Choose 1 Or 2 Wheel | Best Wheel Decision Maker in 2024

There will be times when you are confused when faced with two options, don’t know should I pick one or two, also known as the ‘wheel of options’, for examples:

  • Should I move to a new city or settle down in my hometown?
  • Should I go to this party or not?
  • Should I change jobs or continue to work at my company?

This decision is not only confusing for us, but sometimes it is tough because the chances of the two options are equal after deliberation, and you do not know what will await you in the future.

So why not try to relax and let fate decide by 1 Or 2 Wheels, best to be used in 2024?

What is another name of 1 or 2 Wheel?Two Option Spinner
Is AhaSlides interactive spinning wheel?Yes
Overview of 1 or 2 Wheel

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Beside this option spinner (best to choose between two things wheel), check out other wheels! For those of you who have difficulty making a decision, don’t forget that in addition to this 1 Or 2 Wheel, we also have individual wheels to suit your specific requirements, such as:

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How To Use Random 1 Or 2 Wheel

Here are the steps that make up a fateful 1 Or 2 Wheel – a choice maker wheel (or somethings that you can blame if the wheel of choices don’t go your way)!

  • Start by pressing the ‘play’ button in the center of the wheel.
  • Then let the wheel spin and watch it stop at “1” or “2”
  • The selected number will appear on the screen along with the confetti!

Hmm, do you ever want both options? As an answer to the question of whether to eat or buy a new shirt or new shoes? What if the wheel allowed you to buy both? Add this entry yourself as follows:

  • To add an entry – Do you see the box to the left of the wheel? Type in the entry you want there. For this wheel, you may want to try more options like “Both” or “One more spin”.
  • To delete an entry – You have changed your mind again and do not want the above entries anymore. Simply go to the ‘entries’ list, hover over the entry you don’t like, and click the trash icon to bin it.

And if you want to share this 1 Or 2 Wheel with friends who are also stuck between the two options like you or want to make a new wheel, you can: Create a new wheel, save it or share it.

  • New – Click on ‘new’ to create a new wheel, all old entries will be deleted. You can add as many new options as you want.
  • Save – Click this to save this wheel with your AhaSlides account.
  • Share – Select ‘share’ and it will generate a URL link to share, which will point to the main spinning wheel page.

Note! Please keep in mind that the wheel you have created on this page will not be accessible via the URL.

Learn more about  How to Make a Spinning Wheel with AhaSlides!

Why Use the 1 Or 2 Wheel?

You must have heard of the paradox of choice and know that the more options we have, the harder it is to make decisions, and this makes our lives more stressful and tiring than ever.

1 or 2 Wheel
Spinning Wheel Choice – 1 or 2 Wheel.

Not only do big choices pressure us, but we are also bombarded with small decisions in our daily lives. You must have also once stood in the middle of long shelves with hundreds of types of sweets and drinks, or with Netflix and hundreds of movies to watch. And you don’t know what to do?

So, to help you not be overwhelmed with choices, AhaSlides decide to create 1 or 2 Wheel template to help you limit your choices, and make decisions quickly, and easily, using only 1 computer, iPad, or smartphone.

When Use The 1 Or 2 Wheel?

Along with the main task of helping you make choices, the 1 or 2 wheels can also help you in the following cases:

In School

  • Support decision making – Let’s see which topic should be discuss today between the two topics they are wondering about or which park to visit.
  • Support arranging debate – Let the wheel decide which topic students will debate for the day or which team will debate first.
  • Support awarding – There are two excellent students but only 1 gift left today. So who will receive the gift in the next lesson? Let the wheel decide for you.
  • Which tool should be used today? Should we go for live word cloud or online quiz, to encourage engagement?

In Workplace

AhaSlides is known as the top Mentimeter alternatives, by its affordability and ease to use! So, what could AhaSlides for your next meetings?

  • Support decision making – Which product promotion option should I choose when both options are so excellent? Let the selection wheel help you.
  • Which team will present next? – Instead of arguing over who or which team should present at the next meeting, why not grow up and accept the wheel’s choice? Remember to add a live Q&A quiz type, to gather opinions from audience in real-time when presenting!
  • What’s for lunch? – One of the hardest questions for office workers? Eat Thai food or eat Indian food or eat both? Choose your number to go and spin.

In Daily Life

Not much to say about the usefulness of 1 or 2 Wheel for everyday life anymore, right? If you have 2 options and are forced to choose only one like “Wearing a black or brown coat?”, “Wearing high or low-heeled shoes?”, “Buy a book by author A or B”, etc. Surely the wheel will make better and faster decisions than you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are people confused in making decisions in life?

People can experience confusion when making decisions in life, including complexity, lack of information, conflicting priorities, fear of making the wrong choice, emotional influences, lack of self-confidence and maybe because of external pressure and expectation!

How to make a best decision?

To make a best decision, you should follow the following steps, including: Define the decision, gather information, identify alternatives, evaluate pros and cons, prioritize values, consider potential outcomes, trust your intuition, seek feedback, take your time to think, make final decision and then, don’t be afraid to take action and evaluate!