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Mentimeter Word Cloud | The Best Alternative In 2024


Jane Ng 29 May, 2024 8 min read

What is the best free word cloud generator? Are you on the hunt for something different than Mentimeter Word Cloud? You’re not alone! This blog post is your key to a refreshing change.

We’ll dive head-first into AhaSlides’ word cloud features to see if it can unseat the popular Mentimeter. Get ready to compare customization, pricing, and more – you’ll walk away knowing the perfect tool to enliven your next presentation. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on which tool best suits your needs.

So, if a word cloud shake-up is what you need, let’s get started!

Mentimeter vs. AhaSlides: Word Cloud Showdown!

Budget Friendliness✅ Offers both free and paid plans, with a focus on providing value. Paid plans start at $7.95.❌ Free plan available, but advanced features require a paid subscription with annual billing. Paid plans start at $11.99.
Real-time✅ Yes✅ Yes
Multiple Responses✅ Yes✅ Yes
Answers per Participant✅ 10✅ 10
Profanity Filter✅ Yes❌ Available but needs to be manually activated from settings.
Stop Submission✅ Yes✅ Yes
Hide Results✅ Yes✅ Yes
Easy Sharing✅ Yes✅ Yes
Time Limit✅ Yes❌ No
Custom Background✅ Yes ❌ No
Custom Fonts✅ Yes ❌ No
Import Presentation✅ Yes❌ Not available in the free version.
Support✅ Yes. More with paid plans❌ Help Center only on the free plan
Choosing Your Word Cloud Weapon: Mentimeter Word Cloud or AhaSlides?

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Table Of Contents

What Is Word Cloud?

Imagine you’re sifting through a treasure trove of words, picking out the shiniest, most valuable ones to showcase. That’s essentially a word cloud—a fun, artsy mash-up of words where the most mentioned terms in a bunch of text get to be the show’s stars.

  • Bigger words = More important: The most frequent words in the text are the biggest, giving you an instant snapshot of the main topics and ideas.
random English words

It’s a quick way to see what a chunk of text is really about. Word Cloud takes what could be boring text analysis and makes it artsy and way more fun. It’s popular for presentations, educational materials, feedback analysis, and digital content summarization.

Why Mentimeter Word Cloud Might Not Be the Best Choice

With the basics of word clouds covered, the next step is finding the right tool. Here are reasons why the Mentimeter word cloud feature might not be the best choice in certain scenarios:

ReasonMentimeter’s Limitations
CostA paid plan is needed for the best word cloud features (and it’s billed yearly).
AppearanceLimited customization for colors, and design on the free plan.
Profanity FilterRequires manual activation in settings; easy to forget and could lead to awkward situations.
SupportBasic help center is your main resource on the free plan. 
IntegrationYou can’t import your existing presentations into Mentimeter on the free plan.
Why Mentimeter Word Clouds Might Fall Short
Mentimeter Word Cloud | Hidden = easily forgotten: The profanity filter is tucked away in the settings. Will you remember to activate it before every presentation?
  • ❌ Budget Bummer: Mentimeter’s free plan is great for trying things out, but those fancy word cloud features mean getting a paid subscription. And watch out – they bill yearly, which can be a big upfront cost.
  • ❌ Your word cloud might look a bit…plain: The free version limits how much you can change colors, fonts, and overall design. Want a really eye-catching word cloud? You’ll need to pay.
  • ❌ Just a quick heads up: Mentimeter’s word filter isn’t immediately visible during presentations. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to activate the Profanity Filter since you need to dive into the settings and specifically look for it. So, remember to check it before your presentation to keep things professional!
  • ❌ Free means basic support: With Mentimeter’s free plan, the help center is there for troubleshooting issues, but you might not get quick or personalized assistance.
  • ❌ No importing presentations on the free plan: Got a presentation already made? You won’t be able to easily add your cool word cloud.
Mentimeter Word Cloud | Think BIG (literally). The free plan limits color changes, but hey, at least you can make your words unmissable!

AhaSlides – Your Go-To for Awesome Word Cloud

AhaSlides is stepping up the word cloud game with features that really stand out against Mentimeter:

🎉 Key Features

  • Real-time audience input: Participants submit words or phrases that populate the word cloud live.
  • Profanity Filter: The proficiency filter catches those naughty words automatically, saving you from awkward surprises! You’ll find this feature right where you need it, no digging through menus.
  • Control the Flow: Adjust how many responses each participant can submit to tailor the size and focus of your word cloud.
  • Time Limits: Set a time limit so everyone has a turn, and keep the flow of your presentation. You can set how long participants can submit responses (up to 20 minutes).
  • “Hide Results” Option: Hide the word cloud until the perfect moment – maximum suspense and engagement!
  • Stop submission: Need to wrap things up? The “Stop Submission” button instantly closes your word cloud so you can move on to the next part of your presentation.
  • Easy Sharing: Get everyone involved quickly with a shareable link or QR code.
  • Colors Your Way: AhaSlides gives you finer control over color, letting you perfectly match your presentation’s theme or company colors.
  • Find the Perfect Font: AhaSlides often offers more fonts to choose from. Whether you want something fun and playful, or professional and sleek, you’ll have more options to find the perfect fit.

✅ Pros

  • Simple to Use: No complicated setup – you’ll be making word clouds in minutes.
  • Budget-Friendly: Enjoy similar (even better!) word cloud features without breaking the bank
  • Safe and Inclusive: The profanity filter helps create a welcoming space for everyone.
  • Branding and Cohesion: If you need the word cloud to match specific colors or fonts for branding purposes, AhaSlides’ more granular control might be the key.
  • So Many Uses: Brainstorming, icebreakers, getting feedback – you name it!

❌ Cons

  • Potential for distraction: If not carefully integrated into a presentation, it can take focus away from the main topic.


  • Try Before You Buy: The free plan gives you a great taste of the word cloud fun!
  • Options for Every Need:
    • Essential: $7.95/month – Audience size: 50
    • Plus: $10.95/month – Audience size: 200
    • Pro: $15.95/month – Audience size:10,000
  • Special Educator Plans:
    • $2.95/ month – Audience size: 25 
    • $5.45/ month – Audience size: 50
    • $7.65/month – Audience size: 200

Unlock more customization options, advanced presentation features, and depending on the tier, the ability to add audio to your slides.


Ready to level up your word clouds? AhaSlides gives you the tools to make them truly stand out. Say goodbye to generic-looking word clouds and hello to presentations that leave a lasting impression. Plus, that profanity filter gives you peace of mind. Why not try AhaSlides’ templates and see the difference for yourself?