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14 Best Classroom Management Strategies And Techniques in 2023

14 Best Classroom Management Strategies And Techniques in 2023


Jane Ng 10 Jan 2023 7 min read

There are various classroom management strategies that you can use in your classroom. Some strategies are universally applicable to any class and age. But some things are only suitable for a group of students. So, which will be most effective depends on your interests and your students, as well as the teaching method you follow.

However, remember that when a teacher does an excellent job of incorporating classroom management strategies, their students have more opportunities to do better in class.

Let’s look at some of the best strategies you can use!

Let Classroom Management Strategies support your journey to becoming a “super cool” teacher!

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Effective Classroom Management Strategies For New Teachers

1/ Interactive Classroom Activities – Classroom Management Strategies

Instead of students passively absorbing knowledge with traditional teaching methods, the “Interactive Classroom” method has changed the situation. 

Nowadays, in this new classroom model, students will be the centre, and teachers will be in charge of teaching, guiding, directing, and assisting. Teachers will reinforce and enhance lessons through Interactive Classroom Activities with multimedia lectures with engaging, fun content that makes it easy for students to interact. Students can actively participate in lessons with activities such as:

  • Interactive Presentions
  • Jigsaw Learning
  • Quizzes
  • Role-play
  • Debates

Interactive Classroom Activities are increasingly used in popularity. This is considered one of the most effective classroom management strategies to attract students’ attention with real-time lectures.

2/ Innovative Teaching Methods – Classroom Management Strategies

Innovating teaching methods is transitioning from educational programs that approach the content to learners’ ability. 

It helps students promote creativity and develops skills including self-research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, soft skills, and self-assessment. 

In particular, Innovating teaching methods also make the class a lot more alive by:

  • Use the design-thinking process
  • Use virtual reality technology
  • Use AI in education
  • Blended learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • ….

These are methods that you don’t want to miss!

Source: AhaSlides

3/ Classroom Management Skills – Classroom Management Strategies

Whether you are a new teacher or have years of experience, classroom management skills will help you run your classroom smoothly and help create a positive learning environment for your students.

You can practice classroom management skills with key points around:

  • Create a Happy Classroom
  • Capture Student’s attention
  • No more noisy classroom
  • Positive Discipline

These skills will be critical contributors to your Classroom Management Strategies.

4/ Teaching Soft Skills – Classroom Management Strategies

In addition to transcripts, certificates, and academic achievements, what helps students truly become “adults” and cope with life after school are soft skills. 

They don’t just help students cope better with crises. But also help to improve listening skills leading to care, empathy, and a better understanding of situations and people.

To teach soft skills effectively, there can be the following ways:

  • Group Projects and Teamwork
  • Learning and Assessment
  • Experimental Learning Techniques
  • Note Taking and Self-Reflections
  • Peer Review
  • ….

When equipped with soft skills early and fully, students will easily adapt and integrate better. So it will be much easier to manage your class.

What helps students truly become “adults” and cope with life after school are soft skills. Imae: freepik

5/ Formative Assessment Activities – Classroom Management Strategies

In a balanced rating system, both formative and summative assessments are extremely important in gathering information. If you rely too much on either assessment form, the status of tracking student learning will become ambiguous and inaccurate.

When applied to practice in the classroom, Formative assessment activities provide information for teachers to easily adjust teaching to suit the student’s acquisition pace quickly. These minor adjustments help students achieve their learning goals and acquire knowledge most effectively.

Here are some Formative Assessment Activities ideas: 

  • Quizzes and Games
  • Interactive Classroom Activities
  • Discussion and debate
  • Live Polls and Survey 
  • ….

These Formative Assessment Activities will help teachers to understand where students are having problems with the lesson. What kind of teaching do students like? How well do students understand today’s lesson? etc. 

Behaviour Management Strategies In The Classroom

1/ Behaviour Management Strategies – Classroom Management Strategies

Teachers play a much bigger role than just thinking they teach subjects. With the time teachers spend with students in the classroom, teachers are a model for students to follow, helping them regulate emotions and manage behaviour. This is why teachers need to prepare Behavior Management Strategies.

Behaviour Management Strategies will help you master your classroom and how to work with your students to achieve a healthy and stress-free learning environment. Some of the techniques mentioned are:

  • Set Classroom Rules With Students
  • Limited Time For Activities
  • Stop The Mess With A Little Humor
  • Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Turn “Punishment” Into “Reward
  • Three Steps Of Sharing


It can be said that the success of a class depends on many factors, but the fundamental element is behaviour management.

Image: freepik

2/ Classroom Management Plan – Classroom Management Strategies

Along with behaviour management strategies, creating a classroom management plan will help teachers build a healthier learning environment and hold students accountable for their behaviour. A classroom management plan will provide benefits such as:

  • Create quality lessons to help students absorb knowledge better.
  • Students get used to rewarding and reinforcing good behaviour in the classroom and significantly reducing lousy behaviour.
  • Students also have autonomy in making their own decisions.
  • Students and teachers will understand and adhere to the boundaries of each.

In addition, some steps to develop a classroom management plan include:

  • Set up the classroom rules
  • Set boundaries between teachers and students
  • Use Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Reach out to parents
  • ….

Preparing a classroom management plan in conjunction with the family will create the ideal environment to help limit and address unacceptable student behaviour in the classroom, thereby motivating students to develop their potential. 

Fun Classroom Management Strategies 

1/ Student Classroom Engagement – Classroom Management Strategies

Keeping students engaged throughout the lesson is an excellent way of classroom management strategies. In particular, they are a great motivator for your students to come to class and for yourself when preparing each new lesson.

Some ways to increase student classroom engagement include:

  • Use Student Opinion
  • Get ’em Talking
  • Breed Competition with a Quiz
  • Set up Q&A Checkpoints
  • ….

These techniques will help you spark your students’ innate curiosity to learn, as well as make learning time more enjoyable.

Source: AhaSlides

2/ Online Learning Student Engagement – Classroom Management Strategies

Online learning is no longer a nightmare for teachers and students with Online Learning Student Engagement techniques.

Instead of boring virtual presentations full of theory, students are distracted by the sound of the TV, a dog, or just… sleepy. Seven tips to improve Online Learning With Student Engagement will “rescue” teachers and students. Some can be mentioned as follows:

  • Classroom Quizzes
  • Games & Activities
  • Flipped Role Presentations
  • Collaborative Tasks for Students
  • ….

These will undoubtedly be the best virtual classroom management strategies.

3/ Flipped Classroom – Classroom Management Strategies

Teaching has grown and changed so much that traditional methods have now given way to interactive classroom activities taking centre stage. And Flipped Classroom is a most interesting learning method because it brings the following benefits:

  • Students develop independent learning skills
  • Teachers can create more engaging lessons
  • The students learn at their own pace and in their way.
  • Students can build a more profound understanding
  • Teachers can provide a more tailored approach
Flipped Classroom – Everything you need to know

Tools for Classroom Management Strategies 

In recent years, traditional teaching and learning methods are gradually no longer suitable for the 4.0 technology era. Now teaching is completely renewed with the help of technology tools to create a dynamic, developing, and highly interactive learning environment for students.

1/ Classroom Response Systems – Classroom Management Strategies

The Classroom response system (CRS) is now straightforward to build. With a smartphone, students can participate in audio and visual multimedia polls, present brainstorming and word clouds, play live quizzes, etc.

And with a classroom response system, teachers can:

  • Store data on any of the free online classroom feedback systems.
  • Increase student engagement through interactive activities.
  • Improve both online and offline learning experiences.
  • Assess student understanding and Attendance Check.
  • Give and grade assignments in class

Some popular Classroom Response Systems are AhaSlides, Poll Everywhere, and Gim Kit.

2/ Google Classroom Alternatives

Google Classroom is one of the most popular learning management systems (LMS). 

However, the system will be difficult to use if the teacher is not too tech-savvy. And it also has limitations such as difficulty integrating with other applications, no automated quizzes or tests, lack of advanced LMS features with a limited level of age, and violation of privacy.

But don’t worry because Google Classroom is not the only solution. There are many Google Classroom Alternatives on the market, with tons of advanced features for learning management systems.

3/ Digital tools in education – Classroom Management Strategies

Why not let technology help us in our classroom management strategies? With these digital tools in education, students will quickly be attracted to an engaging lecture by interactive activities such as quizzes, live polls, word clouds, spinner wheel, etc. And students also quickly self-study and know what to do through features such as assigning tasks and homework.

(Some of the best digital tools being used the most are Google Classroom, AhaSlides, Baamboozle, and Kahoot) 

Image: freepik

4/ Tools For Educators – Classroom Management Strategies

These Tools For Educators will serve as an Ultimate Guide to Effective Classroom Management. Not only introduces the best tools in education in 2023, but it also introduces the:

  • New Classroom Models: Virtual Classroom and Flipped Classroom
  • Free Tech Tools For Teachers: No more noisy classrooms with new teaching techniques and interactive classroom activities.
  • New Ways of Teaching: With tips and tools for successful classroom management and successful project management for teachers
  • Super Tips for managing online classes and creating an online class schedule

You don’t want to miss out on these superpower classroom management strategies!

Key Takeaways

There are many different classroom management strategies out there. However, to find out what works with your class and students, there is no other way but to be patient, creative, and listen to the needs of your students each day. You can also incorporate the classroom management strategies that AhaSlides outlined above into a “secret” of your own. 

And especially, don’t forget about the advantages technology brings to teachers today; tons of educational tools are waiting for you to use!