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The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Survey Result Presentation in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Survey Result Presentation in 2023


Astrid Tran 14 Feb 2023 5 min read

Looking for a new way to create an effective survey result presentation?

When it comes to surveying result presentation, people are thinking of combining all survey results into a ppt and presenting it to their boss. However, reporting your survey results to your boss can be a challenging task, it starts with your survey design, understanding the survey’s goals to achieve, what you have to cover up, what are important findings, or filtering irrelevant and trivia feedback, and put them into a presentation in a limited time for presenting.

All the process is pretty time and effort-consuming, but there is a way of dealing with the problem, by understanding the essence of a survey and a survey result presentation, you absolutely can deliver an impressive presentation to your upper managerial level.

In this article, you’ll learn

survey result presentation
How to create an effective survey result presentation – Source: freepik

What is a survey result presentation

Literally, a survey result presentation is using a visual way to describe survey results to get more deep insight into a topic, it can be PPT report of findings and discussion of the employee satisfaction survey, customer satisfaction survey, training and course evaluation survey, market research, and more. There is no limitation to survey topics and questions. Each survey will have a goal to achieve, and the survey result presentation is the final step of evaluating whether these goals are achieved, and what organization can learn and make improvements from these results.

Benefits of Having a Survey Result Presentation

Though your boss and your partners can easily download or print survey reports in PDF, it is a needed to have a presentation as not many of them have enough time to read through hundred of pages of reports. It is beneficial to have a survey result presentation as it can help people quickly get useful information about survey findings, collaborative time for teams to discuss and solve the problem happening during survey conducting or bring better decision-making and actions.

Moreover, the design of the presentation with graphics, bullet points, and images can capture an audience’s attention and follows the logic of a presentation. It is more flexible to be updated and edited even during the presentation when you want to note your executives’ ideas and opinions.

How do You Set up a Survey Result Presentation?

In this part, you will be given some best tips to completing a survey result presentation that everyone has to recognize and appreciate your work. But before that make sure you know the difference between academic survey research and business survey research, so you will know what is vital to say, what your audience wants to know, and more.

  • Focus on numbers

Put numbers in perspective, for example, whether “15 per cent” is a lot or a little in your context by using proper comparison. And, round up your number if possible. As it’s probably not compulsory for your audience to know whether your growth is 20.17% or 20% in terms of presentation and rounded numbers are much easier to memorize.

  • Using visual elements

The number can be annoying if people cannot understand the story behind them. Charts, graphs, and illustrations,… are the most important part of displaying data effectively in the presentation, especially for reporting survey results. When constructing a chart or graph, make the findings as easy to read as possible. Limit the number of line segments and text alternatives.

Survey result presentation with AhaSlides interactive survey
  • Analysis of qualitative data

An ideal survey will collect both quantitative and qualitative data. In-depth details of findings are significant for the audience to get insight into the root of the problem. But, how to convert and interpret qualitative data efficiently without losing its first meaning, at the same time, avoid boring.

When you want to focus on spotlighting open-ended responses with texts, you can consider leveraging text analysis to enable you to do this. When you put keywords into a Word Cloud, your audience can quickly grab are important points, which can facilitate generating innovative ideas.

team player skills
Present qualitative data in a clever way with AhaSlides Word Cloud
  • Use an interactive survey tool

How long does it take you to create a survey, collect, analyze, and report data in a traditional way? Why don’t use an interactive survey to lessen your workload and enhance productivity? With AhaSlides, you can customize polls, and different types of questions such as scales, multiple choices, Q&A,… with real-time result data updates. You also can access their result analytics with a lively bar, chart, line…

Survey result presentation

Listicles of Survey Questions

  • Which kind of food do you want to have in the company’s canteen?
  • Do your supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about you when you meet difficulty?
  • What is the best part of your work?
  • What are your favourite company trips?
  • Are the managers approachable and fair in treatment?
  • What part of the company do you think it should be improved?
  • Do you like participating in-company training?
  • Do you enjoy team-building activities?
  • What is your goal in your career in the next 5 years?
  • Do you want to commit to the company in the next 5 years?
  • Do you know anyone is a victim of harassment in our company?
  • Do you believe that there is an equal opportunity for personal career growth and development within the company?
  • Is your team a source of motivation for you to do your best at the job?
  • Which retirement compensation plan do you prefer?

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The Bottom Line

It is a huge mistake to let the data speak for itself as presenting survey results to executives requires more than that. Using the above tips and working with a partner like AhaSlides can help you save time, human resources and budget of creating data visualization and summarising key points.

Get ready to present your results. Sign up AhaSlides right away to explore a noble way to perform the best survey result presentation.

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