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Favourite Music Genre | 15 Questions To Find Your Musical Identity | 2024 Reveal


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 8 min read

Hey music lovers! If you’ve ever found yourself lost in different genres of music, wondering which one truly speaks to your heart, we’ve got something fun for you. Our “What’s Your Favourite Music Genre Quiz” is designed to be your compass through the diversity of sound.

With a simple yet engaging set of questions, this quiz will guide you through a list of music genres as varied as your taste buds. Ready to discover your musical alter ego and elevate your music playlist? 

What’s Your Favourite Music Genre? Let’s start the adventure! 💽 🎧

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Ready For More Musical Fun?

What’s Your Favourite Music Genre Quiz

Get ready to dive into the sonic spectrum and discover your true musical identity. Answer the following questions honestly and see what genre resonates with your soul!

Questions – What’s Your Favourite Music Genre?

1/ What’s your go-to karaoke song?

  • A. Rock anthem that gets the crowd pumped
  • B. Soulful ballad that showcases your vocal range
  • C. Indie hit with poetic lyrics and a mellow vibe
  • D. Upbeat pop song for a dance-worthy performance

2/ Choose your dream concert lineup:

  • A. Legendary rock bands and guitar heroes
  • B. R&B and soul vocal powerhouses
  • C. Indie and alternative acts with unique sounds
  • D. Electronic and pop artists to keep the party alive

3/ Your favorite music-related movie is____ Here are some movie options to consider:

  • A. A documentary about a legendary band.
  • B. A musical drama with emotional performances.
  • C. An indie film with a unique soundtrack.
  • D. A high-energy dance movie with catchy beats.

4/ What’s your preferred way to discover new music?

  • A. Rock festivals and live performances
  • B. Soulful playlists and curated R&B recommendations
  • C. Indie music blogs and underground scenes
  • D. Pop charts and trending electronic hits

5/ When you’re feeling nostalgic, what era of music do you gravitate towards?

  • A. The rebellious spirit of the 70s and 80s rock
  • B. Motown classics and 90s R&B
  • C. The indie explosion of the 2000s
  • D. The vibrant pop scene of the 80s and 90s
What’s Your Favourite Music Genre?

6/ How do you feel about instrumental tracks?

  • A. Prefer vocals to drive the energy
  • B. Love the emotion conveyed without lyrics
  • C. Enjoy the unique soundscapes of instrumentals
  • D. Instrumentals are perfect for dancing

7/ Your workout playlist consists of:

  • A. High-tempo rock anthems
  • B. Soulful and motivating R&B tracks
  • C. Indie and alternative tunes for a cool-down
  • D. Energetic pop and electronic beats

8/ When it comes to your daily routine, how important is music? How does music fit into your typical day?

  • A. Energizes and pumps me up
  • B. Comforts and soothes my soul
  • C. Provides a soundtrack for my thoughts
  • D. Sets the tone for different moods

9/ How do you feel about cover songs?

  • A. Love them, especially if they rock harder than the original
  • B. Appreciate when artists add their own soulful touch
  • C. Enjoy unique indie interpretations
  • D. Prefer the original versions but open to new twists

10/ Choose your ideal music festival destination:

  • A. Iconic rock festivals like Download or Lollapalooza
  • B. Jazz and Blues festivals celebrating soulful sounds
  • C. Indie music festivals in scenic outdoor settings
  • D. Electronic dance music festivals with top DJs

11/ What are your lyrics like?

  • A. Catchy hooks and singalong choruses I can’t get out of my head
  • B. Deep, poetic verses that tell stories and evoke emotions ✍️ 
  • C. Witty wordplay and clever rhymes that make me smile
  • D. Raw, honest expressions of feeling that resonate with my soul

12/ First things first, how do you usually listen to music?

  • A. Headphones on, lost in my own world
  • B. Blasting it out, sharing the vibes
  • C. Singing along at the top of my lungs (even if I’m off-key)
  • D. Quietly appreciating the artistry, soaking in the sounds

13/ Your perfect date night includes a soundtrack of:

  • A. Classic love ballads and rock serenades
  • B. Soulful R&B to set the mood
  • C. Indie acoustic tunes for a cozy evening
  • D. Upbeat pop for a fun and lively atmosphere

14/ What’s your reaction to discovering a new and unknown artist?

  • A. Excitement, especially if they rock hard
  • B. Appreciation for their soulful talent
  • C. Interest in their unique sound and style
  • D. Curiosity, especially if their beats are dance-worthy

15/ If you could have dinner with a music icon, who would it be?

  • A. Mick Jagger for rock stories and charisma
  • B. Aretha Franklin for soulful conversations
  • C. Thom Yorke for indie insights
  • D. Daft Punk for an electronic feast
The World’sFavourite Music Genres. Image: Statista

Results – What’s Your Favourite Music Genre Quiz

Drumroll, Please…

Scoring: Add up the genres you selected. Each correct answer corresponds to a particular genre.

  • Rock: Count the number of A answers.
  • Indie/Alternative: Count the number of C answers.
  • Electronic/Pop: Count the number of D answers.
  • R&B/Soul: Count the number of B answers.

Results: Highest Score – The music genre with the highest count is likely your favourite music genre or resonates the most with you.

  • Rock: You’re a headbanger at heart! High-energy riffs, powerful vocals, and anthemic choruses fuel your soul. Crank up the AC/DC and let loose!
  • Soul/R&B: Your emotions run deep. You crave soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and music that speaks to your core. Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye are your heroes.
  • Indie/Alternative: You seek originality and thought-provoking sounds. Unique textures, poetic lyrics, and independent spirits resonate with you. Bon Iver and Lana Del Rey are your kindred spirits.
  • Pop/Electronic: You’re a party starter! Catchy hooks, pulsating beats, and vibrant energy keep you moving. Pop charts and trending electronic hits are your go-to.

Tie score:

If you have a tie between two or more genres, consider your overall music preferences and the questions where you had the strongest response. This can help you identify your dominant musical personality.


ThisWhat’s Your Favourite Music Genre quiz is just a fun guide to explore your musical tastes. Don’t be afraid to break the mold and mix and match genres! The beauty of music lies in its diversity and personal connection. Keep discovering, keep listening, and let the music move you!

Bonus: Share your results in the comments and discover new artists and songs recommended by others! Let’s celebrate the vibrant world of music together.

Final Thoughts

We hope the “What’s Your Favourite Music Genre Quiz” has provided insights into your musical identity. Whether you’re a Rock enthusiast, a Soul/R&B lover, an Indie/Alternative explorer, or a Pop/Electronic maestro, the beauty of music lies in its ability to resonate with your unique soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite music genre?

Let’s find out in this “What’s Your Favourite Music Genre” quiz. 

What is fav genre?

Favorite genres vary for each person.

Who is the most popular music genre?

Pop remains one of the most popular genres.

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