Name Wheel Spinner

The Name Wheel Spinner lets you pick a random name for anything you want. Raffles, contests or even the baby’s name! Insert your teammates’ or students’ names for games and prizes!

How to Use the Name Wheel Spinner

Can’t wait for everyone to call you Broccoli Highkicks? Better learn how to work this wheel first!

  1. Smash that ‘play’ button.
  2. Wait patiently while the wheel chooses you a name for life.
  3. Your new name will pop up and everyone can start referring to you as Ronnie Omelettes.

Favourite name not there? Don’t worry, John Caramel, you can add it yourself!

  • To add an entry – See that box that says ‘add a new entry’? Yeah, use that.
  • To delete an entry – Maybe you’ve gone off the name Harry Harryman, just hover over the name in the list and pop it in the bin using the little icon.

Here’s a few more options for your new moniker…

  1. New – Get rid of Barbara Lighthouse, Billy the Pigeon and Gentle Kenneth – press this button to start the wheel again from scratch. Although, if you’re doing that, you might as well just head to AhaSlides spinner wheel.
  2. Save – Save your name wheel to your new AhaSlides account. You can create one for free and use your wheel interactively with others.
  3. Share – Share your name wheel with anyone. This will simply produce a link to the main wheel, where you’ll have to enter your entries again (our head developer, Neil Overall, and his dad, Jerry Dungarees, are working to fix this!)

Spin for your Audience.

On AhaSlides, players can join your spin, enter their own entries into the wheel and watch the magic unfold live! Perfect for a quiz, lesson, meeting or workshop.

Take it for a (free) spin!

Why Use the Name Wheel Spinner?

Getting stuck choosing a cool name for your pet? Needing some help with the baby’s name? Let the name wheel generator from AhaSlides do the job for you. It’s 30 randomised names for any time you need them!

When to Use the Name Wheel Spinner

The name wheel app pops up when you need to come up with a name for literally anything, and the possibilities don’t end there. Check out some of the use cases for this wheel below…

  • Online alias Want to leave snidey comments on a forum? Get your new name and make sure no one knows where you live!
  • Witness protection – Snitched on a mafia boss? Time to get a new identity! Spin the wheel and book your flight to Alaska!
  • Dummy penalty – Put in as many silly names on the wheel as possible. Organise some fun games to play with friends. The loser will have to be called by a dumb name taken from the wheel for the rest of the day.

Wanna Make it Interactive?

Let your participants add their own entries to the wheel for free! Find out how…

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