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Types of Quiz | Top 14+ Choices You Need To Know in 2024


Anh Vu 31 May, 2024 10 min read

Feel that your quiz rounds are getting a bit tiring? Or they're not challenging enough for your players? It's time to take a look at some new types of quiz questions to reignite the fire in your quizzing soul.

We’ve put together a ton of options with different formats for you to try. Check them out!

Table of Contents


Best types of quizzes to survey?Any types of quiz
Best types of quizzes to gather public opinions?Open-answered questions
Best types of quizzes to enhance learnings?Match Pairs, Correct Order
Best types of quizzes to test knowledge?Fill in the Blank
Overview of Types of Quizzes

#1 - Open Ended

First up, let's get the most common option out of the way. Open-ended questions are just your standard quiz questions that allow your participants to answer pretty much anything they’d like – although correct (or funny) answers are usually preferred.

These questions are great for general pub quizzes or if you’re testing specific knowledge, but there are plenty of other options in this list that will keep your quiz players challenged and engaged.

An open-ended quiz slide on AhaSlides.
Unscramble funnier - Types of Quiz - Engage your participants with AhaSlides' open-ended quiz.

#2 - Multiple Choice

A multiple-choice quiz does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives your participants a number of choices and they pick the correct answer from the options. 

It’s always a good idea to add a red herring or two if you want to host an entire quiz this way to try and throw your players off. Otherwise, the format can get old quite quickly.


Question: Which one of these cities has the highest population?

Types of Quiz - Multiple-choice options: 

  1. Delhi
  2. Tokyo 
  3. New York
  4. Sao Paulo

The correct answer would be B, Tokyo.

Multiple choice questions work well if you want to run through a quiz quite quickly. For use in lessons or presentations, this might be a really good solution because it doesn’t require too much input from the participants and answers can be revealed quickly, keeping people engaged and focused.

#3 - Picture Questions

There are a whole host of options for interesting types of quiz questions using pictures. Pictures rounds have been around for a long time, but are often an overdone 'name the celebrity' or 'what flag is this?' round

Believe us, there's so much potential in an image quiz round. Try a few of the ideas below to make yours more exciting 👇

Types of Quiz - Quick Picture Round Ideas:

#4 - Match the Pairs

Challenge your teams by providing them with a list of prompts, a list of answers and asking them to pair them up.

A match the pairs game is great for getting through a lot of simple information at once. It's best suited for the classroom, where students can pair vocabulary in language lessons, terminology in science lessons and maths formulas to their answers.


Question: Pair these football teams up with their local rivals.

Arsenal, Roma, Birmingham City, Rangers, Lazio, Inter, Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa, AC Milan, Liverpool, Celtic.


Aston Villa - Birmingham City.

Liverpool - Everton.

Celtic - Rangers.

Lazio - Roma.

Inter - AC Milan.

Arsenal - Tottenham.

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People playing the general knowledge quiz on AhaSlides
Types of Quiz

#5 - Fill In The Blank

This one will be one of the more familiar types of quiz questions for experienced quiz masters, and it can also be one of the funnier options.

Give your players a question with one (or more) words missing and ask them to fill in the gaps. It's best to use this one for something like finishing the lyrics or the movie quote.

If you're doing this, make sure to put the number of letters of the missing word in brackets after the blank space.


Fill in the blank from this famous quote, “The opposite of love is not hate; it’s __________.” (12)

Answer: Indifference.

#6 - Find It!

Think Where’s Wally, but for any type of question you’d like! With this type of quiz you could ask your crew to spot a country on a map, a famous face in a crowd, or even a football player in a squad lineup photo.

There are so many possibilities with this type of question and it can make for a really unique and exciting type of quiz question.


On this map of Europe, mark the country Andorra.

Types of Quiz - Questions like these are perfect for live quizzing software.

#7 - Audio Questions

Audio questions are a great way to jazz up a quiz with a music round (pretty obvious, right? 😅). The standard way to do this is to play a small sample of a song and ask your players to name the artist or song.

Still, there's a lot more you could be doing with a sound quiz. Why not give some of these a try?

  • Audio impressions - Gather some audio impressions (or make some yourself!) and ask who's being impersonated. Bonus points for getting the impersonator as well!
  • Language lessons - Ask a question, play a sample in the target language and let your players choose the right answer.
  • What's that sound? - Like what's that song? but with sounds to identify instead of tunes. There's so much room for customisation in this one!
Image of an audio question on AhaSlides.
Types of Quiz - An audio question mixed with a multiple choice question.

#8 - Odd One Out

This is another self-explanatory type of quiz question. Give your quizzers a selection and they simply have to choose which is the odd one out. To make this difficult, try and find answers that really make the teams wonder if they’ve cracked the code, or fallen for an obvious trick.


Question: Which of these superheroes is the odd one out? 

Superman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, The Flash

Answer: The Hulk, he’s the only one from the Marvel Universe, the others are DC.

#9 - Puzzle Words

Puzzle Words can be a fun type of quiz question as it asks your players to really think outside of the box. There are a bunch of rounds you can have with words, including...

  • Word Scramble - You might know this as Anagrams or Letter Sorter, but the principle is always the same. Give your players a jumbled up word or phrase and get them to unscramble the letters as quickly as possible.
  • Wordle - The super popular word game that basically game out of nowhere. You can check it out over on the New York Times or create your own for your quiz!
  • Catchphrase - A solid choice for a pub quiz. Present an image with text presented in a certain way and get players to figure out what idiom it's representing.
Types of Quiz - An example of Catchphrase.

These kinds of quizzes are good as a bit of a brain teaser, as well as a damn good ice breaker for teams. The perfect way to start off a quiz at school or work.

#10 - Correct Order

Another tried and tested type of quiz question is asking your participants to reorder a sequence to make it correct.

You give players events and ask them simply, in which order did these events occur?


Question: In which order did these events occur?

  1. Kim Kardashian was born, 
  2. Elvis Presley died, 
  3. The first Woodstock Festival, 
  4. The Berlin Wall fell

Answers: The first Woodstock Festival (1969), Elvis Presley died (1977), Kim Kardashian was born (1980), The Berlin Wall fell (1989).

Naturally, these are great for history rounds, but they also work beautifully in language rounds where you might need to arrange a sentence in another language, or even as a science round where you order the events of a process 👇

Correct order feature on AhaSlides.
Types of Quiz - Using AhaSlides to drag and drop words into the correct order.

#11 - True or False

One of the simplest types of quiz it's possible to have. One statement, two answers: true or false?


Australia is wider than the moon.

Answer: True. The moon is 3400km in diameter, while Australia's diameter from East to West is nearly 600km larger!

Be sure with this one that you're not just serving up a bunch of interesting facts masquerading as true or false questions. If players cotton on to the fact that the correct answer is the most surprising one, it's easy for them to guess.

💡 We've got a bunch more questions for a true or false quiz in this article.

#12 - Closest Wins

A great one where you're seeing who can get into the right ballpark.

Ask a question for which players wouldn't know the exact answer. Everyone submits their response and the one that's the closest to the real number is the one that takes the points.

Everyone can write down their answer onto an open-ended sheet, then you can go through each one and check which is closest to the right answer. Or you could use a sliding scale and get everyone to submit their answer on that, so you can see all of them in one go.


Question: How many bathrooms are there in the White House?

Answer: 35.

#13 - List Connect

For a different type of quiz question, you could look at options surrounding sequences. This is all about trying to find patterns and connecting the dots; needless to say, some are fantastic at this type of quiz and some are absolutely terrible!

You ask what links a bunch of items in a list, or ask your quizzers to tell you the next item in the sequence.


Question: What comes next in this sequence? J,F,M,A,M,J,__

Answer: J (They’re the first letter of the months of the year).


Question: Can you identify what connects the names in this sequence? Vin Diesel, Scarlett Johansson, George Weasley, Reggie Kray

Answer: They all have twins.

TV shows like Only Connect do tricky versions of these quiz questions, and you can easily find examples online to make them extra difficult if you really want to test your teams.

#14 - Likert Scale

Likert scale questions, or ordinal scale examples are typically used for surveys and can be useful for many different scenarios.

A scale is usually a statement and then a series of options that fall on a horizontal line between 1 and 10. It's the job of the player to rate each option between the lowest point (1) and the highest (10).


Image of a scale type of quiz on AhaSlides.
Examples of trivia - Types of Quiz - A sliding scale on AhaSlides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of quiz is best?

It actually depends on what you need and your target after doing the quiz. Please refer to the overview section to get more information on what types of quiz might suit you!

Which types of quiz allows a response of few words?

Fill in the blank might work best, as normally there are criterias depending on the tests.

How to structure a pub quiz?

4-8 rounds of 10 questions each, mixed to different rounds.

What is a common type of quiz question?

Multiple-Choice Questions, known as MCQs, being used lots in class, during meetings and gatherings