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Interactive Classroom Polling in 2024 | Top +7 Choices


Anh Vu 21 March, 2024 7 min read

Looking for a live poll for classroom? Active learning is essential for a successful class. Through AhaSlides' live polls feature, you can set up an interactive classroom polling.

So, why use polling apps for classroom? If you are reading this, chances are you are a teacher or educator trying to improve your students' experience. As educators strive to involve students in the learning process more directly with active learning, this means you should include more interactive activities in your classroom.

👏 More interactive solutions to energise classroom activities!

By incorporating interactive elements into your lessons, you can drastically improve your students' performance. Besides, working with students is always more fun when they are enthusiastic!

Creating fun and engaging interactions for your class requires a lot of creativity and effort, especially when you're creating interactive polls for presentations! Check out best tips to take online polls for fun. Therefore if you're looking for live polling for classroom, definitely this is an article for you!

🎊 Guide on how to create a poll, along with 45 questionnaire samples for students!


Best poll website for classroom?AhaSlides, Google Forms, Plickers and Kahoot
How many questions should be included in the classroom polling?3-5 questions
Overview of Classroom Polling

Make Your Classroom Polling with AhaSlides

AhaSlides is the technological solution for an interactive classroom. It is a presentation software with live polling key features. Through live polls, your students can learn actively, raise their opinions and brainstorm their ideas, compete in a friendly round of quiz, gauge their understanding, and much more.

Just prepare your set of poll questions before your class and ask your students to join in through their smartphones.

Check out the 7 live classroom polling examples below!

Discover Your Students' Expectations

On the first day, you would most probably ask your students what they hope to get from your class. Collecting your students' expectation will help you teach them better and focus on what they really need.

But, asking your students one by one is very time consuming. Instead, you can easily collect all of your students' thoughts with AhaSlides.

Through the live open-ended polls, your students can write down their thoughts on the phone and submit to you.

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Using AhaSlides' open-ended live polls to find out about your students' expectation and make your classroom interactive
AhaSlides Classroom Polling - Poll Questions for Students - Benefits of using classroom polling

TIPS: If you use PowerPoint, you can upload your presentation to AhaSlides using the Import function. Then, you will not have to start your lecture over from sratch.

Interactive Polls - Break The Ice

Begin your class with an icebreaker. Set up some live word cloud polls on AhaSlides to learn more about your students.

You can ask your students about a subject related to your class, for instance: "What is one word that comes to your mind when you hear 'Computer Science'?"

You can also ask a fun question like: “Which flavor of ice cream best represents you?"

Using AhaSlides' live word cloud polls to break the ice and make your classroom interactive
Checkout AhaSlides classroom polling | After your students have answered, display the result on the screen and certainly let everyone have a good laugh.

Word cloud works best when answered in one to two words. Thus, you should consider asking questions with short answers.

Also: if you are looking for more interactive icebreakers, these are 21+ Icebreaker Games for better team meeting engagement!

Brainstorm In A Creative Exercise

You can also use AhaSlides' live open-ended polls for a creative exercise. Pose a question or a prompt and ask your students to brainstorm their ideas.

Using AhaSlides' open-ended live polls to brainstorming ideas and make your classroom interactive
AhaSlides Classroom Polling | This interactive exercise helps your student to think deeply and to discover new perspectives about the topic.

You can also ask your students to discuss in group and submit their answers together.

Assess Your Students' Comprehension

You don't want your students to be lost in your lecture. After you have taught them a concept or idea, ask your students how well they understand it.

Using AhaSlides' multiple choice live polls to gauge your students' comprehension and make your classroom interactive

Consequently, you can gauge your students' comprehension and go over your material one more time if your students are still struggling.

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Compare Your Students' Opinions

There are probably multiple contrasting ideas and concepts in your field. If you are drawing such a contrast in your lesson, have your students express which concepts they are more related to. Your students can simply cast their votes with live multiple choice polls.

Comparing opinions in the classroom with multiple choice live polls on AhaSlides
AhaSlides Classroom Polling | You can conduct this poll as an experiment to see which concepts are more favorable to your students.

From the result, you will gain an insight about how your students think and relate to your teaching subject.

If your students' opinions differ greatly, then this exercise can serve as the beginning of a passionate discussion for your classroom.

Compete in a Quiz

Your students always learn better with a friendly dose of competition. Therefore, you can set up live quiz polls at the end of your class to recap the lesson or at the beginning to refresh your students' mind.

Using AhaSlides' live quiz polls to compete and make your classroom interactive
AhaSlides Classroom Polling

Also, don't forget a prize for the winner!

Follow up for Questions

While this is not a poll, allowing your students to ask follow-up questions is a great way to make your classroom more interactive. You may be used to asking your students to raise their hands for questions. But, using the Q&A session feature would allow students to be more confident in asking you.

Since not all of your students are comfortable with raising their hands, they can instead post their questions onto the slide.

Using AhaSlides' Q&A session to crowdsource questions from your students and make your classroom interactive
AhaSlides Classroom Polling | You can address your their questions throughout the lesson or alternatively hold a Q&A session at the end of your class.

As a result, gathering your students' questions through a Q&A slide will help you discover any gaps in knowledge among your students and address them as necessary.

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Final Words On Classroom Polling

So, let's create a poll of the day for students! We hope that you are inspired and that you will subsequently try some of these interactive activities in your classroom.

Click below to create an online poll for students!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to conduct classroom voting activity?

Step 1: Prepare Your Question or Statement
Step 2: Determine Voting Options
Step 3: Introduce the Voting Activity
Step 4: Distribute Voting Tools
Step 5: Display the Question and Options
Step 6: Give Time for Consideration
Step 7: Cast Votes
Step 8: Tally the Votes
Step 9: Discuss the Results
Step 10: Summarize and Conclude

Materials Needed for Classroom Voting Activities?

1. Question or statement for the vote.
2. Voting options (e.g., multiple-choice answers, yes/no, agree/disagree).
3. Voting cards or tools (e.g., coloured cards, clickers, online polling platforms).Whiteboard or projector (for displaying the question and options).
4. Marker or chalk (for the whiteboard, if applicable).

What is poll website for classroom?

Top voting app for classroom options include Mentimeter, Kahoot!, Polleverywhere, Quizizz and Socrative!