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11 Best Free IQ Test Websites to Know Your Genius Level


Leah Nguyen 05 September, 2023 11 min read

Are you curious about how much of a brainiac you are?

Want to know if you rank among the highest IQ people in the world?

Check these best free IQ test websites to find out how smart you are – without wallet impact🧠

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What is a Good IQ Score for Every Age?

What is an intelligent type test?

IQ scores are usually measured on a scale with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. It’s important to note that different free IQ tests will yield different results and you should not think that the IQ score will reflect your abilities, as it doesn’t capture the full range of human intelligence or potential.

Here are the typical IQ scores by age:

Age RangeAverage IQ Score
16 – 17108
18 – 19105
20 – 2499
24 – 3497
35 – 44101
45 – 54106
> 65114
Free IQ Test

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Best Free IQ Tests

Now that you’ve been quite familiar with the IQ scoring system, let’s find out the best free IQ test websites down here and start putting your thinking cap on for an optimal score💪

#1. IQ Exam

Free IQ test
Free IQ test

IQ Exam is created by the McGill University Research Student Team. It claims it can assess your intelligence more precisely than those other quickie IQ quizzes all over the web.

With over 30 different types of logical and visual puzzles, it seems more comprehensive than 5-minute surveys for sure.

The result is free, but you’ll have to pay more to see a more detailed result and PDF for improving your IQ.

#2. Are You Ready For IQ Quiz

Free IQ test
Free IQ test

Are You Ready For IQ Quiz is a free IQ test on ProProfs that comprises 20 questions covering topics like pattern recognition, logical reasoning, math word problems, and analogies.

Be careful not to scroll down and press “Start” right away since it provides the correct answers and explanations right below the test.

#3. AhaSlides’ Free IQ Test

Free IQ test AhaSlides
Free IQ test

This is a free online IQ test on AhaSlides that provides instant results for each question you take.

What’s notable about this website is that besides taking IQ quizzes, you can create your own test from scratch or build the quiz from thousands of ready-made templates.

More importantly, you can share it with your friends, students, or coworkers and have them play the quiz live. There’s a leaderboard that displays the top players to fire up everyone’s competitive spirit🔥

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AhaSlides can be used to create a free IQ test
AhaSlides can be used to create a free IQ test


Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test is a straightforward test with 20 questions of multiple-choice questions testing logic, patterns, and math skills.

The test is likely short and informal compared to clinical versions.

You’ll need to enter your birthdate in order for the exam to measure your IQ as per your age accurately.

#5. 123Test

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

123Test provides free online IQ tests and resources about intelligence and IQ testing.

The free test is however shorter than the standard IQ tests on the site. If you want the full version plus a detailed report and the certificate included, you’ll need to pay $8.99.

123Test is ideal for a snapshot of the real IQ test. You can do it anytime for a quickie to jump-start your brain.

#6. Genius Tests

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

Genius Tests is another free IQ test you should try out to self-evaluate your intelligence in a fun, casual way.

There are two versions – Full quiz and Quick quiz depending on your needs.

Be reminded that they’re quite quick, leaving no room for contemplating.

You’ll also need to make a purchase to see the test results and answers, as the test only displays which percentile your score falls into.

#7. International IQ test

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

International IQ test is a 40-question free IQ test that provides instant results upon completion.

Scores are then added to an international ranking database along with metadata like age, country, education level, and such.

What’s even better is that you can see where you rank globally and the average IQs internationally.

#8. Test-Guide’s Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

The Free IQ Test from Test Guide is 100% free and even better, it has an explanation of each question, whether it’s correct or incorrect.

It will measure your verbal comprehension, logic, perceptual reasoning, and mathematical reasoning based on anagrams, pattern recognition, story problems and vocabulary questions.

#9. Mensa IQ Challenge

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

The Mensa IQ Challenge is a Mensa free IQ test created for users to take a free, unofficial IQ test for entertainment purposes only.

Despite it being a demonstration, the test is quite meticulous with 35 puzzles starting from easy to progressively harder.

If you want to obtain a Mensa membership, you’ll need to contact your local Mensa organisation and do an official test.

#10. My IQ Tested

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

My IQ Tested is a 10-20 minute professionally developed IQ test that provides an estimated IQ score when you’ve finished.

In addition to an IQ score, it breaks down performance in specific cognitive areas like memory, logic, and creativity. No extra fee is charged!

💡Fun fact: Quentin Tarantino’s IQ is 160, which puts him on the same IQ level as Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking!

#11. MentalUP’s Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

This quick online test can be done by both children and adults for free, as it doesn’t require writing or reading skills to start.

You can challenge yourself with different types of questions that measure how you solve problems and think logically, plus being able to choose a 15-question version or an advanced 40-question one.

We recommend the advanced IQ test for a more precise result and besides, it really makes you think on your toe!

Key Takeaways

We hope these free IQ tests will satisfy your curiosity by bringing you more insights into your cognitive ability and how your brain functions.

An IQ score is just a snapshot. It shouldn’t define you or limit your potential. Your heart, effort, interests – that’s what really matters. As long as you’re in the broad average range, you shouldn’t sweat the number too much.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my IQ for free?

You can check your IQ for free by going to one of our recommended websites above. Please note that some websites might require you to pay if you want more in-depth results about your intelligence.

Is 121 a good IQ?

The average IQ score is defined as 100. So a 121 IQ is above average.

Is 131 a good IQ?

Yes, an IQ of 131 is unequivocally considered an excellent, high IQ score that places one in the very top tier of intellectual performance.

Is 115 IQ gifted?

While a 115 IQ is a good score, it is more accurately characterised as high average intelligence rather than giftedness based on standardised definitions and IQ cutoffs used globally.

What is Elon Musk’s IQ?

Elon Musk’s IQ is believed to range from 155 to 165, which is at the very top compared to the average of 100.