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2024 Online Personality Test | How Well You Know Yourself?


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 12 min read

Knowing yourself is still a challenge for many people. If you still feel confused about your strengths and weaknesses and feel difficult to choose a suitable job or lifestyle, this online personality test may help. Based on the set of questions, you will know what your personality is, thereby determining the correct direction for future development.

In addition, in this article, we would like to introduce 3 online personality test that are quite famous and widely used in personal development as well as career guidance.

At what ages Personality starts to form?First 5 years of life
At what ages personality is stable?Age of 30, reach maturity
Is it too late to change my personality during 30s?No, you can change your personality anytime, as long as you want to do it!
Overview of Online Personality Test

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Online Personality Test Questions

This personality test will reveal your personality and your tendency to behave in your relationships.

Now relax, imagine you are sitting on the sofa, watching TV in your living room…

Online Personality Test
Online Personality Test – Quizzes about Yourselfs

1/ On the television is a magnificent chamber symphony concert. Suppose you could be a musician in an orchestra, performing in front of a crowd. Which of the following instruments would you like to play?

  • A. Violin
  • B. Bass guitar
  • C. Trumpet
  • D. Flute

2/ You go into the bedroom to take a nap. Deeply asleep, you fall into a dream. What was the natural scene like in that dream?

  • A. A field of white snow
  • B. Blue sea with golden sand
  • C. High mountains with clouds, and the wind blows
  • D. A field of brilliant yellow flowers

3/ After waking up. You receive a call from your best friend. He is asking you to act as an actor in a stage play, that he is writing and directing. The setting of the play is a trial, and you are allowed to choose a role below. Which character will you transform into?

A. Lawyer

B. Inspector/Detective

C. Defendant

D. Witness

Online Personality Test Result

Image: freepik – Quizzes to learn more about yourself

Question 1. The type of instrument you choose reveals your personality in love.

A. Violin

In love, you are very tactful, sensitive, caring, and devoted. You know how the other half feels, you always listen, encourage and understand them. “In bed”, you are also very skillful, understand the sensitive positions of the other’s body, and know how to satisfy your partner.

B. Bass guitar

Whether you are a man or a woman, you are also strong, determined, and like to control everything, including love. You can make the other person respectfully obey your opinion, and still make them feel satisfied and happy. You are defiant, free, and untouchable. It is your rebellion that makes the other half excited.

C. Trumpet

You are smart with your mouth and very good at talking with sweet words. You like to communicate. You make your other half happy with winged compliments. It can be said that the secret weapon that makes the partner fall in love with you is your clever way of using words.

D. Flute

You are patient, careful, and loyal in love. You bring a sense of security to the other person. They feel you are trustworthy and will never leave or betray them. This makes them love and appreciate you even more. Therefore, a partner can easily let go of all defenses and freely reveal his true self to you. 

Image: freepik

Question 2. The sight of nature you dream of reveals your strengths.

A. A field of white snow

You have super sharp intuition. You can quickly capture the thoughts and feelings of others through a few external expressions. Sensitivity and sophistication also help you to always understand the problem and certain situations during the message time, so you can react appropriately in many situations.

B. Blue sea with golden sand

You have excellent communication skills. You know how to connect and interact with any audience, regardless of age or personality. You even have the talent to bring groups of people with different personalities and perspectives closer together. People like you working in groups will be great.

C. High mountains with clouds, and the wind blows

You can express yourself in language, whether spoken or written. You may have a knack for eloquence, speech, and writing. You always know how to use appropriate words and words to express your feelings and easily convey your thoughts to everyone.

D. A field of brilliant yellow flowers

You possess the ability to be creative, you have a rich, abundant “idea bank”. You often come up with big, unique ideas that are guaranteed to be unmatched. You have the mind of an innovator, thinking differently and breaking out, surpassing conventional limits and standards.

Image: freepik

Question 3. The character you choose to play for the play reveals how you handle and cope with difficulties.

A. Lawyer

Flexibility is your problem-solving style. You always stay calm in stressful situations and rarely reveal your true thoughts. You are a warrior with a cold head and a hot heart, always fighting fiercely. 

B. Inspector/Detective

You are the bravest and calmest in a group of people when in trouble. You don’t flinch even when the most urgent situation occurs, while everyone around is confused. At that time, you often sit and think, find the cause of the problem, analyze it and find a solution based on reason. You are respected by people and often ask for help when they have problems.

C. Defendant

Often, you unintentionally or intentionally appear to be formidable, cavalier, and lifeless. But when trouble comes, you are not as confident and tough as you seem. At that time, you often tend to wonder, think, and question yourself, instead of trying to solve the problem. You become pessimistic, extreme, and passive.

D. Witness

At first glance, you appear to be a cooperative and helpful person in specific situations. But actually, your permissiveness can bring a whole host of other problems. When facing difficulties, you always listen and follow the opinions of others. You also don’t dare to voice your opinion, perhaps for fear of being rejected. 

Here are 3 Online Personality Tests for those who are still confused and doubting themselves.

Online Personality Test – Personality Test Game can help you to understand yourself better

The MBTI personality test

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality test is a method that uses psychological multiple-choice questions to analyze personality. This online personality is used by 2 million new people every year and is especially used in recruitment, personnel assessment, education, career guidance activities, etc. MBTI classifies personality based on 4 basic groups, each group is a dichotomous pair of 8 functional and cognitive factors:

  • Natural Tendencies: Extroversion – Introversion
  • Understanding and Perceiving the World: Sensing – Intuition
  • Decisions and Choices: Thinking – Feeling
  • Ways and Actions: Judgment – Perception

The Big Five Personalities Test

The Big Five Personalities Test is also developed from MBTI but focuses on the assessment of 5 basic personality aspects of each individual including

  • Openness: openness, adaptability.
  • Conscientiousness: dedication, meticulousness, ability to work to the end, and stick to goals.
  • Agreeableness: agreeableness, is the ability to interact with others.
  • Extraversion: extraversion and introversion.
  • Neuroticism: anxiousness, capriciousness.

16 Personality Test

True to its name, 16 personalities is a short quiz that helps you determine “who you are” among 16 personality groups. After completing the test, the returned results will be displayed in the form of letters put together such as INTP-A, ESTJ-T, and ISFP-A… representing the 5 aspects of influencing personality to attitudes, actions, perceptions, and thoughts, including:

  • Mind: How to interact with the surrounding environment (letters I – Introverted and E – Extraverted).
  • Energy: How we see the world and process information (letters S – Sensing and N – Intuition).
  • Nature: Method of making decisions and dealing with emotions (letters T – Thinking and F – Feeling).
  • Tactics: Approach to work, planning, and decision-making (letters J – Judging and P – Prospecting).
  • Identity: The level of confidence in your own abilities and decisions (A – Assertive and T – Turbulent).
  • Personality traits are grouped into four broad groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers.
Good Personality Quiz Questions – Image: freepik

Key Takeaways

Hope that the results of our Online Personality Test can provide information for you to better understand yourself, thereby making the right career choice or lifestyle for you, and helping you to develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses. However, keep in mind that any Online Personality Test is for reference only, the decision is always in your heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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An online personality test is a tool that assesses an individual’s personality traits, preferences, and behaviors based on a series of questions or statements. These tests are often used for self-reflection, career counseling, team-building, or research purposes.
MBTI stands for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is a personality assessment tool that was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. The MBTI is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and assesses an individual’s personality across four dichotomies: extraversion (E) vs. introversion (I), sensing (S) vs. intuition (N), thinking (T) vs. feeling (F), and judging (J) vs. perceiving (P).
These dichotomies result in 16 possible personality types, each with its unique set of preferences, strengths, and potential areas for growth. The MBTI is often used for personal and professional development, career counseling, and team-building purposes.