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6 Hacks to Boost Efficiency of Team Meetings!

Lindsie Nguyen 07 Apr 2020 4 min read

You may probably have gathered a bunch of creative ideas to make your team meetings an interactive and engaging experience. Yet you still find your team meetings lacking something? Efficiency shall be the key point here.

You could “hack” the efficiency of your team meetings now using these simple hands-on tips on how to get to your team’s peak performance with a well-facilitated venue, an atmosphere that fosters an open, creative and committed attitude among attendants, and a timeline that gets all the tasks discussed properly.

Emphasize the importance of the meeting

If your teammates do not acknowledge the values of team meeting, they will feel forced and unwilling to engage themselves. So firstly, show them the advantages of the meeting. Many decisions can’t be made without an in-depth and face-to-face discussion, as it is the talking – asking process that probe the way for rational choices. Besides, effective team meetings allow open conversations that take advantage of members’ perspectives and expertise to resolve issues based on their skills and knowledge. They also enhance interpersonal relations and understanding among teammates.

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Organize in a meeting space with facilitated logistics

Meeting space profoundly affects emotions and intellects of attendants, so take this into consideration when choosing the venue. Depending on the intended theme and atmosphere of the meeting, you can choose a suitable space. It can either give off a cozy, monotonic or distant vibe, which is up to your team. The meeting room should be equipped with essential facilities (air conditioner, comfortable seats, water/ tea, etc), and make sure technical properties function properly by double-checking prior to the meeting.

Whatever the style is, keep the meeting room facilitated

Set ground rules for every member

Determining rules for your team holds everyone accountable for their responsibility as well as spur their engagement during the meeting. You can tailor the ground rule set for the working culture and style of your team, but generally, it could refer to attendance, promptness, active participation, handling interruptions, conversational courtesy, honesty, etc. Furthermore, give everyone the power to discuss about whether these rules are rational enough, and how to apply them during meetings. Don’t forget to highlight their importance so that your teammates know the game and follow the rules.

Notice: These ground rules are NOT to break!

Create an agenda in order of importance

Don’t try to cram so many things in the timeline that you struggle to complete them in a perfunctory way. Instead, finalise those that are of relevance to the topic of the meeting and arrange them in order of importance so that although you may run out of time and have to rush through some items, all urgent issues have been addressed. Besides, you should distribute the agenda to your teammates prior to the meeting. In this way, they can give out constructive reviews on the agenda, frame their opinions and prepare all necessary resources for the upcoming meeting.

Carefully plan an agenda – detailed & not too crammed

Encourage active involvement from teammates

My favorite tip! This could be done throughout the course of the meeting, with interactive activities that involve the participation of all teammates. A few ice-breaker games in the start, some live surveys, a mini Text or Voice Q&A would engage everyone in an enthusiastic atmosphere. You can also get everyone in the room updated with up-to-second reports and submit their in-time reviews. An easy way to do these is using AhaSlides, an online presentation software which is ideal for interactive and innovative team meetings. No installation required, so why not give it a try?

No longer boring and disengaging Team Meetings!

Make final decisions and assign individual duties

Don’t move on to the next item in the agenda if no final decisions have been made regarding the current issue. Indeed, the key principle to an efficient meeting is to wrap things up nicely instead of dragging on for nothing. Having meeting minutes is a tip: you can keep track of the flow and know whether there has been a final cut to all topics. Besides, make sure you have assigned some tasks to each individual, and that they know their responsibilities without any confusion.

A detailed assignment of tasks to clear up confusion is a MUST!

Let team meetings make a stronger team with these hacks! Try creating fun meeting activities with AhaSlides now!

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