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Soldier Poet King Quiz | Who Are You, Really? | 2024 Updates

Soldier Poet King Quiz | Who Are You, Really? | 2024 Updates

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Astrid Tran 22 Apr 2024 9 min read

Who do you want to be, King, Soldier, or Poet? This Soldier Poet King Quiz will reveal the path that resonates with your true self.

This test includes 16 Soldier Poet King Quizzes, designed to explore various facets of your personality and desires. It’s crucial to remember that whatever the result is, don’t be constrained by a single label.

Table of Contents:

Soldier Poet King Quiz — Part 1

Question 1. If you were to hold a Crown…

unchecked A)… it would be covered in blood. The one of the guilty.

unchecked B)… it would be covered in blood. The one of innocents.

unchecked C)… it would be covered in blood. Your own.

Question 2. What role do you often play in your friend group?

unchecked A) The leader. 

unchecked B) The protector. 

unchecked C) The advisor. 

unchecked D) The mediator

Question 3. Which of the following personality traits best describes you?

unchecked A) Independent, self-reliant, likes things to go their way

unchecked B) Very organized people, make your own rules and follow them

unchecked C) Often insightful and intuitive, and may have a deep understanding of human emotions and motivations.

Question 4. How do you deal with childhood traumas and toxic relationships?

unchecked A) Filling the void the abuser created.

unchecked B) Fighting the abuser back.

unchecked C) Helping victims of abuse recover.

Question 5. Choose an animal you resonate with:

unchecked A) Lion. 

unchecked B) Owl. 

unchecked C) Elephant. 

unchecked D) Dolphin.

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Soldier Poet King Quiz — Part 2

Question 6. Pick a quote from the following.

unchecked A) The greatest glory in living lies not in falling but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela

unchecked B) If life were predictable, it would cease to be life and be without flavor. – Eleanor Roosevelt

unchecked C) Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

unchecked D) Tell me, and I’ll forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Question 7. What do you say to a heartbroken friend?

unchecked A) “Keep your chin up.”

unchecked B) “Don’t cry; that’s for the weak.”

unchecked C) “It’ll be okay.”

unchecked D) “You deserve better.”

Question 8. What’s the future like?

unchecked A) It depends on us.

unchecked B) It’s dark. The future is full of misery, pain, and loss.

unchecked C) It’s probably not bright. But who knows?

unchecked D) It’s bright.

Question 9. Choose a hobby you’d be most interested in:

unchecked A) Chess or another strategy game. 

unchecked B) Martial arts or another physical discipline. 

unchecked C) Painting, writing, or another artistic pursuit. 

unchecked D) Community service or volunteering.

Question 10. Which character from movies or books do you want to be?

unchecked A) Daenerys Targaryen – This lead character from the Game of Thrones

unchecked B) Gimli – A character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, appearing in The Lord of the Rings.

unchecked C) Dandelion – A character from the world of The Witcher

Soldier Poet King Quiz
Soldier Poet King Quiz

Soldier Poet King Quiz — Part 3

Question 11.  Should a criminal be given another chance?

unchecked A) Depends on the crime they committed

unchecked B) No

unchecked C) Yes

unchecked D) Everyone deserves a second chance.

Question 12. How do you usually relieve stress?

unchecked A) working out

unchecked B) sleeping

unchecked C) listening to music

unchecked D) meditating

unchecked E) writing

unchecked F) dancing

Who usually uses mediation to release stress, king, soldier, or poet? | Image: freepik

Question 13. What is your weakness?

unchecked A) Patience

unchecked B) Inflexible

unchecked C) Empathy

unchecked D) Kind

unchecked E) Discipline

Question 14: How would you describe yourself? (Positive) (Choose 3 out of 9)

unchecked A) Ambitious

unchecked B) Independent

unchecked C) Kind

unchecked D) Creative

unchecked E) Loyal

unchecked F) Rule-follower

unchecked G) Courageous

unchecked H) Determined

unchecked I) Responsible

Question 15: To you, what is violence?

unchecked A) Necessary

unchecked B) Tolerant

unchecked C) Unacceptable

Question 16: Lastly, pick an image:

unchecked A)

unchecked B)

unchecked C)


Time’s up! Let’s check whether you are a king, soldier, or poet!


If you’ve got almost the answer “A”, congratulations! You are a King, who is driven by duty and honor, with a unique personality:

  • Don’t be afraid to take responsibility to do something no one else stepped up.  
  • Be a self-sufficient individual with excellent leadership, decision-making skills, and solving-problems
  • Be capable of inspiring and motivating others. 
  • Be self-centered sometimes, but never bother with gossip.


If you’ve got almost “B, E, F, G, H” you are definitely a soldier. Best descriptors about you:

  • Extremely brave and reliable person
  • Ready to fight to protect people and common sense. 
  • Eliminates the abuser from their existence
  • Be accountable to yourself and behave with honesty.
  • Excel in careers that require discipline, structure, and procedures. 
  • Following the rule rigidly is one of your weaknesses. 


If you’ve got all C, and D in your answers, there is no doubt you are a poet. 

  • Be able to find amazing significance in the most modest of things.
  • Creative, and have a powerful personality that inspires individualism and artistic freedom.
  • Full of kindness, empathy, hate conflict, just the mere thought of fighting makes you upset.  
  • Stick to your morals, and try your best to not be peer pressured into things.

Key Takeaways

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you play the soldier-poet-king game?

There are several websites to play Soldier Poet King Quiz for free. Simply type “soldier poet king quiz” on Google and choose the platform you like. You also host a soldier poet king quiz with quiz makers like AhaSlides for free. 

  1. What is the difference between a soldier, a poet, and a king?

The Soldier Poet King quiz has gone viral on TikTok recently, with users identifying themselves as one of three roles: soldier, poet, or king. 

  • The soldiers are known for their pursuit of glory and their impressive physical strength.
  • Poets, on the other hand, are creative individuals who display courage but are often content with being alone. 
  • Lastly, the king is a strong and honorable figure who is driven by duty and responsibility. They take on tasks that no one else dares to and are often regarded as leaders in their community.
  1. What is the point of the soldier poet king test?

The Soldier Poet King quiz is a personality quiz that aims to identify your core personality archetype, in a fun and insightful way to learn more about yourself. You will be classified into three categories: king, soldier, or poet. 

  1. How do you take the Soldier, Poet, King test on TikTok?

Here are the steps on how to take the Soldier, Poet, King test on TikTok:

  • Open TikTok and search for the hashtag “#soldierpoetking”.
  • Tap on one of the videos that have the quiz embedded in it.
  • The quiz will open in a new window. Enter your name and then click on “Start quiz”.
  • Answer the 15 – 20 multiple-choice questions honestly.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, the quiz will reveal your archetype.