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Top 17 Funny PowerPoint Topics for Presentations in 2024


Lakshmi Puthanveedu 29 March, 2024 7 min read

PowerPoints comedy is great! Powerpoint nights with your besties are the best nights. It's the perfect activity when you want to do something entertaining but want to avoid going to a frat house or dealing with a large crowd.

Powerpoint night videos are all the rage on TikTok right now, and if you have yet to try one, you're in for a treat. So, let's check out the top 17 Funny Powerpoint Topics!

Looking for things to make a slideshow about for fun? There are numerous ways to plan spectacular, fun PowerPoint night ideas with your friends; the best part is that it is relatively easy to execute.


Who invented Microsoft Powerpoint?Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin 
Original Purpose ofMicrosoft Powerpoint?Apple Macintosh
Original Name ofMicrosoft Powerpoint?Presenter
Who renamed MS PowerPoint?Robert Gaskins
Overview about MS Powerpoint - Funny Powerpoint Topics

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What is a PowerPoint Party?

A PowerPoint party is, at its core, a gathering where each attendee creates and delivers a presentation on a topic of their choice. Instead of a dull academic presentation, you can make the humorous topics as funny, playful, or niche as possible by creating your slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, AhaSlides, or Keynote.

The key is to be creative with your topics, whether it's an interactive Google Slides on how about your ex-es, a niche about Taylor Swift songs, a funny ranking of who's most likely to win Too Hot To Handle, or a breakdown of your roommates as Disney villains. You can even make it a competition, with scoring sheets and a grand prize at the end.

Are you ready to start playing? Here are some of the best Funny Powerpoint Topics ideas for your next gathering.

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Funny PowerPoint Topics

🎊 More 2024 tips about 17+ funny topics for powerpoint presentation

#1 Your Friends as dog breeds

If you have terrific friends, chances are they remind you of a specific dog breed: From cuddly golden retrievers to snappy angry tiny chihuahuas, your presentation will bring out the laughter fest.

#2 Friends as Spongebob characters

Mr, Krab, Patrick Star, and Squidward tentacles, there's undoubtedly a friend who is just like the living meme from Spongebob characters. The funny PowerPoint presentation topics with your friends as Spongebob characters will change your night.

#3 Your Friends as Taylor Swift Era

If you're a Swiftie, choosing your favourite era can be tricky—after all, each has at least one standout moment that could highlight the singer's entire career.

Try assigning your friends to iconic Taylor Swift eras; trust me, it will be the night!

#4 In your friends' bodies for a day

Let's say you switched bodies with your friends for the day. What sneaky things you'll be want to do.? That sounds hilarious. Try adding some memes along with the presentation pictures, and trust me, you got the Powerpoint party all covered.#

#5 What Reality TV Show each friend belongs to

You got friends you want to go out to lunch, dinner, or brunch with because they always have the most up-to-date gossip and news about people in your mutual circles. And there's another circle of literal drama queens that even tops the TV shows. Cast your friends in TV reality shows where you think they'll come out on top.

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Funny Powerpoint Topics
Powerpoint Topics for Fun - Funny Powerpoint Topics - Random PowerPoint topics

#6 Who knows me best: The Trivia Games

Still looking for interesting PowerPoint topics? Nothing tops the trivia games on PowerPoint party nights. Do you want to know who your loved ones know the most about you? Then continue reading! Who knows me? Best Questions are the fun games for determining who listens to your rants.

Allow two or more people to compete against each other! What if your boyfriend has to compete against your best friend? Or your mother versus your father? That sounds like a lot of fun! Or, check out 21+ icebreaker games that should be used to gain more fun for your PowerPoint parties!!

#7 Your friends as Disney characters

Cindrella, peter pan, Baymax ?. Who is that friend of yours who closely resembles the Disney characters you love? Enjoy the Disney-themed PowerPoint party with an absolute blast.

#8 Every Friend is a superhero -Funny Powerpoint Topics

Everyone is a superhero. When we think of a superhero, our mind automatically thinks of a world of superman, batman, or Ironman. Assign your friends as the superhero from Marvel and viola; let's start the funniest PowerPoint party. Remember to add and assign some comic powers to them as well.

#9 Selfie as Vogue Covers

Who doesn’t likes to live in their model era? Take those best vogue cover-worth selfies of your friends into those PowerPoint slides and begin the party. Rate them and crown the winner with the highest marks.

#10 Each friend as a skincare product

Face scrub, glow serum, foundation & the list goes. Label your besties as your routine skincare products with funny short descriptions that will make your PowerPoint party.

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#11 Your colleagues as Alcoholic beverages

Screwdriver, white Russian, Sea breeze, bloody mary, exciting names, rights ?. Let's see who is the personalised version of these alcoholic drinks. Name your friends as the popular alcoholic beverages, and let the fun begin.

#12 Your favourite memory with each friend

We all have some unforgettable and funny moments with our desert friends, So let's pick one such funny memory and share it during the PowerPoint point presentation party. Trust me. It will be one of the hilarious nights of your life.

#13 Band names each friend would name their band

Who doesn't like to flaunt their inner musicians from time to time? Spend the PowerPoint party nights by naming the possible band names of each friend a have a blast throughout the night.

#14 Prediction on Bachelor

Who is the most likely to receive the final rose on The Bachelor? You can predict the current Bachelor season's four hometown dates and the eventual winner.

#15 Roasting your friend's zodiac signs

The most [insert zodiac sign] thing has ever done Permission to roast the Leos and Scorpios in the room lightly—I can say that because I am one. But be gentle with your Pisces friends.

Funny Powerpoint Topics
Funny Powerpoint Topics - Euphoria High School Outfits - powerpoint ideas for friends

#16 Your Euphoria high school outfits

It needs to be done by a friend with legitimate Photoshop skills, but you're replacing everyone's stock photos with a Euphoria high school look.

#17 Each friend in a former lifetime

For instance, I was in the Salem witch trials. Perhaps one of your other friends was a badass anti-Civil War activist or was in the audience at the first Woodstock.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get the party to begin with funny PowerPoint topics! You also should add live Q&A feature to make your presentation more engaging and be opened for more feedback!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Funny Powerpoint Topics are essential?

Funny PowerPoint topics can be important for several reasons, as it enhance engagement, make slides more memorable and relatable, release stresses for presenters and also boost creativity! Tips: You should use an online quiz creator to make your presentation more engaging and memorable!

What are PowerPoint nights?

PowerPoint and presentation nights are actually the party you can hose at night, to get together with friends, and present on silly topics, to bring more funs to the group!

Is it hard to make an Interactive Powerpoint?

It's actually not, especially when you choose the perfectly working plug-in, compatible with MS Powerpoint. You can now create a free account to create an AhaSlides Interactive Powerpoint.