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12 Car Decoration for Wedding Tips for The Best Wedding Day | 2024 Reveals

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Leah Nguyen 22 April, 2024 9 min read

Picture it - the newlyweds driving away from the ceremony to whoops and hollers, tin cans trailing behind them, and a giant "Just Married!" sign draped across the bumper.

Yep, you can absolutely exit your own wedding in true rom-com style with the right decorations on your getaway car.

Whether you've rented a pristine white limo or you're using your trusty old SUV, decking out your wedding car is easy, peasy, and quite impactful.

Dive in with us to see the best car decoration for wedding ideas.

What do you use to decorate wedding cars?Ribbons, flowers, string lights, and photo clips of the married couple are what you can use to decorate a wedding car.
Why decorate a wedding car?Decorating a wedding car transforms it from ordinary transportation into a moving part of the wedding ceremony itself. It signifies the love and appreciation the couple has for each other.
What is the importance of wedding decorations?Wedding decorations set the mood and theme, make the event feel special, and tie everything together.
Car Decoration for Wedding

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The Best Car Decoration for Wedding

Get that adorable, romantic wedding car exit you've always dreamed of with a few simple decorations. Your loved ones will be snapping pics and "oohing" and "ahhing" as you embark on your lives as new newlyweds.

#1. Elegant Car Decoration for Wedding

Elegant Car Decoration for Wedding
Just Married Car Decorations - Elegant Car Decoration for Wedding

Instead of plastering your ride in overly done decor, keep it simple and stylish with a classic "Just Married" board.

For couples who prefer understated elegance over over-the-topness, this is the way to celebrate your newlywed ride. Imagine the impact: a crisp white car with a beautiful board proclaiming "Just Married" in cursive script. So chic!

Tie a bouquet of bright pink blooms to the rearview mirror. The pop of colour against the minimalist white finish gives it the perfect romantic splash, while still keeping it unfussy.

When it comes to wedding car design, less is truly more. A classic "Just Married" board is one of the great but simple wedding car decoration ideas you can think of.

#2. Romantic Car Decoration for Wedding

Romantic Car Decoration for Wedding
Romantic Car Decoration for Wedding

Want to give your bride a proper "Romance is in the air" entrance? Marriage wedding car decoration with flowers? Decorate your wedding car ride with lush, fragrant roses.

Red roses are the quintessential symbol of true love- they'll immediately set the romantic vibes on high for your special day. Imagine your bride's smile as she sees the car bedecked with the blooms that speak of your eternal devotion.

Covering the interior and exterior of the car with beautiful roses is the perfect way to sweep your bride off her feet - literally! The heavenly aroma filling the car as you drive away will have her swooning.

#3. Simple Car Decoration for Wedding

Simple Car Decoration for Wedding with Wreath
Simple Car Decoration for Wedding with Wreath

Want to give your wedding car a touch of elegance? A floral wreath is a simple decor hack for transforming your ride into a rolling celebration of your love.

A wreath of fresh or faux flowers draped over the trunk tells every onlooker that you two lovebirds are officially starting your journey together as a married couple.

It screams "We just tied the knot and we're thrilled about it!"

Compared to filling the whole car with flowers, a single wreath concentrated on the trunk makes a big visual impression while still feeling restrained.

#4. Quirky Car Decoration for Wedding

Quirky Car Decoration for Wedding
Quirky Car Decoration for Wedding with Just Married Car Sign.

How to decorate your car in a special way? When you picture a "Just Married!" getaway car, you probably think of strings of streamers, cans trailing behind, and a giant sign draped over the back. And that whimsical décor - remnants of a classic rom-com send-off scene - definitely has its charm!

If you want your vehicle's decorations to feel like something straight out of a romantic comedy, dress up your car with the streamers, tin cans, and "Just Married!" sign draped across the bumper. Ward off any bad vibes with the sound of tin cans clacking against the road as you and your partner make your getaway.

#5. Classic Car Decoration for Wedding

Classic Car Decoration for Wedding
Classic Car Decoration for Wedding

Classic car decor would make your wedding more chic and astonishing. To decorate your wedding car in a classic yet meaningful way, opt for timeless elements that represent the symbols and traditions important to you as a couple.

Tie satin ribbons to the doors and mirrors in your wedding colours or place fresh flower bouquets in the windows.

Hang wooden cutouts with your initials or wedding date from the roof and place photo frames with pictures of you two on the dashboard.

Classic car decorations like ribbons, flowers, cutouts, and framed photos will imbue your getaway car with symbolic meaning that matches the timeless love you share.

Car Decoration for Wedding Tips

How to decorate a wedding car in a gorgeous and charming way? It's small details that have big impacts - incorporate these tips to make your ride reflect the joy and love you feel on your special day!

#6. Use Silk Ribbons

Use Silk Ribbons - Car Decoration for Wedding
Use Silk Ribbons - Car Decoration for Wedding

While streamers are a classic getaway car decoration, if you're envisioning a more elegant, sophisticated wedding day vibe, go for silk ribbons instead.

Pair ribbons tied around the door handles and mirrors with a simple floral wreath drapped across the trunk and a chic "Just Married" banner hanging from the rear window.

The restrained yet beautiful result perfectly suits upscale celebrations.

#7. Display Cursive Calligraphy

Display Cursive Calligraphy - Car Decoration for Wedding
Display Cursive Calligraphy -Car Decoration for Wedding

Decorating your wedding getaway car with fancy lettering? Done right, it can be gorgeous!

Make a statement by draping an elegant banner across your windshield or trunk. But bypass the cliche neon "Just Married!" in favour of intricate calligraphy spelling out "Mr. & Mrs." followed by your last name. The carefully crafted script instantly evokes timeless romance.

#8. Match The Surroundings

Match The Surroundings - Car Decoration for Wedding
Match The Surroundings-Car Decoration for Wedding

Take inspiration from your venue's natural surroundings for a more understated theme.

If you want to decorate your wedding getaway car in a way that reflects your unique venue, forgo the usual rubber-stamped signs and use car decorations including ribbons, flowers, and car paint with similar colour palettes to the venue you are in.

Your ride will feel perfectly in tune with the one-of-a-kind place you'll always remember as the setting for your love story.

#9. Decorate The Front

Decorate The Front - Car Decoration for Wedding
Decorate The Front-Car Decoration for Wedding

Tired of the usual "trunk decor only" approach to wedding car decor? Spruce up the front end for a unique twist!

Think outside the trunk when decorating your wedding car.

Switch things up by making the front end the show-stopping star, then keep the rear decor minimal to create an aesthetic of lively foreground versus a quiet backdrop.

#10. Go for Vibrant Flowers

Go for Vibrant Flowers - Car Decoration for Wedding
Go for Vibrant Flowers - Car Decoration for Wedding

If you're a couple who enjoys bold designs, a spray of vibrant flowers would make for an ideal car decoration.

For spring or summer celebrations held in a garden, a bunch of pink, white, and orange blossoms on your wedding car would be perfect.

This entire arrangement would stand out particularly well against a white car.

#11. Make Your Own Sign

Make Your Own Sign - Car Decoration for Wedding
Make Your Own Sign -Car Decoration for Wedding

Tired of the same old "Just Married" signs? Flex your DIY muscles and create your own unique getaway car sign!

Making your own sign gives you total creative freedom - from simple and straightforward to an elaborate display. It allows you to tailor your DIY wedding car decorations perfectly to your wedding vibe.

#12. Elevate with a Luxury Banner

Elevate with Luxury Banner - Car Decoration for Wedding
Elevate with Luxury Banner-Car Decoration for Wedding

If you want your car decor to match the upscale tone of your wedding, ditch the streamers, tin cans, and abundance of flowers in favour of a single stunning accent made from high-end materials.

A beautifully calligraphed luxury fabric sign draped across your trunk will feel perfectly suited to the refined, elegant affair you're celebrating - announcing your union in a manner as stylish and polished as the event itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to decorate your car aesthetic?

The most aesthetic car decor comes from a place of clarity - knowing your personal style and vision, then executing it in a simple, coordinated way using a limited palette of harmonious materials, colours, and textures. Let your own good taste guide you!

How can I make my car cute?

To make your car cute, consider these ideas:

  • Floor mats: Colorful or patterned mats add fun personality.
  • String lights: Charged battery lights give your car a cosy glow.
  • Charms: Dangly charms from mirror/vents in star, and moon designs.
  • Furry seat covers: Pink, pastel neutral colors in furry fabric.
  • Fur accents: Wheel covers, and seat belts for a cuddly texture.
  • Mini collectibles: Dash decor like plants, and figures. Change seasonally.
  • Sun shades: Polka dot, striped patterns dress up windows.
  • Custom plate: Choose a design with a floral motif or phrase.

Add a mix of cosy, playful, and cheerful elements in bright colours to match your personality. String lights, dangly charms, and fur textures go a long way to making your ride feel cute and fun!

How can I make my car look elegant?

To make your car look elegant, focus on:

  • Simplicity
  • Neutral tones
  • Quality materials
  • Minimal decor
  • Sleek lines and shapes
  • Understated sophistication

The essence of an elegant car aesthetic is restraint. Resist clutter and "bling" in favour of clean lines, refined materials and neutral palettes. Simple style upgrades and minimalist decor can completely transform your ride into the ride of distinction you desire.