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Decor Checklist For Wedding | Everything You Need For A Beautiful Day | 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 8 min read

Ready to make your wedding awesome? If you’re feeling both pumped and a tiny bit lost, that’s where we come in! Let’s tackle one of the most fun (and let’s be honest, sometimes overwhelming) parts of the planning – decorating! Ourdecor checklist for weddings has everything you need to style your day, whether full-on fancy or adorably laid-back. Get ready to make some magic!

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Your Dream Wedding Starts Here

Ceremony Decor – Decor Checklist For Wedding

This is where your wedding begins, and it’s your chance to make a first impression that’s both breathtaking and uniquely you. So, grab your notepad (or your wedding planner), and let’s break down the essentials of ceremony deco.

Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: Hibbert & Hagstrom

Traditional Aisle Decor 

  • Runners: Pick a runner that matches your wedding vibe—classic white, pretty lace, or cozy burlap.
  • Petals: Toss some colorful petals down the aisle to make your walk extra romantic.
  • Lights: Use lanterns, candles, or twinkly lights to make the evening glow.
  • Flowers: Place little bouquets or single flowers on chairs or in jars along the aisle. It’ll look so charming!
  • Markers: Jazz up your aisle with cool markers like cute potted plants or signs that show off what makes you, well, you!

Altar or Archway Decor

Image: Pinterest
  • Structure: Pick something that feels right for your setting, like an arch or a simple altar.
  • Draping: A bit of draped fabric can make everything look so elegant. Go with colors that match your day.
  • Flowers: Use flowers to draw everyone’s eyes to where you’ll be saying “I do.” Think about using garlands or even a floral curtain for a wow effect.
  • Lighting: If you’re saying your vows under the stars, add some lights around your altar area to sprinkle a little magic.
  • Personal Touches: Make it yours by adding things that mean a lot to you both, like family photos or symbols that are special to you.

Seating Decor

  • Chair Decor: Dress up the chairs with a simple bow, some flowers, or anything that looks cute.
  • Reserved Signs: Make sure your nearest and dearest have the best seats with special signs.
  • Comfort: If you’re outside, think about your guests’ comfort—blankets for cool days or fans for warm ones.
  • Aisle Ends: Give the ends of your rows a little love with some decorations to frame your aisle just right.

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Reception Decor – Decor Checklist For Wedding

Here’s a simple yet fab checklist to get your reception looking dreamy.


  • Fairy Lights & Candles: Nothing sets the mood like soft lighting. Wrap fairy lights around beams or place candles everywhere for that romantic glow.
  • Lanterns: Hang lanterns or place them around for a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  • Spotlights: Highlight special spots like the cake table or dance floor to draw everyone’s eyes.

Floral Arrangements

Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: Elisa Prati Wedding Italy
  • Bouquets: Flowers here, flowers there, flowers everywhere! Bouquets can add life and color to any corner.
  • Hanging Installations: If you’re feeling fancy, why not a floral chandelier or vine-covered hoops? They’re surefire showstoppers.

Special Touches

  • Photo Booth: Set up a quirky photo booth with fun props. It’s decor and entertainment rolled into one.
  • Signage: Welcome signs, menu boards, or quirky quotes—signs can guide your guests and add a personal touch.
  • Memory Lane: A table with photos of you two or loved ones adds a heartwarming touch and sparks conversations.

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Table Settings – Decor Checklist For Wedding

Let’s make those tables at your wedding look like a dream! 


Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: My Lady Dye

Tablecloths & Runners

  • Dress Up Those Tables: Choose colors and materials that fit your wedding theme. Whether it’s elegant satin, rustic burlap, or chic lace, make sure your tables are dressed to impress.

Place Settings

  • Plate Perfection: Mix and match plates for a fun vibe or keep it classic with a matching set. Add a charger plate underneath for an extra touch of fancy.
  • Cutlery & Glassware: Lay out your forks, knives, and glasses in a way that’s not just practical but also pretty. Remember, the little details matter.
  • Napkins: Fold them, roll them, tie them with a ribbon, or tuck a sprig of lavender inside. Napkins are a chance to add a pop of color or a personal touch.

Name Cards & Menu Cards

Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: Etsy
  • Guide Your Guests: Personalized name cards make everyone feel special. Pair them with a menu card for a touch of elegance and to let guests know what culinary delights await.

Extra Touches

  • Favors: A little gift at each place setting can double as decor and a thank-you to your guests.
  • Thematic Flair: Add elements that tie into your wedding theme, like a seashell for a beach wedding or a pinecone for a forest vibe.

Remember: Make sure your decor is lovely but doesn’t overcrowd the table. You want room for food, elbows, and lots of laughter.


Cocktail Hour – Decor Checklist For Wedding

Let’s make sure your cocktail hour space is as inviting and fun as the rest of your day with a decor checklist that’s easy to follow. Here we go!

Welcome Sign

  • Say It With Style: A chic welcome sign sets the tone. Think of it as the first hello to your guests, inviting them into the celebration with open arms.

Seating Arrangements

  • Mix & Mingle: Have a mix of seating options available. Some high-top tables for guests who love to stand and chat, and some cozy lounge areas for those who want to sit back and relax.
Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: Martha Stewart

Bar Area

  • Dress It Up: Make the bar a focal point with some fun decor elements. A custom sign with your signature drinks, some greenery, or even hanging lights can make the bar area pop.


  • Set the Mood: Soft lighting is key. String lights, lanterns, or candles can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites your guests to relax and enjoy.

Personal Touches

  • Add a Bit of You: Have photos of your journey together or little notes about the signature drinks being served. It’s a great way to share your story and add a personal touch.


  • Background Vibes: Some background music will keep the atmosphere lively and engaging whether it’s a live musician or a curated playlist.
Decor Checklist For Wedding – Image: Wedding Sparrow

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Bonus Tips:

  • Flow Is Key: Make sure there’s plenty of room for guests to move around and mingle without feeling cramped.
  • Keep Guests Informed: Small signs directing guests to the bar, restrooms, or the next event location can be helpful and decorative.

Final Thoughts

Your decor checklist is set, now let’s make your wedding unforgettable! From stunning table settings to a dance floor filled with laughter, every detail tells your love story. 

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