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24 Best Ideas for Field Trips for Schools for All Ages


Leah Nguyen 08 August, 2023 9 min read

The best part of when you’re a student is probably going on a school field trip (no homework, no sitting around waiting for recess, who doesn’t like it?)

That’s why as a teacher, coming up with a field trip that ensures the students are having the time of their life but also educative has been the top priority.

Here are 24 awesome ideas for field trips for schools that offer tons of fun and great lessons!

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The Importance of Field Trips in Education

field trips for schools
Field trips for schools – The importance

Field trips for schools provide many positive aspects to students’ learning pathways. They can:

Provide hands-on, experiential learning: Students learn best when they have opportunities to directly experience and interact with what they are studying. Field trips allow students to make real-world connections to classroom concepts, for example, a field trip to the science museum will let students interact with real experiments that they only have seen through textbooks.

Supplement the curriculum: Field trips can complement and reinforce what students are learning in the classroom. Visiting places related to curricular topics brings lessons to life.

Develop real-world skills: Field trips provide opportunities for students to practice skills like observation, critical thinking, collaboration and communication in authentic settings outside of school.

Inspire continuous learning: Experiencing new places can spark students’ curiosity and motivation to learn more about related topics when they return to the classroom. Field trips ignite students’ imagination and natural sense of wonder.

Foster social and emotional growth: Field trips for schools in groups give students opportunities for social interaction, teamwork, responsibility and independence – skills that contribute to social-emotional learning and development.

Expose students to new people and places: Field trips broaden students’ experiences and exposure to the world, helping them build background knowledge and vocabulary. This can be especially valuable for underserved students.

What are Good Ideas for a Field Trip?

From homeschooling to high school, these field trips for schools will bring great memories to students and enrich their experience with the outer world.

Kindergarten field trips ideas

Field trips for schools - Kindergarten
Field trips for schools –Kindergarten field trips ideas

#1. Zoo – Kids love seeing and learning about different animals at the zoo. Focus on the smaller animals and insect exhibits. You can collaborate with the zoo to have tour guides talk about wildlife and animal behaviours.

#2. Farm – Seeing farm animals up close like fluffy sheep and cute rabbits will surely enchant all the young kids. They can also pick produce, and experience rural life firsthand. Petting zoos are especially fun for kindergarteners.

#3. Botanical garden – Colourful flowers, plants and outdoor spaces make botanical gardens a sensory-rich experience for kindergarteners. Consider a children-friendly space if available.

#4. Fire station – Seeing a firefighter in real life is like observing a superhero on missions, and your little ones sure are fond of that! Kids love seeing a real fire truck, meeting firefighters and learning basic fire safety. Many stations offer station tours and demonstrations.

#5. Orchard – Picking and tasting fresh produces in an orchard connects kids to the cycle of nature while engaging multiple senses. You can contact a local orchard and plant out in advance, but be aware if there’s any kid that is allergic to the fruit.

#6. Cooking class – A hands-on cooking or baking lesson allows kindergartners to develop early math, literacy and fine motor skills through food prep and following recipes.

Primary school field trips ideas

Field trips for schools - Primary school
Field trips for schools –Primary school field trips ideas

#7. Nature centre – Field trips to nature centres provide opportunities for kids to experience and learn about the outdoors through guided hikes, activities and exhibits.

#8. Nursing home – Intergenerational field trips for schools give kids a chance to talk with and learn from seniors while bringing joy to residents. Kids this age often connect easily with the elderly.

#9. Aquarium – Tanks full of fish, turtles, rays and other aquatic creatures inspire wonder in primary school students. Many aquariums have interactive programs and touch pools.

#10. Theatre – Watching a live performance designed for children gives students an introduction to the performing arts in an interactive and engaging way.

#11. Camping – A 1-day outdoor camping provides plenty of activities. Nature observation, outdoor cooking (don’t forget the S’mores), campfire programs and games will bring the camping experience to life for students.

#12. Virtual museum visit – Can’t organise this year’s field trip? Not a problem because there are plenty of exciting virtual museum tours that you can show students in the class. You can triple the engagement and discussion by organising an interactive quiz to test students’ knowledge after that.

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field trips for schools - ideas

Middle and high school field trip ideas

Field trips for schools - Middle and high school field trip ideas
Field trips for schools –Middle and high school field trip ideas

#13. College campus – Visiting a local college campus can inspire and expose students to future possibilities as well as provide an engaging learning experience.

#14. Art museum – Art museums offer exhibitions and programs tailored for teens that expose them to new artists and develop their visual literacy and critical thinking skills.

#15. Science museum – Hands-on exhibits and interactive activities at science museums bring concepts to life in engaging ways that capture teenagers’ interests.

#16. Community service project – Volunteering as a class for a community service project teaches valuable skills while engaging students in important social issues and causes. You can choose an animal shelter, a food bank, or a community shelter. The choices are endless, depending on what your learning objective is.

#17. Business/industry tour – Touring a local business or area of industry relevant to student’s interests can provide real-world connections and potential career exposure. It also encourages students to know the importance of small businesses in supporting the local economy.

#18. Indoor recreational areas – These areas are often equipped with exciting activities such as indoor rock climbing, zipline and adventure games that will bring the adrenaline rush to the young blood. They also have team-building activities that are perfect for bonding and learning the spirit of teamwork.

Homeschool field trip ideas

Field trips for schools - Homeschool field trip ideas
Field trips for schools –Homeschool field trip ideas

#19. Farmers market – Bring your kids to a local farmers market to learn about produce, talk to farmers, and get ideas for meals. Kids can help pick out fresh items to cook at home, making this a nice bonding lesson.

#20. Artisan workshop – Sign up for group knitting or crocheting lessons just for kids. It’s a great hands-on way to learn a useful life skill.

#21. Trampoline park – Great for all ages, trampoline parks are a unique indoor field trip option for physical education and socialising during homeschooling. Kids get lots of exercise too.

#22. Working studio – Artisans like ceramicists, glassblowers, woodworkers and more may welcome student groups to observe and learn from their creative process. Kids come away inspired.

#23. World cultures VR – In the age of technology, we can tour around the world from the comfort of our houses. Equip the kid with a VR headset and let them explore different locations around the world to learn about each distinctive culture immersively.

#24. Performing arts venue – Theaters, orchestra halls, opera houses and dance companies offer backstage tours, workshops and lectures for students of all ages. Kids can get inspired by the creative process.

Bottom Line

With proper planning, guidance and age-appropriate structure, field trips for schools can provide students opportunities for hands-on learning, team building, developing responsibility and independence, and unplugging in the outside world – all valuable educational benefits. Just be sure safety, preparedness and educational goals are prioritised in your planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a field trip in the classroom?

A field trip in the classroom is an excursion outside of the school that has an educational purpose.

What is the purpose of a field trip?

The primary purpose of field trips for schools is to provide students with educational experiences beyond textbooks and classrooms that complement and reinforce curricular aims while developing important skills and social tendencies in students. Field trips offer “invisible” benefits that transcend direct academic goals.

How do you organise a school field trip?

Here are the key steps to organise a successful school field trip: · Identify learning objectives · Get administrative approval

· Coordinate logistics· Plan pre-trip lessons· Prepare chaperones· Conduct the field trip· Conduct post-trip debrief· Evaluate and improve.