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53+ Best Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations 2024


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 9 min read

Church weddings are known for being intimate, traditional, and simple. You can find a lot of creative church wedding decorations from here, whatever you want, something exciting and dramatic or more traditional. Let’s look at 53+ church wedding décor ideas that can help you create a truly memorable day.

Table of contents:

Simple Church Wedding Decorations

Small churches can be luxuriously decorated for your wedding without breaking the bank in several ways. Budget-friendly church wedding décor ideas don’t have to mean sacrificing quality; instead, it just requires more intelligent shopping, which is where we come in. 

The simple decoration style is not about boredom. By contrast, it focuses on minimalism and modern vibes, where the aisle is adorned with fresh flowers, multicolor baby’s-breath, and bows… Here are some low-cost, straightforward, and functional decorating ideas for church weddings for you to think about.

Image: Pinterest

Greenery Church Wedding Style

Renovating a historic church shouldn’t detract from the chapel’s unique features if you’re getting married there. Using greenery in your church wedding decorations is a great way to get a more natural and organic wedding vibe. There are numerous possibilities available to you, ranging from succulents and eucalyptus to ferns and ivy.

You can adorn altars, line walkways accentuate rows of pews with green plants, and illuminate them with candles for a glow-in-thep-dark lighting effect. The historical value of the church’s details is preserved while the décor is enhanced by the addition of an amazing evergreen wall.

Image: Pinterest

Romantic Lighting

Small lights or candles may be a lovely addition to any wedding ceremony, whether or not your church setting has natural light coming through the windows. They create a serene and restful ambiance.

To create magical and enchanting ambiance, you can arrange candle-lit lanterns along the aisle and light them up. Using warm glow color palette such as soft ivory, champagne, or blush tones to complete your fairy-tale setting.

Walkway Lighting for wedding ideas
Image: Pinterest

Fabulous Hanging Installations

A gorgeous décor option that gives any place a dash of elegance and whimsy is floral hanging installations. These installations—which can include inventive lighting fixtures or hanging floral arrangements—create a stunning visual impact from above and become the ingenious focal point of your design concept. 

Hanging installation wedding ideas
Hanging installation wedding ideas
Hanging installation wedding ideas – Image: Pinterest

Colorful Accents

If you want to use vibrant colors to beautify your church wedding, think about blending striking hues from flower varieties. Adding different colors can transform a room into one that seems more joyous and festive, whether the color is soft and gentle or bold. If you want to craft with a personalization touch, you can tie it with ribbons, drapes, or linens.

church wedding decorations with flowers
Modern church wedding decor – Image: Pinterest

Chandeliers for Dreamy Church Wedding

Chandeliers are a classier option for adding a sense of elegance to the chapel that every couple love. This is a fantastic choice for a formal or vintage-themed wedding. If you want a simple wedding decoration, chanderliers are enough due to its timeless beauty. Howerver, to create a unified impression, you can embellish crystal chandeliers with other decor pieces like flowers, beads to give the room a hint of glitz and refinement.

Floral Chandeliers
Fabulous Chandeliers Design for Church Wedding – Image: Pinterest

Pillar Topped With Flowers

In a church hall, floral garlands or columns will draw attention to certain architectural features and give the space a vivid, architectural air. Ordinary pillars become lovely embellishments for your wedding venue when they are decorated with flowers and greenery that gently dangle down.

Image: Pinterest

Stunning Floral Stand

Besides floral hanging and floral chandeliers, there are numerous ways to arrange flowers for your church wedding to create an eye-catching and balanced composition for your decor like a floral stand.

Large bunches of baby’s-breath are often selected for enormous bouquets in big vases; geometric floral stands are also a popular option as well. Or the elegant gold stands with a mass of flowers like Gerbera, Amaryllis, Lily, Roses, and Carnations are a splendid addition to your big day decoration.

Elegant church wedding decoration ideas - Image: Pinterest

Floral Entrance Archway Form

Creating archways to decorate pathways is quite popular and a favorite among couples in 2024. However, if you want church wedding to be more impressive and unique, you can decor gorgeous floral arches along the aisle. It feels like the bride is entering the Garden of Eden.

Entrance church wedding decorations
Elegant church wedding decorations – Image: Pinterest

Pampas Grass Church Wedding Decorations

Pampas grass is a popular choice for bohemian and rustic wedding decorations in churches among couples. As an alternative, select a gorgeous arrangement of enormous white flowers accented with a few sprigs of pampas grass to create the most exquisite natural color scheme that will flawlessly match the church’s interior.

Modern church wedding decorations
Modern church wedding decorations – Image: Pinterest

Key Takeaways

Church weddings are stunning; either the exquisite setting itself, or adorned with modern vibes of fresh flowers and candles. If these ideas are not enough for your soon-to-be wedding, you can find more inspiration with AhaSlides wedding decoration series. We collect thousands of lovely, free designs to help you spark your big day most cost-effectively.


How do you decorate a church for a wedding?

Before decorating any room in a church, you should find out what the church and the reception location allow and are not allowed to do. It is not uncommon for churches to be decorated with flowers, candles, ribbons, and other decorations. Budget and personal preferences should be balanced. Check out the ideas that AhaSlides has put up to get some fantastic ideas for planning weddings and church décor.

How to decorate a church on a budget?

With the possible exception of a simple floral arrangement for the altar, the least expensive option to decorate a church for a wedding ceremony would be to do nothing at all. It might seem more sensible to allocate your decorations budget to the reception rather than the ceremony, as you and your guests will spend much longer time at the reception than in the church—roughly 30 minutes to an hour at most. The reception will usually offer you more space nevertheless, and many churches are already exquisite and don’t require any extra adornment.

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