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100+ Viral Video Ideas On YouTube That Will Blow Up in 2024


Astrid Tran 26 December, 2023 9 min read

YouTube is the biggest video streaming network, with over a billion users and a profitable market for all.

Do you want to build new, interesting, and distinctive video ideas on YouTube? Don’t be worried. You’re not by yourself! Although being a content creator has many advantages, it can be tough to come up with new ideas frequently. New trends emerge all the time, especially in an era of severe content competition like today. 

If you’re looking for more inspiring ideas on making YouTube videos, there are 100+ video ideas on YouTube to get your creative juices flowing.

Table of Contents

Video Ideas on YouTube: Tutorials

Video ideas on YouTube for beginners are one of the most searching and loving topics. It is the 1st YouTube video idea on YouTube. How-to videos are a terrific method to answer people’s queries and provide them with step-by-step directions on how to do something they don’t know how to do, such as generating a shoppable Instagram post or assembling a product.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Short tutorial content 
  3. Unbox brand-new product
  4. Product using tutorials 
  5. How-to’s for different social media platforms
  6. Share a beginner’s guide
  7. Learn English for beginner
  8. Make tutorial video
  9. How to host a successful […]
  10. Discuss the pros and cons
Quick video ideas about tutorials for YouTubers

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Video Ideas on YouTube: Education 

Educational videos are highly engaging because they share and explain knowledge in informative and interesting ways. Videos that can instruct viewers on how to accomplish tasks or resolve issues easily are incredibly beneficial, which is why they are so popular on YouTube. These tried-and-true instructional video concepts work well for any niche or sector.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Create a step-by-step tutorial for effective learning
  2. How to learn at home
  3. Share the most effective learning methods
  4. Makes videos about climate physics and the crazy world 
  5. Advise on how to find and apply for grants or scholarships
  6. Give an “insider’s view
  7. Discuss strange and fascinating science topics
  8. Examine random facts about geography and history
  9. Create videos to educate people about the environment
  10. Create an online course or sell courses on teaching platforms
Easy English teaching YouTube video ideas from BBC

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Video Ideas on YouTube: Fitness and Health

Helping other people keep fit and healthy may be quite rewarding. Furthermore, the fitness and health niche is eternal, with a high need for up-to-date knowledge.  With these brilliant YouTube video ideas, you can take your fitness and wellness channel to the next level.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Share your Workout routine or healthy morning routine
  2. Discuss exercise training mistakes to avoid
  3. Do a “No Equipment Workout”
  4. Practice at-home tips
  5. Share healthy recipes
  6. Keep in mind when changing seasons
  7. Evaluate pharmaceuticals
  8. Review fitness gadgets
  9. Explain things and talk about important health issues
  10. Discuss healthier food options and bust myths

Video Ideas on YouTube: Funny and Comedy

How to make fun YouTube videos? Laughing and light entertainment are excellent methods of stress relief. This is why there is an increasing number of people who are viewing hilarious videos.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Make a reaction video
  2. Do magic tricks
  3. Prank videos
  4. Film reaction or review videos
  5. Do a “Try Not to Laugh” challenge
  6. Compile funny and epic videos
  7. Show off your collection of stamps, famous dolls, marbles, dust, or whatever you collect.
  8. Create kid, baby, and animal-related videos
  9. Make parody video
  10. Do blooper videos

Video Ideas on YouTube: Cooking and Life-hacks

There is always a large population interested in food and housework. For housewives or those who enjoy taking care of their families, there are a plethora of shared movies that offer unlimited inspiration. A few channels teach how to make delectable yet affordable meals or decorate the house, which increases a huge of sales.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Learn how to cook a new recipe
  2. Share cooking tips
  3. Show what’s in your fridge
  4. Give your recipes a unique twist
  5. Share hacks for cake decor
  6. Give a house tour
  7. Share home decor hacks
  8. Discuss home decor mistakes to avoid
  9. Make a DIY home decor video
  10. Review trending home decor and design ideas
trending video ideas on youtube
What video ideas are trending on YouTube?

Video Ideas on YouTube: Beauty and Fashion

One of the most popular niches on YouTube is Beauty and Fashion content. Beauty-related themes are always quite profitable. It is possible to get brand advertising or user donations.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Make a makeup tutorial
  2. Evaluate a clothing brand and a beauty product
  3. Provide styling tips and advice
  4. Take the makeup challenge
  5. Discuss the most recent fashion trends
  6. Try different challenges or trends
  7. Swap lifestyle with someone else
  8. Buy luxury item video reviews
  9. Recreate celebrity or movie looks
  10. Sort through clothes
unique youtube video ideas
Unique YouTube video ideas

Video Ideas on YouTube: Gaming

With over 40 million engaged video game channels on YouTube, this YouTube genre isn’t going down anytime soon. Gaming videos are screen recordings or broadcasts of a person playing an online video game.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Record raw gameplay
  2. Make a gaming review
  3. Share gaming news & updates
  4. React battle game
  5. Live stream game online
  6. Compare two games
  7. Explain the game character and story
  8. Share your unique game settings
  9. Do your rating of the most played video game
  10. Share winning gaming tips and tricks

Video Ideas on YouTube: Sports

For people of all ages, sports are thought to be among the most appealing programs. News regarding well-known athletes and important games is constantly tracked and updated. Thus, there’s no need to exclude this as a possible source of revenue. 

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Evaluate and analyze the match
  2. Live match commentary
  3. Share information about recent matches
  4. Share speeches of your favorite players
  5. Cover legendary rivalries in sports
  6. Introduce favorite sports
  7. Go behind the scenes of a local sports team
  8. Share a sports workout routine
  9. Cover funny/unusual moments in sports
  10. Create a highlight video

Video Ideas on YouTube: Traveling

One of the main drivers of most nations’ economies has always been tourism. Everybody usually wants to visit historic European castles, 5,000-year-old pyramids, and… Just assist them in experiencing it through your channel and these helpful tips regarding planning and pricing.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Make a travel vlog
  2. List the best places and try foods 
  3. Give travel advice and tips
  4. Share how to travel on a budget
  5. Create a travelog for adventure
  6. Go camping and film your experience
  7. Make a holiday video
  8. Visit the eerie and intriguing home
  9. Try free tours
  10. Create interesting time-lapse videos
most popular video ideas on youtube
Local food tasting – Most popular video ideas on YouTube

Video Ideas on YouTube: Personal Growth

Another way you can grow your channel’s brand loyalty and sentiment is by helping people solve their problems, enhance their skills, and be aware of their capacity.

YouTube video topic ideas:

  1. Share your productivity routine
  2. Interview successful people
  3. Share expert talks on self-care
  4. Share a productivity music playlist
  5. Challenge yourself to do something within a certain time frame
  6. Share your bucket list
  7. Talk about articles, books, and authors
  8. Share your opinion about finances and planning
  9. Share insights about that day’s most-read news
  10. Tips for  time- management and concentration

Final Thoughts

Whether it is for personal use or to promote a company brand, it is great to invest in YouTube video marketing where boosting revenue generation is never so easy. 

Note that the role of ideas and content in making videos cannot be overstated. You are putting your time and money at risk if you focus on quantity but disregard quality in your YouTube videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good YouTube topic?

Pick a topic you’re genuinely passionate about to ensure you can constantly create engaging videos around it.

How do I find a good topic for my YouTube video?

Just take a peek at this route to get ideas for YouTube videos:
– Look up on YouTube. Coming up with ideas for YouTube videos frequently involves finding solutions and addressing issues. .. 
– The comments section. 
– Groups and communities. 
– How to create engaging surveys or polls
– Courses as well as further instruction.

What is the most popular video topic on YouTube?

How-to videos are among the most popular kinds of YouTube videos that you may use to expand your channel. When someone wants to know how to do a given task, they typically look for how-to manuals or tutorials online. Good tutorials also demonstrate this with easy-to-follow step-by-step directions.

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