world as a fun way for deepening relationships and facilitating meaningful conversations.

we're not really strangers questions
We’re not really strangers questions card game (Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)


Three-level We‘re not really strangers questions

Let’s get started with the superficial to deep We‘re not really strangers questions. You and your acquaintances will experience three distinctive rounds serving different purposes: perception, connection, and reflection.

Level 1: Perception

This level focuses on self-reflection and understanding one’s own thoughts and feelings.

1/ What do you think my major is?

2/ Do you think I’ve ever been in love?

3/ Do you think I’ve ever had my heart broken?

4/ Do you think I’ve ever been fired?

5/ Do you think I was popular in high school?

6/ What do you think I will prefer? Hot Cheetos or onion rings?

7/ Do you think I like being a couch potato?

8/ Do you think I am an extrovert?

9/ Do you think I have a sibling? Older or younger?

10/ Where do you think I grew up?

11/ Do you think I am mainly cooking or getting takeout?

12/ What do you think I have been binge-watching lately?

13/ Do you think I hate waking up early?

14/ What is the nicest thing you can remember doing for a friend?

15/ What type of social situation makes you feel the most awkward?

16/ Who do you think is my favorite idol?

17/ When do I usually have dinner?

18/ Do you think I like wearing red?

19/ What do you think is my favorite dish?

20/ Do you think I’m in Greek life?

21/ Do you know what my dream career is?

22/ Do you know where my dream vacation is?

23/ Do you think I used to be bullied in school?

24/ Do you think I am a talkative person?

25/ Do you think I am a cold fish?

26/ What do you think my favorite Starbucks drink is?

27/ Do you think I love reading books?

28/ When do you think I most usually like to stay alone?

29/ Which part of a house do you think is my favorite place?

30/ Do you think I like playing video games?

Level 2: Connection

At this level, players ask thought-provoking questions to one another, fostering a deeper connection and empathy.

31/ How likely do you think I will change my career?

32/ What was your first impression of me?

33/ What is the last thing you lied about?

34/ What have you been hiding all those years?

35/ What is your weirdest thinking?

36/ What is the last thing you lied to your mom about?

37/ What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?

38/ What is the worst pain you have ever been in?

39/ What are you still trying to prove to yourself?

40/ What is your most defining personality?

41/ What is the hardest part about dating you?

42/ What is the best thing about your father or mother?

43/ What is the favorite lyric you can’t stop thinking about in your head?

44/ Are you lying to yourself about anything?

45/ What animal that you want to raise?

46/ What would you feel best to fully accept in this current status?

47/ When was the last time you felt lucky to be you?

48/ What is the adjective that best describes you in the past and now?

49/ What would your younger self not believe about your life today?

50/ Which part of your family that you want to keep or let go of?

51/ What is your favorite memory from your childhood?

52/ How long does it take to be friends with you?

53/ What takes someone from a friend to a best friend for you?

54/ What question are you trying to answer in your life right now?

55/ What would you tell your younger self?

56/ What is your most regretful action?

57/ When was the last time you cried?

58/ What are you better at than most people you know?

59/ Who do you want to talk to when you feel lonely?

60/ What is the hardest part of being abroad?

Level 3: Reflection

The final level encourages players to reflect on the experience and insights gained during the game.

61/ What do you want to change in your personality right now?

62/ Who do you want to say sorry or thank the most?

63/ If you made a playlist for me, what 5 songs would be on it?

64/ What about me surprised you?

65/ What do you think my superpower is?

66/ Do you think we have some similarities or differences?

67/ Who do you think can be my right partner?

68/ What do I need to read as soon as I have time?

69/ Where am I most qualified to give advice?

70/ What did you learn about yourself while playing this game?

71/ What question were you most afraid to answer?

72/ Why’s “sorority” still important to college life

73/ What would be the perfect gift for me?

74/ What part of yourself do you see in me?

75/ Based on what you learned about me, what would you suggest I would read?

76/ What would you remember about me when we’re no longer in contact?

77/ From what I’ve heard about me, what Netflix film do you recommend me to watch?

78/ What can I help you with?

79/ How does Sigma Kappa continue to impact your life?

80/ Can you tolerate someone who used to hurt you)?

81/ What do I need to hear right now?

82/ Would you dare to do something out of your comfort zone next week?

83/ Do you think people come into your life for some reason?

84/ Why do you think we met?

85/ What do you think I fear the most?

86/ What is a lesson you will take away from your chat?

87/ What do you suggest I should let go of?

88/ Admit something 

89/ What about me that you hardly understand?

90/ How would you describe me to a stranger?

Extra fun: Wildcards

This part aims to make the question game more thrilling and engaging. Rather than asking questions, it is a kind of instruction of action that players who draw it have to complete. Here are 10 

91/ Draw a picture together (60 seconds)

92/ Tell a story together (1 minute)

93/ Write a message to each other and give it to each other. Open it once you have left.

94/ Take a selfie together

95/ Create your own question on anything. Make it count!

96/ Look into each other’s eyes for 30 seconds. What did you notice?

97/ Show your photo when you are a kid (in the nude)

98/ Sing a favorite song 

99/ Tell the other person to close their eyes and to keep them closed (wait for 15 seconds and kiss them)

100/ Write a note to your younger selves. After 1 minute, open and compare.

we re not really strangers online questions
we’re not really strangers online questions – Tell a story together with AhaSlides

More We’re not really strangers questions 

Need more We’re not really strangers questions? Here are some extra questions that you can ask in different relationships, from dating, self-love, friendship, and family to the workplace.

10 We’re not really strangers questions – couples edition

101/ What do you think will be perfect for your wedding?

102/ What would make you feel closer to me?

103/ Is there any time you want to leave me?

104/How many children do you want?

105/ What can we create together?

106/ Do you think I am still a virgin?

107/ What’s the most attractive quality about me that isn’t physical?

108/ What is the story about you that I cannot miss?

109/ What do you think my perfect date night would be?

110/ Do you think I have never been in a relationship?

10 We’re not really strangers questions – friendship edition

111/ What do you think my weakness is?

112/ What do you think my strength is?

113/ What do you think I should know about myself that perhaps I’m aware of?

114/ How do our personalities complement each other?

115/ What do you admire most about me?

116/ In one word, describe how you feel right now!

117/ What answer of mine made you light up?

118/ Can I trust you to say something private?

119/ What are you overthinking right now?

120/ Do you think I am a good kisser?

10 We’re not really strangers questions – workplace edition

121/ What’s one professional accomplishment you’re most proud of, and why?

122/ Share a time when you faced a significant challenge at work and how you overcame it.

123/ What is a skill or strength you possess that you feel is underutilized in your current role?

124/ Reflecting on your career, what has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far?

125/ Describe a work-related goal or aspiration you have for the future.

126/ Share a mentor or colleague who has had a significant impact on your professional growth, and why.

127/ How do you handle work-life balance and maintain well-being in a demanding work environment?

128/ What is one thing you believe your teammates or colleagues don’t know about you?

129/ Describe a moment when you felt a strong sense of teamwork or collaboration in your workplace.

130/ Reflecting on your current job, what is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

10 We’re not really strangers questions – family edition

131/ What are you most excited about today?

132/ What is the most fun you’ve ever had?

133/ What is the saddest story you’ve ever heard?

134/ What have you wanted to tell me for a long time?

135/ What takes you so long to tell me the truth?

136/ Do you think I am the person you can talk to?

137/ What activities do you wish to do with me?

138/ What’s the most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you?

139/ What is your day?

140/ When do you think is the best time to talk about what happened to you?

How to play We’re not really strangers questions game virtually?

Best ways to feel closer in a long-distance relationship? Let’s connect with your friends, family, and partners far away with AhaSlides where you can create an online edition of We’re not really strangers questions. With some simple steps: open AhaSlides account – choose quiz temple – edit texts, background, and question type – save and share a link in seconds. And it’s totally free. 

We're not really strangers family edition questions
We’re not really strangers family edition questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last card in We’re not really strangers?

The final card of the We’re Not Really Strangers card game requires you to write a note to your partner and open it only once you two have separated.

What is the alternative if we’re not really strangers?

You can play some questions games like Never I ever have, 2 Trues and 1 Lie, Would you rather, This or that, Who am I …

How can I get texts from We’re Not Really Strangers?

Texts are available for $1.99 a month on the official website of WNRS. All you need to do is text the first letter of your first love’s name to subscribe and they will send texts after your purchase.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to build relationships with others, even with strangers. It is worth spending time playing question games like We’re not really strangers. All you need to prepare is a comfortable atmosphere and the courage to share and ask about the deepest part of someone and yourself. What you received might far outweigh your initial discomfort.

Let’s get a connection to everyone for real with AhaSlides!