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30 Simple Yet Sentimental Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Best Girls | 2024 Reveals


Leah Nguyen 22 April, 2024 11 min read

Choosing the perfect gifts for your amazing bridesmaids? This may just be the most loved part of the entire event planning checklist!

Your bridesmaids are the ride-or-die friends, the "no one could ever replace" in your heart.

If you are also setting the bar high - like us, you should check out these best bridesmaid gift ideas that are no ordinary below🎁

How much do people spend on bridesmaid gifts?You should expect to spend $50 to $75 on bridesmaid gifts.
Do you give a gift if you're the bridesmaid?It's common etiquette to give a wedding gift to the couple.
Who pays for bridesmaids' gifts?The bride will typically be the one to pay for the bridesmaids' gifts.
When should you give your bridesmaids their gifts?At the rehearsal dinner or bridal luncheon.
Bridesmaid Gift Idea

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Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Choose gifts that reflect each bridesmaid's unique personality while expressing your deep gratitude for their love and support.

#1. A Pair of PJs

A Pair of PJs - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
A Pair of PJs - Bridesmaid Gift Idea

A cute pair of matching jammies is not just gonna look adorbs in all your pre-wedding day photos, it's also the perfect gift for your bridesmaids that they'll actually use again and again!

You can even gift them weeks before the wedding, such as during the bridal shower so you can capture a nice picture of the gang wearing matching PJs!

#2. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Bridesmaid Proposal Box - Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Proposal boxes are truly the best bridesmaid gifts - it contains a little bit of everything and is highly customisable!

Your bestie's a champagne lover? Get a box which contains a bottle of sparkling rosé and rose-tinted champagne glasses.

A fan of rigorous skincare routines? Get them a box full of face masks, eye and face creams. With bridesmaid proposal boxes, everything's possible.

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#3. Bridesmaid Jewellery

Bridesmaid Jewelry - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Bridesmaid Jewellery -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

We can already hear your girls swooning over these custom necklaces from a local jewellery place.

Personalised jewellery makes an ideal bridesmaid gift - they'll appreciate the sentiment and wear it for years to remember your special day.

If your tastes differ, get each girl a different piece within the same budget. For example, choose a bridesmaid bracelet gift of different colours.

With these cool bridesmaid gifts, they'll love that you made thoughtful decisions for their gifts!

#4. Personalised Photo Albums or Magnets

Personalised Photo Albums or Magnets - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Personalised Photo Albums or Magnets -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Dig up photos of your cherished memories together.

Add some meaningful captions and arrange them in a scrapbook or make them into photo magnets to display.

With this gift, you're not just giving them a trinket - you're giving them a walk down memory lane that will stir up happy emotions.

#5. Personalised Mug

Personalised Mug - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Personalised Mug -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Nothing starts the day off quite like a piping hot mug of tea or coffee, right? Make your best friend's morning ritual extra special with a personalised mug they'll treasure.

There are tons of options to make the mugs uniquely your taste - you can engrave their initials, put on a quote from them, or caricature them for a little humour

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#6. Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Bridesmaid Tote Bags - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Bridesmaid Tote Bags-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Simple bridesmaid gifts but still adorable? Prepare your girls for a weekend getaway and the wedding day with a cute bridesmaid tote bag.

Tote bags' materials are environmentally friendly, and their large capacities help the girls put everything essential into the space without ever worrying about overstuffing. You can come up with bridesmaid tote bag ideas by their name or their illustration.

#7. Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Makeup Bag -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

A glamorous makeup bag is a perfect gift to thank your best friends for being by your side through one of life's biggest moments.

These nice bridesmaid gifts will hold not just their bridal makeup but also their phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and more throughout all your travel and festivities before the big day.

Its small and compact size makes it a great companion to carry everywhere.

#8. Bridesmaid Flower Bouquet

Bridesmaid Flower Bouquet - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Bridesmaid Flower Bouquet - Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Fresh flowers are lovely, but they aren't exactly practical on your wedding day when you have a million other things to focus on. Dried flower bouquets, however, make the perfect last-minute gift for your bridesmaids to show your gratitude.

The best part? Dried flower bouquets are so easy to make yourself! Gather some curly willow, eucalyptus and your bridesmaids' favourite dried flowers.

Tie them together with ribbons or raffia in their colours. Personalise each bouquet by tucking in a special note or charm.

#9. Personalised Candle

Personalised Candle - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Personalised Candle -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Candles are fool-proof gift ideas for bridesmaids, and thus getting a candle set with their names or an astrology candle that reflects their signs is the most amazing gift you could think of.

Don't forget to wrap up these little bridesmaid gifts with a handwritten note full of cherished words to make them feel appreciated.

#10. Customised Water Bottle

Customised Water Bottle - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Customised Water Bottle-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

When you consider practical gifts for bridesmaids, don't ignore some small but very useful things like water bottles. You and your ladies will be posing for hours, dancing your hearts out, and enjoying some delicious cocktails, so it's important to stay hydrated.

That's where these cute custom water bottles come in! They're not only a practical gift idea for your bridesmaids, but they're also super stylish and customisable.

Your girls can take them wherever they go, whether it's to the gym, work, or just running errands.

#11. Spa Gift Card

Spa Gift Card - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Spa Gift Card-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Need more alternative bridesmaid gifts? We have a suggestion for you.

A gift card for pampering after the wedding will be greatly appreciated.

Your ladies have been by your side every step of the way - now it's time for them to relax and be cared for.

This unique bridesmaid gift may bring chances for them to de-stress with a pedicure, paraffin wax treatment, or rejuvenating body wrap will feel like heaven after the wedding festivities wind down.

#12. Bridesmaid Robe

Bridesmaid Robe - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Bridesmaid Robe-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

On your wedding day, every minute detail matters - and your bridesmaids deserve to feel as glamorous as they look!

While robes may seem like a simple gift, the message is truly heartfelt: You want your best girls to feel pampered, luxurious, and fully themselves on your big day - comfortable both inside and out.

#13. Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Fuzzy Slippers -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Looking for affordable bridesmaid gifts? A pair of fuzzy slippers will fit your budget while providing comfort to your bridesmaids' tired feet.

The soft, fuzzy materials will make them feel comfortable right away. And of course, these cute bridesmaid gift ideas will leave them rejuvenated and well-rested to prepare for the day.

#14. Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Aroma Diffuser -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

After months of helping you plan and prepare for the big day, your bridesmaids deserve some much-needed self-care and relaxation.

A valuable gift for bridesmaids such as an aromatherapy diffuser paired with essential oils in their favourite scents makes the perfect gift for nurturing both body and mind.

The calming scent of the diffuser will instantly transport them to a more peaceful place - a welcome escape amidst the wedding frenzy.

#15. Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Plants make a meaningful gift, but not all are ideal for busy bridesmaids. Cacti are the perfect solution: low-maintenance succulents that symbolise resilience, growth and friendship.

Get creative when selecting cacti for each of your bridesmaids. Choose unique varieties that match their personalities:

• Spiky but strong for your brawler bestie
• Vibrant colours for your fashionista friend
• Curvy shapes for your voluptuous maid of honour

Even the smallest details - like choosing each girl's favourite pot - will make these gifts that much more personal and sentimental.

#16. Instant Camera

Instant Camera - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Instant Camera-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Gift your bridesmaids instant cameras so they can snap photos all day, capturing sweet moments.

From hair and makeup to speeches and dancing, enjoy each print developing right before their eyes - an immediate reminder of joy at that moment and tuck away polaroids in an album, preserving memories that will transport them back to celebrating your love story for years.

#17. Spa Set

Spa Set - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Spa Set-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

The women by your side through proposal, planning and preparations deserve gifts that nurture both body and soul.

Luxurious spa sets tailored to each bridesmaid's needs offer moments of much-needed mindfulness and self-care.

In the weeks and months after the festivities wind down, these gifts will continue providing your bridesmaids moments of much-needed sanctuary.

As they soak in aromatic baths, apply moisturising masks and massage in essential oils, they'll feel nurtured thoroughly.

#18. Table Lamp With Wireless Charging

Table Lamp With Wireless Charging - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Table Lamp With Wireless Charging -Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Table lamps with built-in wireless chargers offer function and style perfect for your busy bridesmaids.

This unique bridesmaid gift not only provides warm light that illuminates the room but also has a charging area to power up your bridesmaids' phones.

#19. Gourmet Tea Gift Set

Gourmet Tea Gift Set - Bridesmaid Gift Idea
Gourmet Tea Gift Set-Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Tea contains antioxidants and a bit of caffeine for an energising boost.

Think of your besties' health and consider giving them a tea gift set carrying a variety of teas so they won't feel bored, whether they are a lifelong drinker or have just stepped into the world of tea.

~ And 10 More

Here are more bridesmaid gift ideas for you to choose for your best girls:

#20. Personalised Phone Cases - Give your bridesmaids a personalised phone case with their initials as a thoughtful and practical gift. They'll love the personal touch and the protection of their phone.

#21. Engraved Jewelry Box - Give your bridesmaids a beautifully engraved jewellery box to keep their precious rings, bracelets or necklaces safe and organised.

#22. Engraved Compact Mirror - Give your bridesmaids an engraved compact mirror as a thoughtful and practical gift. It's perfect for touch-ups throughout the day.

#23. Personalised Passport Holder - If you're having a destination wedding, give your bridesmaids a sturdy passport holder. It's perfect for travelling in style.

#24. Monogrammed Beach Towels - If you're having a beach wedding, give your bridesmaids monogrammed beach towels. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and the usefulness as they wrap the soft, fuzzy towel around their body.

#25. Fragrance mists - Personalised sprays in their favourite scents to mist away nerves.

#26. Lip balm sets - Bundled lip balms in diverse smells and flavours, keeping their lips hydrated and kissable all day.

#27. Manicure kits - Basic manicure tools and polish colours wrapped in a cute bow for each bridesmaid.

#28. Hair accessories - Clips, headbands and other accessories in their bridal party colours.

#29. Sunnies - Trendy sunglasses they can wear on your big day and beyond.

#30. Bath sets - Lotions, bubble baths and bath bombs customised to their tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I gift my bridesmaid?

Here are 5 simple yet thoughtful bridesmaid gift ideas:

Personalised jewellery - Dainty earrings, necklace or bracelet with her initial or birthstone.

Customised cosmetic bag - Makeup bags, pouches and toiletry bags in her favourite colours.

Monogrammed water bottle - Engrave a reusable water bottle with her name for practical use.

Fuzzy slippers - Slippers monogrammed with her initials for comfort all day long.

Custom coffee mug - Engrave a reusable mug so she can enjoy it for years.

What matters most is choosing something personalised. Even simple gifts made just for your bridesmaid show you know her style and interests well. And keep the budget affordable - simple often wins over expensive.

Is $500 a good wedding gift?

$500 is generally considered a very generous wedding gift, especially for more distant relatives or casual friends. For close family members, it may be more "normal".

A gift starting from $100 is great and allows you to choose a variety of good wedding presents.