Am I Toxic Quiz - Find Out Your Inner Trait in 2024

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Astrid Tran 10 May, 2024 8 min read

Do you overthink your decisions on a daily basis, or have you done so before? You are terrified of being looked down upon, of being noticed, and of being made humorous use of. You tend to take full responsibility for any team drawbacks. Or you feel that everyone should listen to you as you're always right. Anything that annoys you makes you angry.

Be honest. You have a very high chance of hiding toxicity if you exhibit any of these behavioral characteristics. Take this quick “Am I toxic quiz” to find out your personality traits.

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Am I Toxic Quiz - 20 Questions

There are 20 common questions for the Am I Toxic Quiz, to check whether you are a toxic person, it is also a great quiz to check whether others, your friend, co-worker, or significant other a toxic people or not.

Am I Toxic Quiz
Am I Toxic Quiz

1. Do you say sorry first?

A. Depending on how unreasonable the other person is being.

B. Yes, I readily admit my mistakes.

C. No, please quit posing foolish queries.

D. No, I never make mistakes. 

2. When you have to handle a difficult situation in the workplace, what do you do?

A. Come up with a solution as a team.

B. Get input before making a choice. 

C. Find a solution on your own.

D. Assign another person to make the decisions.

3. When you hear about other people's losses, what is your typical course of action?

A. Listen carefully to what they are trying to say and give them the freedom to express themselves however they see appropriate.

B. Gently comfort them.

C. Encourage them to have hope since everything happens for a reason. Happy or sad is their choice.

D. Walk away.

4. How do you act when you have bad feelings?

A. Observe and accept your emotions

B. Suppress emotions

C. If you try to ignore it, the emotion will eventually pass.

D. Feels that people should always be happy and upbeat, even when they are facing challenges or coming to a standstill.

5. Saturday night, how are you spending yours?

A. Volunteering or getting together with friends.

B. Making anything by hand or by craft.

C. Getting up on rocks at the gym.

D. Having a celebration. 

Am I Toxic Quiz
Am I Toxic Quiz

6. When you see someone in public that you don't like, you:

A. After saying goodbye, feign a grin and discuss how the interaction went badly. 

B. Be kind and the most grown-up nasty person you know. 

C. Neglect them. 

D. Spit in their visage.

7. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Don’t ask me 

D. Sometime

8. You receive a text from an ex-friend saying. 

A. "Ew."

B. I'm not answering. I don't miss any texts or ex-boyfriends; instead, I decide not to reply.

C. "Leave me alone"

D. Give it a day before answering with "What?

9. Do you give much thought to how many people follow you on social media?

A. Sometimes, all I really want is to be above a particular threshold. 

B. Indeed, they are who I am.

C.Shut up.

D. No, it is not cool.

10. Our partner is behaving erratically. You:

A. Ask them politely if anything is wrong.

B. Keep an eye on them and adopt a passive-aggressive demeanor. They'll pick up on it.

C. Look through their phone for any awkward texts. Now that they've broken up with you, you have more power.

D. Call them out on dishonesty. This will assist you in getting a response, even if they aren't.

11. Is lying ever acceptable?

A. Yes, provided that no one's feelings are hurt. 

B. Indeed. What's the harm if you're never caught?

C. Nope! The truth is something that each of us deserves.

D. Naturally, of course! Everyone is dishonest. It so happens that I am an expert. 

12. My parents are the only reason why I feel this way.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

C. I don’t want to mention that again.

D. Neutral

13. Do you care about personal growth?

A. Although it's not my primary goal, I would like to be a good person.

B. Without a doubt. I'm constantly trying to improve myself.

C. Nope. I am the person I am.

D. I want to improve my intelligence, prosperity, and interpersonal skills. To me, it is what it means to grow personally.

`14. How do you react when others confront you?

A. I attempt to comprehend the circumstances.

B. I respond aggressively. 

C. I ignore them.

D. I am angry. 

15. In a toxic relationship: 

A. A friend goes above and beyond to boost your self-esteem.

B. You could feel ecstatic one day and completely devastated the next.

C. You and your partner occasionally argue.

D. You and your partner have different interests.

16. A wedding guest dresses in a white gown. You:

A. Tell her how beautiful she is and take a photo with her. 

B. Make a joke about it in your toast to the guests.

C. Roll your eyes.

D. Make a plan to bring her another dress as soon as possible.

17. Do you enjoy gossiping and creating intrigues?

A. No, I don’t want to talk behind people's backs.

B. It depends on who and what I'm talking about.

C. I don't have time for this crap.

D. Of course, otherwise, life would be dull.

18. Do you prefer the past or the present?

A. I am a present-oriented person who thinks the past is still important.

B. I get nostalgic occasionally for the past.

C. "The happy future" is where I constantly aim to be.

D. I make an effort, but I'm still stuck in the past.

19. Which expression most describes what you feel?

A. Happy

B. Comfortable

C. Success

D. Exhausted

20. What is your biggest fear?

A. Spiders. I mean who isn't scared?

B. Not succeeding

C. Being alone 

D. Speaking in front of a group of people

Am I Toxic Quiz - Check Result

You've done 20 questions on the Am I Toxic Quiz, it's time to check the result. Don't fuss.

Almost all of the responses are A: You have a pure heart.

You are enthusiastic, behave properly, and handle situations not based on personal opinions. You are positive but do not fall into the trap of toxic positivity. You don't consider yourself the center of the universe or that you're always right.

Almost all of the responses are B: You are potentially toxic.

You are not fully toxic, but you have it in you. You have some potential. The important thing here is that you recognize what is toxic and try to eliminate it. However, in some situations you are too enthusiastic and think too much, making it easy for you to drain your energy.

Almost all of the responses are C: You are a little toxic.

You’re a little toxic, but isn’t everyone? You might tell white lies on occasion, and maybe you cheat to win at Monopoly. The truth is, nobody is perfect. You have a tendency to dismiss anything, even acknowledging your own feelings. However, you still have some excessive actions and attitudes and can get angry with the person next to you just for asking about an issue you are upset about or did not want to mention before.

Almost all of the responses are D: You are super toxic.

No doubt! You’re the definition of toxic. You get angry easily. You don't consider yourself the center of the universe or that you're always right. You can give many reasons to justify your actions. Sometimes you hurt others through your actions.

Key Takeaways

This Am I Toxic Quiz with 20 questions is not 100% correct to reveal all your personality but it is a good start to learn about yourself. Feel free to do more quizzes about myself from AhaSlides to learn more about your mindset and personality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am toxic?

You can take the am I toxic quiz or follow your behaviors. If your traits are exhibited as an example, for sure, you could be able to have some aspect of toxic people.

  • You don't listen to others.
  • You interrupt people.
  • It's always your way or the highway.
  • Everything is always someone else's fault.
  • You get jealous easily.
  • You're manipulative.
  • You're controlling.

Does a toxic person know he is toxic?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Not everyone knows how toxic they are. They may have poisonous characteristics that they are unaware of. Some harmful qualities, such as absolutism, appear softly.

How do you get rid of toxicity from yourself?

Once you've identified and admitted your poisonous behavior, you must accept and accept responsibility for your actions. Instead of making excuses, accept it as a part of who we are and be more open to the world, as well as find techniques to recover, such as meditation and psychological counseling.

Ref: Truity