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10 Types Of Game Based Learning Games | 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 17 January, 2024 7 min read

Game-based learning is a game-changer in education, and we're here to introduce you to the concept. Whether you're a teacher seeking new tools or a student looking for a fun way to learn, this blog post helps you explore the game based learning games.

Additionally, we'll guide you through types of game based learning games with the top platforms where these games come to life, choosing the right avenue for your educational journey.

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Game-Changing Education Tips

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What Is Game Based Learning?

Game based learning (GBL) is an educational method that uses games to enhance comprehension and memory. Instead of only relying on reading or listening, this approach incorporates educational content into enjoyable games. It transforms the learning process into an exciting adventure, allowing individuals to enjoy themselves while acquiring new skills and knowledge. 

In short, game-based learning brings a sense of playfulness into education, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

Types Of Game Based Learning Games
Types Of Game Based Learning Games

Benefits Of Game Based Learning Games

Game based learning games offer a range of benefits that contribute to a more effective and engaging educational experience. Here are four main advantages:

  • More Fun Learning: Games make learning fun and interesting, keeping learners engaged and motivated. Games' challenges, rewards, and social aspects hook players in, making the learning experience enjoyable.
  • Better Learning Results: Research indicates that GBL can significantly improve learning outcomes compared to traditional methods. Active participation in the learning process through games enhances the retention of information, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Teamwork and Communication Boost: Many Game Based Learning Games involve teamwork and collaboration, providing opportunities for players to improve their communication and interpersonal skills. This happens in a safe and enjoyable environment, fostering positive social interactions.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: GBL platforms can customize the difficulty level and content based on individual learners. This ensures each learner has a personalized and more effective learning experience, addressing their unique needs and preferences.

Types Of Game Based Learning Games

Game-based learning encompasses various types of games designed to facilitate education engagingly. Here are several types of game based learning games:

#1 - Educational Simulations:

Simulations replicate real-world scenarios, allowing learners to interact with and understand complex systems. These games provide a hands-on experience, enhancing practical knowledge in a controlled environment.

#2 - Quiz and Trivia Games:

Games that incorporate quizzes and trivia challenges are effective for reinforcing facts and testing knowledge. They often include immediate feedback, making learning a dynamic and interactive experience.

Quizzes and trivia games reinforce facts and test knowledge effectively

#3 - Adventure and Role-Playing Games (RPGs):

Adventure and RPG games immerse players in a storyline where they take on specific roles or characters. Through these narratives, learners encounter challenges, solve problems, and make decisions that impact the course of the game.

#4 - Puzzle Games:

Puzzle games stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These games often present challenges that require logical reasoning and strategic planning, promoting cognitive development.

#5 - Language Learning Games:

Designed for acquiring new languages, these games integrate vocabulary, grammar, and language skills into interactive challenges. They offer a playful way to enhance language proficiency.

#6 - Math and Logic Games:

Games focusing on mathematics and logic skills engage players in numerical challenges. These games can cover a range of mathematical concepts, from basic arithmetic to advanced problem-solving.

#7 - History and Culture Games:

Learning about history and different cultures becomes exciting through games that incorporate historical events, figures, and cultural aspects. Players explore and discover while gaining knowledge in an interactive setting.

#8 - Science and Nature Exploration Games:

Science-based games provide a platform for exploring scientific concepts, experiments, and natural phenomena. These games often include simulations and experiments to enhance understanding.

Eastshade is a great choice for players who want to explore a beautiful world at their own pace.

#9 - Health and Wellness Games:

Games designed to promote health and wellness educate players about healthy habits, nutrition, and physical fitness. They often include challenges and rewards to encourage positive lifestyle choices.

#10 - Collaborative Multiplayer Games:

Multiplayer games encourage teamwork and collaboration. Players work together to achieve common goals, fostering communication and interpersonal skills.

These are just a few examples of the diverse types of game based learning games available. Each type caters to different learning objectives and preferences.

Top Platform For Game Based Learning Games

Determining the "top platform" for game based learning games is subjective and depends on your specific needs, budget, and target audience. Here are some of the most popular and well-regarded platforms, categorized by their strengths:

FeatureAhaSlidesKahoot!QuizizzProdigy EducationMinecraft Education EditionDuolingoPhET Interactive Simulations
FocusDiverse Question Types, Real-Time EngagementQuiz-based Learning, Gamified AssessmentReview & Assessment, Gamified LearningMath & Language Learning (K-8)Open-ended Creativity, STEM, CollaborationLanguage LearningSTEM Education, Interactive Simulations
Target Age GroupAll AgesAll AgesK-12K-8All AgesAll AgesAll Ages
Key FeaturesDiverse Question Types, Real-Time Interaction, Gamification Elements, Visual Storytelling, Collaborative LearningInteractive Quizzes, Real-Time Feedback, Leaderboards, Individual/Team ChallengesInteractive Live Games, Diverse Question Formats, Competitive Gameplay, Leaderboards, Varied Learning StylesAdaptive Learning, Personalized Paths, Engaging Stories, Rewards & BadgesHighly Customizable World, Lesson Plans, Cross-Platform CompatibilityGamified Approach, Bite-Sized Lessons, Personalized Paths, Diverse LanguagesRich Library of Simulations, Interactive Experiments, Visual Representations
StrengthsDiverse question types, real-time engagement, affordability, wide range of question formatsGamified assessment, promotes social learningGamified review and assessment, supports varied learning stylesPersonalized learning, engaging storylinesOpen-ended exploration, fosters creativity and collaborationBite-sized lessons, diverse language optionsHands-on learning, visual representations
PricingFree plan with limited features, paid subscriptions for additional featuresFree plan with limited features, paid subscriptions for additional featuresFree plan with limited features, paid subscriptions for additional featuresFree plan with limited features, paid subscriptions for additional featuresSchool and individual plans at varied price pointsFree plan with limited features, paid subscriptions for additional featuresFree access to simulations, donations accepted
Top Platform For Game Based Learning Games

Engagement and Assessment Platforms:

Elevate Learning with AhaSlides!
  • AhaSlides: Offers diverse question types like open ended, word clouds, image choice, polls, and live quizzes. Features real-time engagement, gamification elements, visual storytelling, collaborative learning, and accessibility.
  • Kahoot!: Encourages quiz-based learning, gamified knowledge assessment, and social learning for all ages. Create and play interactive quizzes with real-time feedback, leaderboards, and individual/team challenges.
  • Quizizz: Focuses on review and assessment for K-12 students. Offers interactive quizzes with diverse question formats, adaptive learning paths, real-time feedback, and individual/team challenges

General GBL Platforms

Image: Prodigy
  • Prodigy Education: Focuses on math and language learning for K-8 students. Offers adaptive learning, personalized paths, and engaging storylines.
  • Minecraft Education Edition: Promotes open-ended creativity, STEM education, and collaboration for all ages. A highly customizable world with diverse lesson plans and cross-platform compatibility.

GBL Platforms for Specific Subjects

Image: Duolingo
  • Duolingo: Focuses on language learning for all ages with a gamified approach, bite-sized lessons, personalized paths, and diverse language options.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations: Features a rich library of science and math simulations for all ages, encouraging hands-on learning through interactive experiments and visual representations.

Additional Factors to Consider:

  • Pricing: Platforms offer various pricing models, including free plans with limited features or paid subscriptions with expanded functionalities.
  • Content Library: Consider the existing library of GBL games or the ability to create your own content.
  • Ease of Use: Choose a platform with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features.
  • Target Audience: Select a platform that caters to the age group, learning styles, and subject needs of your audience.

Key Takeaways

Game-based learning games transform education into a thrilling adventure, making learning enjoyable and effective. For an even better educational experience, platforms like AhaSlides enhance engagement and interaction, adding an extra layer of fun to the learning journey. Whether you're a teacher or a student, incorporating game-based learning with AhaSlides templates and interactive features creates a dynamic and exciting environment where knowledge is gained with enthusiasm and joy.


What is game-based learning?

Game-based learning is using games to teach and make learning more fun.

What is an example of a game-based learning platform?

AhaSlides is an example of a game-based learning platform.

What is game-based learning example games?

"Minecraft: Education Edition" and "Prodigy" are examples of game-based learning games.

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