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How to make a live quiz with AhaSlides

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Adding gamification can reduce training time by 50% all while making learners happier and more productive?

What Our Employee Engagement Platform Offers

Host a live quiz online with AhaSlides


Training with Games for Better Engagement

Elevate your training with team engagement and competition. AhaSlides’ built-in gamification features help L&D instructors engage learners with features like quizzes, leaderboards, and interactive slides.


All-in-one Platform for Streamlined Process

Test knowledge, get feedback, or brainstorm in groups – you only need AhaSlides to meet all expectations.
We seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Slides, and PowerPoint, simplifying tasks like never before.

Host a live quiz offline with AhaSlides
Host a live quiz offline with AhaSlides


Preparation will be a breeze with our new Generative AI feature!

Need help to prepare your content? We are introducing a new Generative AI feature this November! Your job as a trainer will be easier than ever.


Unleash the training joy beyond imagination!

Say goodbye to stressful and monotonous training – AhaSlides makes it a joyful and enjoyable experience. Teamwork, peer engagement, and interpersonal bonding will be skyrocketing!
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AhaSlides’ 4 Pillars of Learning

AttentionActive EngagementFeedbackConsolidation
Keep learners focused 100% with interactive slides, gamification elements and timers. Pose thoughtful questions using polls, quizzes and challenges throughout presentations.Improve collaborative brainstorming and idea-sharing in real-time. Learners discuss, comment and build upon each other’s work.Provide insight into learner understanding and progress through analytics on participation, responses and completion. Recognise top performers to motivate peers.The brain needs repetition to consolidate knowledge. Trainers can easily create memorisation exercises on AhaSlides to put knowledge into practice.

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Over 6 types of unique quizzes from ‘Pick answer’ to ‘Match pairs’ with leaderboards and points to trigger competition.


Get learners wired into two-way convos with a round of ice-breakers, brainstorming, poll, or Q&A – all available on AhaSlides.


AhaSlides makes it easy to import existing PPT/PDF slides into AhaSlides, embed images/videos, and make lessons interactive in less than the time of making a coffee☕️


Give your learners an asynchronous quiz/survey to complete in their own time – great for managing multi-location teams.


Got problems? Enjoy personalised 1-on-1 help with us. We’re dedicated to making your experience as smooth as possible.


We are compliant so you can stay safe and worry-free. We provide SSO and are fully certified and regularly audited.

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