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220++ Easy Topics for Presentation of All Ages | Best in 2024


Astrid Tran 07 April, 2024 10 min read

What are some easy topics for presentation?

Are you looking for topics for presentation for students? Presentation is a nightmare for some people, while others enjoy speaking out front of the mass. Understanding the essence of making a persuasive and exciting presentation is a good starting point. But all of the above, the secret of confidently presenting is simply choosing the suitable topics. Bear in mind that easy topics for presentation is should be your first choice.

In this article, we give you a full list of 220 ++easy topics for a presentation covering various subjects such as current events, media, history, education, literature, society, science, technology etc…

easy topics for presentation
Good topics for a presentation – Easy topics for presentation at school as a kid

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30++ Easy Topics for Presentation for Kids

These are the 30 simple topics to present!

1. My favorite cartoon character

2. My favorite time of the day or week

3. The most hilarious movies I have ever watched

4. The best part of being alone

5. What are the best stores my parents told me

6. Me-time and how do I spend it effectively

7. Boardgames with my family gatherings

8. What Would I suppose to do if I were a superhero

9. What do my parents keep telling me every day?

10. How much do I spend on social media and video games?

11. The most meaningful gift I have ever received.

12. What planet would you visit and why?

13. How to make a friend?

14. What do you enjoy doing with parents

15. In the head of a 5-year-old kid

16. What is the best surprise you ever had?

17. What do you think is beyond the stars?

18. What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

19. What is the easy way to communicate with others?

20. My pet and how to persuate your parents buy one for you.

21. Making money as a kid

22. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

23. Smacking a child should be illegal

24. My hero in real life

25. The best summer/winter sport is…

26. Why I love dolphins

27. When to call 911

28. National Holidays

29. How to take care of a plant

30. What is your favorite author?

30++ Easy Topics for Presentation for Elementary School Students

31. Who is William Shakespeare?

32. My top 10 favorite classic novels of all time

33. Protect the Earth as soon as possible

34. We want to have own own future

35. 10 Hands-On Science Projects to Teach About Pollution.

36. How does a rainbow work?

37. How come the earth goes round and round?

38. Why is a dog often called a “man’s best friend”?

39. Research strange or rare animals/birds or fish.

40. How to learn another language

41. What are the kids really want their parents do for them

42. We love peace

43. Every children should have a chance to go to school

44. Art and kids

45. Toy is not only a toy, it is our friend

46. Hermits

47. Mermaid and myths

48. Hidden wonders of the worlds

49. A quieter world

50. How I improve my love to my hated subject in shool

51. Should students have the right to choose what school they go to?

52. Uniforms are better

53. Graffiti is art

54. Winning is not as important as participating.

55. How to tell a joke

56. What made up the Ottoman Empire?

57. Who is Pocahontas?

58. What are the main Native American cultural tribes?

59. How to budget monthly expenses

60. How to pack a first-aid kit at home

30++ Simple and Easy Topics for Presentation for High school students

61. The history of the internet

62. What is Virtual Reality and how has it improved campus life?

63. The history of Tango

64. Hallyu and its influence youngster style and thinking.

65. How to Avoid Being Late

66. Hookup Culture and Its Impact on Teens

67. Military Recruitment on Campus

68. When Should Teens Start to Vote

69. Could music mend a broken heart

70. Meet the flavourists

71. Sleepy in South

72. Practice body language

73. Is technology is harmful for young people

74. The fear of number

75. What I want to be in the future

76. 10 years after today

77. Inside the head of Elon Musk

78. Saving the wilde animals

79. Food supertitions

80. Online dating – threat or blessings?

81. We care too much about the way we look rather than who we really are.

82. The loneliness generation

83. Table manner and why are importance

84. Easy topic for starting a conversation with strangers

85. How to get into an international university

86. The importance of Gap year

87. There are such things called impossible

88. 10 memorable things about any country

89. What is cultural appropriation?

90. Respect other cultures

50++ Easy topics for presentation – 15-minute presentation ideas for college students

91. Metoo and how Feminism works in reality?

92. What confidence comes from?

93. Why is yoga so popular?

94. Generation gap and how to solve it?

95. How much do you know about polyglot

96. What is the difference between a religion and a cult?

97. What is Art Therapy?

98. Should people believe in Tarot?

99. Journey to a balanced diet

100. Healthy lifestyle and Healthy food?

101. Can you understand yourself by doing a fingerprint scanning test?

102. What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

103. Why should you learn a new language?

104. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

105. Are you decidophobia?

106. Depression is not that bad

107. What is the Boxing Day Tsunami?

108. How are TV commercials made?

109. Customer relationship in business growth

110. Become an influencer?

111. Youtuber, Streamer, Tiktoker, KOL,… Become famous and earn money easier than ever

112. The impact of TikTok on advertising

113. What is the greenhouse effect?

114. Why do humans want to colonize Mars?

115. When is the best time to get married?

116. What is a franchise and how does it work?

117. How to write a resume/CV effectively

118. How to win a scholarship

119. How does your time in university change your mindset?

120. Schooling versus Education

121. Deep-sea mining: Good and Bad

131. The importance of learning Digital skills

132. How Music Helps in Learning New Languages

133. Dealing with burnout

134. The tech-savy generation

135. How to Fight Poverty

136. Modern Female World Leaders

137.  Greek Mythology Importance

138. Are opinion polls accurate

139. Journalism Ethics and Corruption

140. United against food

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141. Do emojis make the language better

142. Are you pursuing your dream?

143. Confused by modern idioms

144. The smell of coffee

145. The world of Agatha Christie

146. The benefit of boredom

147. The benefit of laughing

148. The language of wine

149. Keys of the happiness

150. Learn from Bhutanese

151. Impacts of robots in our lives

152. Explain the hibernation of animals

153. Benefits of cybersecurity

154. Will man inhabit other planets?

155. Effects of GMOs on human health

156. The intelligence of tree

157. Loneliness

158. Explain the Big Bang Theory

159. Hacking can help?

160. Dealing with coronavirus

161. What is the point of blood types?

162. Power of books

163. Crying, why not?

164.Meditation and the brain

165. Eating bugs

166. Power of nature

167. Is it a good idea to have a tattoo

168. Football and their dark side

169. The decluttering trend

170. How your eyes predict your personality

171. Is E-sport a sport?

172. The future of marriage

173. Tips to make a video go viral

174. It is good to talk

175. Cold War

176. Being a Vegan

177. Gun control without guns

178. Rudeness phenomenon in city

179. Political-related easy topics for presentation

180. Easy topics for presentation as a beginner

181. Introvert inside an extrovert

182. Do you remember old tech?

183. Heritage sites

184. What are we waiting for?

185. The art of tea

186. The Ever-evolving art of Bonsai

187. Ikigai and how can it change our life

188. Minimalist life and guides for better life

189. 10 life hacks everyone should know

190. Love at the first sight

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easy topic for presentaion
Easy topics for presentations confidently

30++ Easy topics for presentation – TedTalk ideas

191. Women in Pakistan

192. Easy topics for presentation and conversation in the workplace

193. Animal phobias

194. Who do you think you are

195. Punctuation matters

196. Slang

197. Cities of the future

198. Preserving endangered indigenous languages

199. Fake love: Bad and Goo

200. The challenges of technology for the older generation

201. The art of conversation

202. Does climate change make you concern

203. Translating recipes

204. Women in the workplace

205. Quiet Quitting

206. Why are more people leaving their job?

207. Science and its restoring trust story

208. Preserving traditional recipes

209.  Post-epidemic life

210. How persuasive are you?

211. Food powder for the future

212. Welcome to Metaverse

213. How does photosynthesis work?

214. The usefulness of bacteria to human

215. Manipulation theory and practices

216. Blockchain and cryptocurrency

217. Help kids find their hobby

218. The circular economy

219. Concept of happiness

220. Dating apps and if the influence on our life

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The Bottom Line

Above are some good topics for a presentation! That’s the easy presentation topics! They are simple topics, easy to understand for both presenters and audience. Technology topics for presentation definitely isn’t the safe choice, as you should topics based on relevancy with the audience lives!

Did you find your favourite list of easy topics for your own presentation? Now that we have offered you the best easy case for a presentation, what about tips for a successful speech? Of course, we do have. Now pick up your most desired one, choose AhaSlides presentation free templates and customize it based on your preference. You can use it with PPT or use the available one is fine.

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