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120+ Examples of Interesting Topic For Speaking in 2024


Jane Ng 16 April, 2024 15 min read

Are you looking for good topics for a speech, specifically public speaking topics?

Are you a college student who is struggling to come up with an interesting topic for public speaking in a university contest, or simply to finish your speaking assignment with a high mark?


How long should a speech be?5-20 minutes
Best presentation software for a debate, or public speaking session?AhaSlides, Kahoot, Mentimeter…
How to make my section sound better because the chosen topic is boring?Yes, you can always use quiz, live poll, word cloud…
Overview of Interesting Topic For Speaking

If you are looking for a motivational or persuasive speech topic that will both interest you and captivate your audience, we are here to help you. So, how to choose an attractive public speaking topic that not only excites your audience but also helps you beat Glossophobia!?

AhaSlides will introduce you to 120+ Examples of Interesting Topic For Speaking and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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Public Speaking Tips with AhaSlides

How To Find An Interesting Topic For Speaking?

#1: Identify the theme and purpose of the speaking event

Determining the event’s purpose saves a lot of time and effort to figure out ideas for the speech. Although this is the main step and seems obvious, there are still speakers who prepare sketchy speech that doesn’t have strong point and doesn’t fit the event.

Image: Freepik – Interesting Topics to Speak about in the Speech

#2: Know your audience 

Before having unique speech topics, you must know your audience! Knowing what your audience has in common can help you choose a relevant topic. 

A reason why they are all sitting in the same room listening to you. General characteristics may include age, gender, seniority, education, interests, experience, ethnicity, and employment.

#3: Share your personal knowledge and experience

Keeping in mind the nature of your speaking event and audience, what related interesting topic for speaking are you interested in? Finding relevant topics will make researching, writing, and speak it more enjoyable.

#4: Catch any latest related news

Is there media coverage of a particular topic you and your audience want to know? Interesting and trending topics will make your talk much more engaging.

#5: Make a list of possible ideas

Time to brainstorm and jot down all potential ideas. You can ask your friends to add more ideas, or comments to make sure no opportunity is missed.

Image: macrovector

#6: Make a short topics list 

Reviewing the list and narrowing it down to three finalists. Consider all the factors like

  • Which of your interesting topic for speaking is the best fit for the speaking event? 
  • Which idea is most likely to appeal to your audience? 
  • What topics do you know the most about and find interesting?

#7: Make a decision and Stick With 

Picking a topic that surprises you, you find yourself naturally attached to, and stick it in your mind. Outline the selected topic, if you find it easiest and fastest to complete the outline. That’s the theme you should choose!

Still need more interesting speech topics? Here are some interesting topics for speaking ideas you can try.

30 Persuasive Speech Examples

  1. Being a mom is a career. 
  2. Introverts make excellent leaders
  3. Embarrassing moments make us stronger
  4. Winning is not what matters
  5. Animal testing should be eliminated
  6. The media should give equal coverage to Female sports 
  7. Should there be restrooms exclusively for transgender people?
  8.  The dangers of young people becoming famous online as children or teens.
  9. Intelligence depends more on the environment than genetics
  10. Arranged marriages must be outlawed
  11. How marketing affects people and their perceptions
  12. What are current global issues between countries?
  13. Should we use products made with animal fur?
  14. Is the electric car our new solution for the fossil fuel crisis?
  15. How do our differences make us unique?
  16. Are introverts better leaders?
  17. Social media make people’s self-image and self-esteem
  18. Does technology harm the youngster?
  19. Learning from your mistake
  20. Spending time with your grandparents
  21. A simple way to overcome stress
  22. How to learn more than two languages at the same time
  23. Should we use Genetically modified foods
  24. Tips to overcome covid-19 pandemic
  25. E-sports is important as other sport
  26. How to be self-employed?
  27. Does TikTok designed for an addition?
  28. How to enjoy your campus life meaningfully
  29. How can writing a journal help you become a better person?
  30. How to speak confidently in public?
Photo: Freepik – Topic ideas for speeches

29 Motivational Speaking Topics

  1. Why losing is necessary to succeed
  2. The dress code is unnecessary for office employees
  3. Parents should become their kids’ best friends
  4. Effective listening is more important than talking
  5. Why it is important to support local businesses
  6. How to turn Challenges into Opportunities
  7. Underrated art of patience & silent observation
  8. Why have personal boundaries important?
  9. Life is a chain of ups and downs
  10. Being honest about your own mistakes
  11. Being a winner
  12. Being a better role model to our children
  13. Don’t let others define who you are
  14. Donations make you happy
  15. Protech environment for the future generation
  16. Being confident
  17. Starting a healthy life by breaking a bad habit
  18. Positive thinking changes your life
  19. Effective leadership
  20. Listening to your inner voice
  21. Restarting a new career
  22. Starting a healthy life
  23. Women’s place at work
  24. To be successful, you have to be disciplined
  25. Time management
  26. Strategies for focusing on study and work
  27. Tips for quick weight loss
  28. Most inspiring moment
  29. Balancing social life with studies

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10 Random Interesting Topic For Speaking

You can use a spinner wheel to choose a random, weird speech topics, as it’s humorous, or interesting topic to speaking

  1. Thirteen is a lucky number
  2. 10 best ways to make your kids leave you alone
  3. 10 ways to annoy your parents
  4. Hot girl problems
  5. Boys gossip more than girls do
  6. Blame your cats for your problems
  7. Do not take life too seriously.
  8. If men had a menstrual cycle
  9. Control your laugh at serious moments
  10. The game of Monopoly is a mental sport

20 Unique Speech Topics

  1. Technology is a double-edged sword
  2. There is life after death
  3. Life is never fair for everyone
  4. A decision is more important than hard-working
  5. We live once
  6. The healing power of music
  7. What is the most ideal age to get married
  8. Is it possible to live without the internet
  9. Clothes do influence how people react to you
  10. Untidy people are more creative
  11. You are what you say
  12. Boarding game for family and friend bonding
  13. Gay couples can raise a good family
  14. Never give money to the beggar
  15. Crypto-currency
  16. Leadership cannot be taught
  17. Overcome the fear of Maths
  18. Should exotic animals should be kept as pets
  19. Why are so many beauty contests?
  20. Giving birth to a twins

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15 Topics for Public Speaking at University

  1. The virtual classroom will take over in the future
  2. Peer pressure is necessary for self-development
  3. Go to career fairs is a smart move
  4. Technical training is better than a bachelor’s degree
  5. Pregnancy is not the end of a student’s university dream
  6. Fake personas and social media
  7. Ideas for spring break trips
  8. Credit cards are harmful to college students
  9. Changing a major is not the end of the world
  10. The harmful effects of alcohol
  11. Dealing with adolescent depression
  12. Universities should have career counseling programs now and then
  13. Colleges and universities should be free to attend
  14. Multiple choice tests are better than essay tests
  15. Gap years are a very great idea
Image: comp

16 Topics for public speaking for college students

  1. State colleges are better than private colleges
  2. College dropouts are more successful than college pass outs
  3. Beauty > Leadership skills while participating in college elections?
  4. Plagiarism checks have made life more miserable
  5. Decorating your college apartment with a low budget
  6. How to be Happy Being Single
  7. College students should live on campus
  8. Saving money while in college
  9. Education should be available to everyone as a human right
  10. How we undermine depression by normalizing it
  11. Pros and cons of community college vs. a four-year college or university
  12. Media psychology and communication relationship
  13. Why are so many students afraid of public speaking?
  14. How is Emotional Intelligence measured?
  15. How to pick up a topic for your graduation project
  16. Can a hobby turn into a profitable business?

17 Speaking Topics for Students

  1. Teachers should be tested like students.
  2. Is higher education overrated?
  3. Cooking should be taught in schools
  4. Boys and girls are potentially equal in every aspect
  5. Are birds comfortable in the zoo?
  6. Online friends show more compassion
  7. Consequences of cheating in exams
  8. Homeschooling is better than normal schooling
  9. What are the best ways to stop bullying?
  10. Teens should have weekend jobs
  11. School days should start later
  12. Why reading is more beneficial than watching television?
  13. TV shows or movies about teenage suicide encourage it or prevent it?
  14. Students should be allowed to have cell phones in elementary, middle, and high school
  15. Internet chatrooms are not safe
  16. Spending time with your grandparents
  17. Parents should let students fail

You can take one of the ideas above and turn them into an interesting topic for speaking.

How to Make your Speech Better!

#1: Outline Public Speaking

Image: Freepik

An Interesting topic for speaking makes an excellent speech if it has a clear structure. Here is a typical example:


  • A. Capture the audience’s attention
  • B. Introduce the main idea you are talking about
  • C. Talk about why the audience should listen
  • D. Brief overview of the main points of your speech


A. First main point (spoken as a statement)

  • Subpoint (spoken as a statement, supporting the main point)
  • Evidence to support the main point
  • Any other potential sub-points, interpreted in the same way as 1

B. Second main point (expressed as a statement)

  • Subpoint (expressed as a statement; supporting the main point)
  • (Continue to follow the organization of the First Main Point)

C. Third main point (expressed as a statement)

  • 1. Subpoint (expressed as a statement; supporting the main point)
  • (Continued to follow the organization of First Main Point)


  • A. Summary – A brief review of the main points
  • B. Closing – Complete speech
  • C. QnA – Time to answer questions from the audience

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#2: Craft and Deliver an Interesting Inspirational Speech

Once you have chosen your ideal topic, now it is time for you to begin preparing content. Preparation is the key to delivering an impressive speech. You need to work hard to make sure each paragraph of your speech is informative, clear, relevant, and valuable to listeners. There are some guidelines and tips that you can follow to make your speech expressive and effective.

  1. Research your speech topic

It can be time-consuming and frustrating at the beginning but believe it or not once you adopt the right mindset and passion, you will enjoy the process of looking for different information. Make sure you follow the audience-centric and fill your knowledge gaps. Because above all, your goal is to educate, persuade or inspire your audience. Therefore, read everything that is related to the topic you are exploring as much as you can.

  • Create an outline

The best way to make sure your speech is spoken perfectly is to work on your draft which lists important outlines. It is the plan to help you stay on track, at the same time, ensure your paper is organized, focused, and supported. You can write down all the points and possible transitions between paragraphs.

  • Choosing the right words

Make sure you avoid the fluff and superfluous words that make your speech sounds cliche or boring. Put it shortly and concisely as Winston Churchill once said, “Short words are best, and old words, when short, are best of all.” However, don’t forget to stay true to your own voice. Moreover, you can ultimately use a sense of humor to engage your listeners but don’t overuse it if you don’t want to be blamed for the offense.

  • Support your main idea with persuasive examples and facts

There are a variety of useful sources that you can facilitate such as library sources, peer-reviewed academic journals, newspapers, Wikipedia… and even your personal library sources. One of the best inspiring examples can come from your own experience. Using anecdotes from your own life or someone that you know can stimulate the audience’s heart and mind at the same time. Additionally, you can quote reputable sources to prove your point of view more solid and persuasive.

  • Ending your speech with a strong conclusion

In your closing, restate your opinion, and exert the audience’s heartstrings at the last time by summarizing your points in a short and memorable sentence. Besides, you can call for action by giving the audience challenges which leave them motivated and remember your speech.

  • Practice makes perfect

Keeping on practicing is the only way to make your speech perfect. Don’t worry if you are not a good speaker. Again, practice makes perfect. Practicing before the mirror repeatedly or getting feedback from professionals will help you to build confidence and coherence while speaking.

  • Using AhaSlides to brighten up  your speech

Make use of this powerful tool as much as possible. Engaging visual presentation slides will absolutely help you capture the audience’s attention at the beginning as well as at the end of the speech. AhAslide is easy to use and portable for edit on almost devices. It is highly recommended by professionals around the world. Pick a template and have a go, your public speaking will never be the same again.


What are good speech topics? It can be difficult to choose an interesting topic for speaking from among such a wide variety of ideas. Think about which of the above topics you are most knowledgeable about, most comfortable with, and which opinions can be highlighted.

Follow AhaSlides’ articles on public speaking to improve your public speaking skills and make your speaking more attractive than ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

6 steps to find Interesting Topic For Speaking?

The 6 steps include:
(1) Identify the theme and purpose of the speaking event
(2) Know your audience 
(3) Share your personal knowledge and experience
(4) Catch any latest related news
(5) Make a list of possible ideas
(6) Make a short topics list 

Why interesting topics to speak are important?

Interesting topics are important for a speech because they help to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the presentation. When the audience is interested in the topic, they are more likely to be receptive to the message and to remember the key points of the speech.

Why interesting topics should be in short format?

Shorter speeches can be just as effective if they are well-crafted and delivered with impact. A short, powerful speech can leave a lasting impression on the audience and can be more memorable than a longer speech that rambles on. But please be aware that the length of a speech should be determined by the needs of the situation and the goals of the speaker.