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18 Best Board Games to Play in Summer (With Price & Review, updated in 2024)


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 13 min read

Are best board games suitable to play in the summer time?

Summer is a great occasion to spend time with loved ones and create unforgettable moments, but many of us hate sweating and scorching hot. So what are the best things to do for summer? Perhaps Board games can deal with all of your concerns.

They can be the perfect leisure activity for your summer plans and can provide you with hours of joy.

If you’re looking for board game ideas for your summer gatherings, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some of the new and best board games to play during the summer, whether you’re looking for a fun game to play with your kids, a challenging game to play with your friends, or a creative game to play with your family.

Plus, we also add the price of each game for your better reference. Let’s check out the 15 best board games that everyone loves.

Best board games
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Table of Contents

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Fun Games

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Best Board Games for Adults

Here are a few of the best board games for adults. Whether you’re looking for spooky suspense, strategic gameplay, or irreverent humor, there’s a board game out there that’s perfect for you and your friends.

#1. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

(US $52.99)

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a spooky and suspenseful game that is perfect for adults. The game involves exploring a haunted mansion and uncovering the dark secrets that lie within. It’s a great game for fans of horror and suspense, and you can find it available in Table top with affordable prices.

#2. Splendor

(US $34.91)

Splendor is a strategic game that is perfect for adults who enjoy a challenge. Players’ mission is collecting gems in the form of unique poker-like tokens, and building a personal collection of jewels and other precious items.

best board games of the decade
Spender best board games of the decade Source: Amazon

#3. Cards Against Humanity

(US $29)

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and irreverent game that is perfect for adult game nights. The game requires players to compete and create the funniest and most outrageous combinations of cards. It’s a great game for groups of friends who enjoy dark humor and irreverent fun.

Best Board Games for Family

When it comes to family gatherings, games should be easy to learn and play. You might not want to waste precious time with your family by studying complicated game rules or completing too difficult missions. Here are some suggestions for you and family:

#4. Sushi Go Party!

(US $19.99)

Sushi Go! is a fun and fast-paced game that is perfect for families, and among the best new party board games. The game involves collecting different types of sushi and scoring points based on the combinations you create. It’s a great game for kids and adults, and it’s easy to learn and play.

#5. Guess who?

(US $12.99)

Guess Who? is a classic two-player game that is perfect for both seniors, younger kids, and adults. It is absolutely worth the best family games in 2023. The objective of the game is to guess the character selected by the opponent by asking yes-or-no questions about their appearance. Each player has a board with a set of faces, and they take turns asking questions like “Does your character have glasses?” or “Is your character wearing a hat?”

#6. Forbidden Island

(US $16.99)

Also a great game for families with kids to play together, Forbidden Island is a tabletop game board that promotes cooperation among participants with the aim to collect treasures and escape from a sinking island. 

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Best Board Games for Kids

If you are parents and looking for the best board games for younger kids, you can consider a game that encourages social interaction. Kids should engage in friendly competition and try to outwit their opponents. 

#7. Exploding Kittens

(US $19.99)

Exploding Kittens is known for its quirky artwork and humorous cards, which adds to its appeal and makes it enjoyable for kids. The goal of the game is to avoid being the player who draws an Exploding Kitten card, which results in an immediate elimination from the game. The deck also includes other action cards that can help players manipulate the game and increase their chances of survival.

#8. Candy land

(US $22.99)

One of the most lovely board games for kids under 5, Candy is a colorful and enchanting game that captures the imagination of young children. Your kids will experience a magical world made entirely of candy, vibrant colors, delightful characters, and landmarks, following a colorful path to reach the Candy Castle. There are no complicated rules or strategies, making it accessible for preschoolers.

best games for 5 8 year olds
Best game for kids of 5 years old

#9. Sorry!

(US $7.99)

Sorry!, a game that originates from the ancient Indian cross and circle game Pachisi, focuses on luck and strategy. Players move their pawns around the board, aiming to get all their pawns “Home.” The game involves drawing cards to determine movement, which adds an element of surprise. Players can bump opponents’ pawns back to the start, adding a fun twist.

Best Board Games to Play in Schools

For students, board games aren’t only a form of entertainment, but also an awesome way to learn and develop different soft and technical skills. 

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#10. Settlers of Catan

(US $59.99)

Settlers of Catan is a classic board game that encourages resource management, negotiation, and planning. The game is set on the fictional island of Catan, and players take on the roles of settlers who must acquire and trade resources (such as wood, brick, and wheat) to build roads, settlements, and cities. Settlers of Catan is suitable for older students, as it requires reading and math skills.

#11. Trivial Pursuit

(US $43.99) and Free

A popular old board game, Trivia Pursuit is a quiz-based game where players test their general knowledge across various categories and aim to collect wedges by correctly answering questions. The game has expanded to include various editions and versions, catering to different interests, themes, and difficulty levels. It has also been adapted into digital formats, allowing players to enjoy the game on electronic devices.

best new party board games
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#12. Ticket to Ride

(US $46)

For the whole love of geography-based strategy games, Ticket to Ride can be an excellent option. It introduces students to world geography and enhances critical thinking and planning skills. The game involves building train routes across various cities in North America, Europe, and other regions. Players collect colored train cards to claim routes and fulfill destination tickets, which are specific routes they need to connect. 

 most famous board game in the world
Ticket to ride board game | Source: Amazone


Best Board Games for Large Groups

It is quite wrong to think that Board games are not for a large group of people. There are many board games specifically designed to accommodate a large number of players, and they can be a fantastic choice for gatherings, parties, or school events.

#13. Codenames

(US $11.69)

Codenames is a word-based deduction game that enhances vocabulary, communication, and teamwork skills. It can be played with larger groups and is ideal for fostering collaboration among students. The game is played with two teams, each with a spymaster who provides one-word clues to guide their teammates in guessing the words associated with their team. The challenge lies in providing clues that connect multiple words without leading the opponents to guess incorrectly. 

#14. Dixit

(US $28.99)

Dixit is a beautiful and imaginative game that is perfect for summer evenings. The game asks players to take turns telling a story based on a card in their hand, and the other players try to guess which card they are describing. It’s a great game for creative thinkers and storytellers.

#15. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

(US $16.99)

One of the most thrilling board games to play with many people is One Night Ultimate Werewolf. In this game, players are assigned secret roles as either villagers or werewolves. The objective for the villagers is to identify and eliminate the werewolves, while the werewolves aim to avoid detection and eliminate villagers, based on limited information and the actions taken during the night.

Most beautiful board game
Werewolf – Most beautiful board game | Source: Amazon

Best Strategy Board Games

Many people love board games because it requires strategic and logical thinking. Besides the best solo strategy board games like Chess, we are three more examples that you will definitely love.

#16. Scythe

(US $24.99)

Scythe is a strategic game that is perfect for players who enjoy building and controlling empires. In this game, players compete to manage resources and territory, with the goal of becoming the dominant power in the region. It’s a great game for fans of strategy and world-building. 

#17. Gloomhaven

(US $25.49)

When it comes to a tactical and strategic game, Gloomhaven is perfect for everyone who prefers a challenge. The game involves players working together to explore dangerous dungeons and battle monsters, with the goal of completing quests and earning rewards. It’s a great game for fans of strategy and adventure

#18. Anomia

(US $17.33)

A card game like Anomia can test players’ ability to think quickly and strategically under pressure. The game revolves around matching symbols on cards and shouting out relevant examples from specific categories. The catch is that players are competing to be the first to come up with a correct answer while also keeping an eye out for potential “Anomia” moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 board games of all time?

The top 10 board games that are most played are Monopoly, Chess, Codenames, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Scrabble, Trivia Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Pandemic, 7 Wonders.

What is the #1 board game in the world?

The most iconic board game of all time is Monopoly which holds the prestigious Guinness World Record for being the most popular board game played by an astounding 500 million people worldwide.

What are the best-known board games?

Chess is the best-known board game that has a rich history. Over the centuries, chess spread across continents and became popular worldwide. International tournaments, such as the Chess Olympiad and the World Chess Championship, attract top players from around the globe and receive widespread media coverage.

What is the world’s most-awarded board game?

7 Wonders, developed by Antoine Bauza is indeed a highly acclaimed and widely recognized board game in the modern gaming landscape. It has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and received up to 30 international awards.

What is the oldest popular board game?

The Royal Game of Ur is indeed considered one of the oldest playable board games in the world, with origins dating back approximately 4,600 years to ancient Mesopotamia. The game derives its name from the city of Ur, located in present-day Iraq, where archaeological evidence of the game was discovered.

Key Takeaways

Board games offer a versatile and enjoyable form of entertainment that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, including during travel trips. Whether you’re on a long journey, camping in the wilderness, or simply spending time with family and friends in a different environment, board games provide a valuable opportunity to disconnect from screens, engage in face-to-face interaction, and create lasting memories.

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