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Admit it! You hate being in a cross functional team
Where people having their own roles, they are more likely to stand up and debate, rather than quietly sitting and ‘listening’ to you!
Cross Functional Team is normally small, fast-moving and intelligent, as member takes own responsibility and is highly commited to the task!
So, what are the tips to work with these talents?

What Does ‘Cross Functional Team Collaboration’ Mean?

‘Cross Functional Collaboration’ encourages diverse perspectives, expertise, and skills to be brought to the table, resulting in more innovative and effective solutions. It also promotes better communication and understanding between departments, breaking down silos, and cultivating cohesive work culture. 
Now that we’ve defined cross-functional collaboration, let’s discuss why this type of team is more high performing, efficient, and successful in achieving their goals compared to traditional departmental groups.

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Why Cross-Functional Teams are Important?

Enhance Diversity

Working with people with different skills, knowledge, and background – Crucial aspect of driving organizational success.

Problem-Solving by Different Perspective

Cross functional teams bring in diverse perspectives and expertise, allowing them to tackle complex issues from multiple angles, with effective decision-making process

Sense of Belongings

Fosters a sense of collaboration and mutual respect among employees with a positive work environment by sharing knowledge when interacting with others from various departments.

Learning and Development

Continuous learning not only enhances individual growth but also makes a difference to the success of the team and the company – This is the message L&D managers’d like to state everyday. However, learning is a long journey, requires long-term commitment between the host and also the learners. Therefore, interactive sections are the perfect tools for this corporation activities to boost engagement between teams to enhance better learning!

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Check out: Stage of team development and team based learning

Cross Functional Team
Cross Functional Team

Sale and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams often work together to develop and implement strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention. By combining their expertise in sales techniques and market research, they can effectively target and reach potential customers.

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Product Development

By involving individuals from different departments, such as engineering, design, and marketing, the team can ensure that the product meets both customer needs and market demands. A cross-functional collaboration also facilitates faster innovation and problem-solving throughout the development process.

Build an Effective Cross Functional Team

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  1. 1
    Define the goals and objectives of the project

    Suppose that you’re working in a tech company, and you’re developing new product ideas, such as a smartphone. The company leaders may define the goal as creating a device that is user-friendly, technologically advanced, and meets the demands of the target market. During your brainstorming period, use AhaSlides’ interactive features to gather input from the team. Check out: cross-functional team leadership

  2. 2
    Select team members from different departments

    Bringing together new people from other departments may be somewhat awkward at first with the unfamiliarity and different working styles. But with AhaSlides, you can break the ice! 
    Create fun ice-breaker quizzes by using AhaSlides’ ready-to-use templates for reports, Q&As, or getting-to-know-you games. You can embed the quizzes and polls right into the presentation and even add some images, audio, and gifs!

  3. 3
    Maintain an open channel of communication

    Encourage all members to share their ideas, concerns, and progress updates. Hold regular team meetings and set up a communication platform, such as a project management software or a shared document, which allows the team to collaborate and stay updated on tasks and deadlines. There are many means of communication, but you might need AhaSlides to keep it more engaging. Use the online live polls, Q&A features, and Word Cloud to make everyone feel heard and supported.

  4. 4
    Cultivate a supportive team culture

    In addition to the open communication between team members, develop camaraderie and teamwork by celebrating achievements and providing constructive feedback. Equipped with the necessary resources and support, the team will be able to perform at their best, feel valued, and motivated to contribute to the success of the project.

Skills to Acquire in aCross Functional Team


Allows cross functional team members to embrace new work challenges and cooperate with colleagues with different backgrounds and capabilities. 


A clear two-way communication, where members actively listen and convey their ideas, is fundamental in cross-functional meetings


Involves actively participating, sharing thoughts, and working together to achieve the desired outcome. Check out: top collaboration tools or Google collaboration tool

Conflict Resolution

When conflict of ideas arises within a team, it is an indication that everyone is invested and committed to the project


revent the dreaded bottlenecks or project delays by holding each member accountable for their responsibilities.

Willingness to Learn

Open to learn new skills and techniques – may it be from learning through one another, attending training session or seeking external resources

Reference: Team Management Skills

Word Cloud

Hold an Interactive Word Cloud with your Audience.

Make your word cloud interactive with real-time responses from your audience! All they need is a phone to make any hangout, meeting or lesson more engaging!

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ManageCross Functional Team Effectively

AhaSlides is a digital presentation tool, can be used in-person, virtual, and hybrid settings. It is one of the trusted tools by educators and business professionals

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Versatility of AhaSlides

AhaSlides can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, MS Powerpoint, Google Slides, YouTube, and Hopin! If you’re working with a team that is spread across different locations and needs to work virtually, you can use AhaSlides in Microsoft Teams and Google Slides for sharing and editing presentations with your team
Best Features from AhaSlides can be used to create interactive online polls and Q&As, to get everyone involved and be engaged in the discussion. You can embed the quizzes and polls right into the presentation and add images, audio, and GIFs.
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Enhancing Engagement and Participation

Group meetings, class discussions, and team brainstorming sessions are never as productive when only a few individuals dominate the conversation. This is particularly a concern of a cross functional team who may initially feel reserved due to unfamiliarity.
With AhaSlides, every participant is encouraged to speak up and contribute their ideas, opinions, and questions. The interactive nature of the platform allows for equal participation, and it also features live polls and audience engagement tools. The real-time results of the polls and quizzes can be instantly shared with everyone, sparking meaningful discussions, boosting inclusivity, and enhancing team dynamics.

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Streamlining Communication and Collaboration

AhaSlides Enterprise Feature is a centralized platform for organizations to optimize communication and collaboration. It allows all team members to easily access and share documents, files, and updates in one place, eliminating the need for multiple communication channels.
It doesn’t only save time, but also guarantees that everyone is on the same track and can be productive together. Plus, Enterprise locks all data with advanced security measures, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cross functional team?

Instead of self managed team, A cross-functional team consists of people with a specific area of expertise who are working together to accomplish a common objective. Usually, a cross-functional team is established in an organizational environment, where the group is appointed to a time-limited project.

What does it mean to work cross functionally?

With different types of team, working cross functionally means connecting with individuals who each have different areas of expertise to complete a specific project. It involves breaking down silos and leveraging the diverse perspectives and skills of team members to find innovative solutions and achieve greater success.

What is the difference between cross-functional and multi-functional teams?

Cross-functional teams and multi-functional teams are similar in that they both involve individuals with different skill sets to work together. However, the main difference lies in their focus and purpose. Cross-functional teams are formed to complete a specific project or task, bringing together individuals from different departments within an organization or company. On the other hand, multi-functional teams are more permanent in nature and typically consist of individuals from various functions who collectively work on an ongoing basis to achieve broader business goals.

What are the characteristics of a cross functional team?

Cross-functional teams often have a clear project scope and defined goals. They can tap on the team members’ varied fields of expertise to address problems that call for a multidisciplinary approach. Although they differ in abilities, they are equipped with teamwork skills that enable them to collaborate and harness each other’s strengths.

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Key Takeaways

With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, AhaSlides empowers individuals to actively participate in discussions, share their ideas, and communicate effectively with others, such as in a cross-functional collaboration.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cultivate a successful cross-functional working environment – try AhaSlides today!