Best Random Coin Flip Wheel in 2023

Are you not a decision-maker? You are always stuck with questions like: “Should I eat out tonight or at home? Buy or not buy this …? Should I wear brown or white?” etc. Don’t be hard on yourself. Let fate decide with this Random Coin Flip spinner wheel!


How Random is the Coin Flip?0.51
Who invented the coin flip?7th century BC
What happens if you flip a coin 100 times instantly?It wouldn’t end up with 50-50 chances
Overview of Random Coin Flip

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How To Use the Random Coin Flip Wheel

One click and you will know what you should do next. This is how to use the Random coin flip wheel:

Random Coin Flip
Random Coin Flip
  1. Click on the ‘play’ button in the center of the wheel.
  2. Wait for the wheel to spin and stop at the Heads or Tails.
  3. The final answer will appear on the screen with the paper fireworks.

Want to add some more options? You can easily add your own entries.

You want to create a new wheel, save it and share it with friends.

  • New – Click on new to recreate a completely new wheel. Remember to fill in your entries.    
  • Save – Save your new wheel to your AhaSlides account.
  • Share – When you click “share”, this will generate a URL where you can share your wheel with others. (But this URL points to the main spinning wheel page, where you’ll have to re-enter your own entries).’

 Why Use The Random Coin Flip Wheel

You can use our free Random coin flip template to play with your friends for an extra thrill! 

What is Random Coin Flip? – Coin Toss Generator Source: National Library of Medicine

When To Use the Random Coin Flip Wheel

In addition to helping you make decisions, the Random Coin Flip Wheel has many other effects that will surprise you. Here are some of the use cases for this wheel:

In School

Instead of using regular coins, you can use the Random Spider-Man Coin Flip to get your students excited!

In Life

In Game Night

Let a memorable game night begin with Random Rwanda Coin Flip!

How Random is AhaSlides Random Coin Flip Wheel?

As mentioned above, with our random coin flip wheel, you can be sure that one of the two outcomes with 50/50 probability is two possible outcomes: heads or tails. The previous coin flip has no effect on the next, so each flip has the same chance of heads or tails no matter how many times you spin the wheel.

More Interactive Ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

AhaSlides online coin flipper is to help people decide based on random natural flips; the chance of the coin landing as it started is about 0.51.
In any occasion possible, as it helps us test our gut feel or our intuition.
Flip the coin twice. If it comes up both times in heads or tails, then flip it twice again!
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