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Ultimate Trypophobia Test | 2024 Quiz Reveals Your Phobia

Ultimate Trypophobia Test | 2024 Quiz Reveals Your Phobia

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Leah Nguyen 15 Apr 2024 5 min read

Why do holes bother me? Have you ever questioned why certain cluster patterns personally squick you out?

Or are curious why you have a creepy-crawly sensation when sights like lotus seed pods or pale skin rashes come into view?

Here’s a quick trypophobia test to know whether or not you have a fear of holes or patterns, and also to learn more about this common, uneasy phobia✨

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What is Trypophobia?

What is Trypophobia?
Trypophobia test

Have you ever felt utterly creeped out by bumpy patterns or coral reefs yet couldn’t understand why? You are not alone.

Trypophobia is a proposed phobia involving an intense fear or discomfort towards irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

While not officially recognised, trypophobia is thought to affect between 5 to 10 percent of people.

Those impacted experience exceedingly unsettling physical sensations when seeing certain textures, often without clear reason.

The root of such strange shudderings remains a mystery, with some experts speculating on evolutionary causes.

Sufferers may grimace at the mere concept of beehives crammed with cephalopod suction cups.

Trypophobia test
Trypophobia test

A trypophobic trigger feels deeply disturbing in a way rationality cannot justify. Some especially react to hive-like bumps upon human skin.

Thankfully, most confront mere unease rather than full-blown panic.

Amidst little research, online communities bring solidarity to those mystified by their visceral cringing.

While science has yet to stamp trypophobia as “real”, conversation lifts stigmas and locates support.

Do I have Trypophobia Test

Here is a quick test to determine if trypophobia triggers your own telltale cringes. Whether you end up flinching or not, be assured this online trpophobia test introduces the phobia gently.

To calculate the results, note down what you’ve answered and reflect on it. If most of your choices are negative, you likely have trypophobia, and vice versa.

#1. The ultimate trypophobia test

Trypophobia test
Trypophobia test

#1. When seeing an image of lotus seed pods, I feel:
a) Calm
b) Mildly uneasy
c) Very distressed
d) No reaction

#2. Beehives or wasp nests make me:
a) Curious
b) Slightly uncomfortable
c) Highly anxious
d) I don’t mind them

#3. Seeing a rash with clustered bumps would:
a) Bother me a bit
b) Make my skin crawl
c) Not affect me
d) Fascinate me

#4. How do you feel about foam or sponge textures?
a) Fine with them
b) Ok, but don’t like looking closely
c) Prefer to avoid them
d) Freaked out by them

#5. The word “trypophobia” makes me:
a) Curious
b) Uneasy
c) Want to look away
d) No reaction

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Trypophobia test

#6. An image like spilled beans would:
a) Interest me
b) Cause some unease
c) Gross me out severely
d) Leave me feeling nothing

#7. I feel comfortable:
a) Discussing trypophobic triggers
b) Thinking about clusters abstractly
c) Looking at coral reef photos
d) Avoiding cluster topics

#8. When I see circular clusters I:
a) Notice them objectively
b) Prefer not to look too closely
c) Feel repulsed and want to leave
d) Feel neutral about them

#9. My skin stays … after looking at a beehive image:
a) Calm
b) Slightly crawling or itchy
c) Very disturbed or goosebumpy
d) Unaffected

#10. I believe I have experienced:
a) No trypophobic reactions
b) Mild triggers at times
c) Strong trypophobic feelings
d) I am not able to assess myself

#12. I believe I have experienced one or more symptoms below when came into contact with clusters of small holes for more than 10 minutes:

☐ Panic attacks

☐ Anxiety

☐ Rapid breathing

☐ Goosebumps

☐ Nausea or vomiting

☐ Shaking

☐ Sweating

☐ No changes in emotion/reaction

#2. Trypophobia test images

Take the Trypophobia Test on AhaSlides

trypophobia test on Ahaslides

See this image below👇

Trypophobia test
Trypophobia test

#1. Do you have a physical reaction to seeing this picture, such as:

  • Goosebumps
  • A racing heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • A feeling of dread
  • No changes at all

#2. Do you avoid looking at this picture?

  • Yes
  • No

#3. Do you feel the need to feel the texture?

  • Yes
  • No

#4. Do you find this outfit to be beautiful?

  • Yes
  • No

#5. Do you think it is dangerous to look at?

  • Yes
  • No

#6. Do you think this picture is disgusting?

  • Yes
  • No

#7. Do you think this picture is creepy?

  • Yes
  • No

#8. Do you think this picture is scary?

  • Yes
  • No

#9. Do you think this picture is fascinating?

  • Yes
  • No

The results:

If you answer “yes” to 70% of the questions, you might have moderate to severe trypophobia.

If your answers are “no” to 70% of the questions, you likely do not have trypophobia, or possibly experience very mild trypophobic sensations but do not seem to be significantly impacted.

Key Takeaways

For individuals long cringing at clustered patterns yet unsure why, finding this phobia’s name alone lifts burdens.

If clustered conundrums or their descriptions still disquiet you subtly, take heart – your experiences resonate more widely than externally known.

On that comforting note, we hope you got the help you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have trypophobia?

Have you ever felt utterly creeped out by lotus seed pods or coral, yet couldn’t understand why goosebumps arose or your skin crawled so disturbingly? You may find explanation and solace in trypophobia, a proposed phobia involving intense discomfort towards clustered patterns or holes that send shudders down the spines of around 10% of many populations.

What is the trypophobia test for fear of holes?

While no single test verifies its affliction definitively, researchers deploy tools to gain understanding. One approach utilises the Implicit Trypophobia Measure, exposing participants to a series of disturbing and innocuous cluster patterns. Another asks people to rate their level of discomfort when viewing images of trypophobic patterns, named the Trypophobia Visual Stimuli Questionnaire.

Is trypophobia true?

The scientific validity of trypophobia as a distinct phobia or condition is still debated. Despite not being officially recognised as a phobia, trypophobia is a real and common condition that can cause distress to those who suffer from it.