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What is Visual Communication | Ultimate Guide and Trends in 2024

What is Visual Communication | Ultimate Guide and Trends in 2024


Astrid Tran 20 Mar 2024 8 min read

“Every image, every action, and every visual detail creates a ‘brand impression’ in the mind of the consumer.” – Sergio Zyman

We are in the most influential era of digital consumers. The power of visual elements in attracting users, especially visual communication is more necessary than ever. There is no better way to convey information than by awakening the viewer’s vision.

In this article, you’ll learn the general concept of visual communication, examples, and how to use it to enhance your profession or brand image as well as the current trends.

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What is Visual Communication?

What is visual communication? Visual communication is a creative process that combines illustration and technology to express ideas and information visually thus making them interactive and easy to understand.

It uses a variety of elements such as images, a quote, a campaign, films, or animation, and is widely applied in many different fields in design, illustration, photography, art, and advertising.

Visual communication consists of two things:

  • Communication design — about conveying messages directly, such as advertising, branding, web design, user interface design, information design, and social media design.  Communication design focuses on the strategy, content, and context of their messages, and how they can affect the actions, attitudes, and perceptions of their target audience. 
  • Graphic design — focuses on creating visual elements, such as logos, icons, illustrations, typography, and layout, making them clear and attractive to users. Graphic design focuses on the aesthetics, style, and form of their messages.

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Types of Visual Communication and Examples

Typically, effective visual designs often rely on four main types of visual communication: typography, graphics, layout, and motion. Each of these types serves a critical role in conveying information and making a design visually appealing.

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Online Games to Interactive Visual Communication
  • Typography implicates the use of fonts and typefaces to communicate a message. For example, Apple’s typography is known for its clean, minimalist, and modern design, which is a key part of its branding.
  • Graphics is the incorporation of images, illustrations, and icons to convey information. For example, Visual communication has always been a part of game design, especially Graphics elements. SCE Japan’s Puppeteer is famous for its charming and unique visual arts.
  • Layouts focus on arranging visual elements on a page or screen. For instance, websites often put much effort into layouts, because the layout is what determines how the user interacts with the website, related to both the UI and UX fields.
  • Motion employs animation and video to engage the viewer and convey a message. A presentation with interactive features is a good example of motion. This is why interactive presentation platforms like AhaSlides come to help improve audience engagement.
examples of visual communication | whats visual communication
What is visual communication and examples | Image: Marketing91

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Why is Visual Communication Effective?

Visual communication is crucial because it enables nonverbal communication between individuals. Additionally, it can be easy to provide a strong first impression, convey feelings, and retain reactions.

Visuals can be a useful tool for keeping things organized as well as for developing rapport and trust. There are 5 reasons that explain why visual communication is prenominal important.

#1. Information can be presented clearly and quickly

“In fact, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.”
— T-science

Some information, such as statistics, actually will be easy to absorb when converted to a visual language. For instance, the weather forecast, in a limited time, uses infographics, and video motion. 

The viewers would not only comprehend the content much more quickly and clearly, but it would also make it much simpler for the presenter to make their point. Using visual aids will enable you to dynamically illustrate a complex idea.

#2. Visual communication is flexible

People understand content difficulty because of language trouble. However, illustration and graphic design can be across different cultures and language barriers. This is the reason why the business strategy always uses visual aids to promote global advertising. For example, Coca-Cola uses video non-verbal language which can overcome the limitation of print ads and OOH.

#3. Conveyed messages grab more attention and engagement

Studies show that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see.

what is visual communication?
What is visual communication?

Data visualization, such as video content, combines visuals, sound, and storytelling, which boosts engagement and emotion. The use of video and metaphor in internal communications can capture the attention of your audience in ways that simple text cannot.

#4. The audiences are impacted and recalled

"Human eyes are capable of registering 36,000 visual signals every hour.
In less than a tenth of a second, we can gain a sense of a visual scene."
— Team Naarg, Medium

It is said that about 90% of the details are transmitted to the brain from visual information. There is no doubt that visuals increase emotion and engagement in an efficient and interesting way, strengthen the point of content, and help your audience remember certain things that are impactful. Thus, Visual elements are a useful way to significantly contribute to brand recognition and recall.

#5. Content is personalized to enhance user experiments

Visual communication from social platforms like TikTok and Facebook is often used to personalize communication, which aims to make page content or a customer interaction more useful for a customer or prospect.

It’s clear that this service is designed to provide consumers with exactly what they need, precisely when they need it. By tailoring its offerings to each individual’s interests, preferences, and needs, it ensures that people are always getting the most out of their experience.

In fact, according to a 2021 BCG report, companies that deliver more personalized customer campaigns can increase sales by 6% to 10%.

Guide to Effective Visual Communication: 7 Tips

What is effective visual communication guide with tips you need to take note of? If you are a beginner, or not too familiar with professional visual communication strategy, check out the following tips as soon as possible.

What is visual communication and what tips for effective visuals

Tips #1. Ensure the Image Conveys Properly Message

An excellent image not only provides the precise message that the business desires, but also evokes human feeling. Taking the time to select a picture is the key to improving the appeal of your design. It is not just about still images, GIFs, and video is the way to attract people.

Tips #2. Concentrate On Fonts And Colors

Font and color principles that are agile and imaginative will always deliver an extraordinary benefit to your promotion.  The rule here is to carefully select the font and colors that represent your company’s and strategy’s voice. In fact, many well-known brands design their own font.

Tips #3. Ensure the Principle of the Familiarity

A good design strategy may limit the amount of information that customers are exposed to. As a result, the familiarity guide must be used to recall consumers. The more people who are familiar with a product, the more likely they are to choose that product again.

Tips #4. Utilize Visual Hierarchy in Design

The greatest technique to keep your client’s attention is to use logical hierarchy in your graphic elements and strategy. Designers influence users’ perceptions and direct them to desired behaviors by structuring visual elements such as menu symbols, fonts, and colors.

advantages of visual communication
What is visual communication benefit? New Apple Stores’ Design with Impressive Graphis and Signs on the Wall make huge impacts

Tips #5. Employ Different Media Platforms

There are numerous ways to connect with customers, and in the digital age, leveraging the potential of various social platforms can yield significant gains in terms of both profits and influence.

Tips #6. Develop a Responsive Design

As always, it is crucial that the platform be built using so-called “responsive design” in order to accommodate the needs of the students. This word refers to the potential for using the course on all electronic devices—from computers to smartphones—without having the usefulness of the website be affected.

Tips #7. Upgrade Interaction Design

If in addition to interactivity, you use visual elements to convey information, you can maximize the effectiveness of your communications. For example, creating messages that invite your audience to explore and discover the rest of the story. Due to the reaction and answer of customers’ data, we can enhance and improve the user experience of the product.

For the Future: Visual Communication Trends 2024

What is visual communication and its future in your opinion? Have you updated the latest trend in visual communication? Here are the 5 latest trends that went viral in recent years.

#1. Human connection

Human connection is vital in retaining the relationship between the brand and the customer. Especially in eCommerce, the competition among the businesses is to ensure the loyalty-customers. For example, contributing to an online community, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit allows the target customer to interact with the brand and business as well as their feedback. Furthermore, interactive billboards have been trending for many years. 

What is visual communication – ‘’ Have a seat ‘’ by Kitkat and Google

#2. Automation and AI

We are approaching visual content differently as a result of AI technologies. Based on AI and Automation techniques,  Marketers and companies take advantage of dominance to rapidly and efficiently analyze massive quantities of data as well as find insightful information, and enhance decision-making.

#3. Revolution tool: 3D and CGI

The fashion world is going wild over Jacquemus’ latest marketing move, which involved giant car-shaped bags being flown through the streets of Paris. Additionally, there has been talk of CGI Maybelline Mascara advertisements. The first video shows a pink train resembling the mascara’s packaging gliding down a New York City street. The second video shows a train in London “wearing” fake eyelashes—and a giant mascara brush extending out from a billboard coats the lashes as the train pulls into the tube station.

examples of visual communication
What is visual communication and the latest trend – Jacquemus’ latest marketing move

#4. Visual storytelling 

When it comes to Exploiting distinctive emotional experiences, brands are not far behind filmmakers. Graphics have the capacity to convey complex ideas, arouse emotions, and leave long-lasting impressions due to their distinctive combination of visual elements and storytelling approaches.

#5. Personalized Experiences

Personalized video (PV) is one method for achieving the ultimate personalized experience. In order to send relevant data to the appropriate person through an engaging video communication channel in real-time, PV harnesses the power of broadcast and combines it with personalization.

There is nothing that can guarantee current visual communication trends last for how, but above it, they are the most prominent evidence of how visual communication influences the crowd and improves brand awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of visual communication?

Visual communication transfers data information to a person in a format that can be read or viewed more efficiently. Such types include physical objects and models, charts, cards, tables, photos, videos, illustrations, …

What is an example of visual communication?

Images, movies, infographics, and even virtual experiences are examples of visual elements that can be used in a variety of enterprises. 

What is the purpose of visual communication?

Visuals can help with message comprehension in ways that text alone cannot. They can assist in bridging the gap between the message’s meaning and language, particularly when the audience has various demands and backgrounds.

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