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Top 10 Fun Intelligence Test Games to Boost Your Brainpower | 2024 Reveal


Astrid Tran 05 January, 2024 9 min read

What are the best intelligence test games to improve your cognition?

Want to become sharper, quicker-thinking, and more mentally fit? Brain training has become as popular as physical training in recent years, as more people seek to improve cognitive abilities and stave off mental decline. Just as athletic training strengthens the body, intelligence test games can give your brain a thorough mental workout.

Intelligence test games target different areas of cognition, testing and sharpening critical thinking skills from logic to memory. Puzzles, strategy challenges, trivia – these mental gym exercises build your brainpower. Like any good training regimen, flexibility is key. Let’s work out your brain with the top 10 brain training games!

The intelligence testing games

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Puzzle Games – The Cognitive Weightlifting

Flex your mental muscles with popular classic and modern logic puzzles. Sudoku, one of the most well-known intelligence test games, trains logical reasoning as you complete number grids using deduction. Picross, which is also one of the most popular intelligence test games, similarly builds logic by revealing pixel art images based on number clues. Polygon puzzles like Monument Valley spatial awareness by manipulating impossible geometries. Jigsaw puzzles test visual processing by reassembling images.

Immersive puzzle games like Cut the Rope manipulate physics and spatial environments. The Brain Age series offers different daily brain teaser challenges. Puzzle games act as strength training for vital cognitive skills like inductive reasoning, pattern recognition, and visual mapping. They build mental fortitude crucial for intelligence. Some other intelligence test games include:

  • Flow Free – connect dots across grid puzzles 
  • Lyne – join colored shapes to fill the board
  • Brain It On! – draw structures balancing physics rules
  • Brain Test – solve visual and logic challenges
  • Tetris – manipulate falling blocks efficiently
Intelligence test games
Learn from intelligence test games | Image: Freepik

Strategy & Memory Games – Training Your Mental Endurance

Test the limits of your working memory, focus, and strategic planning with games designed to tax your mental endurance. Classic strategic intelligence test games like Chess require thoughtful and ordered thinking, while visual puzzles like Tower of Hanoi demand sequentially moving disks.

Memorization games train your short-term memory by recalling sequences, locations, or details. Management and building simulators like Rise of Kingdoms build long-term planning abilities. These intelligence test games build the stamina of vital cognitive skills, much like a long-distance run trains physical endurance. Some top picks for intelligence test games to train your memory include:

  • Total Recall – repeat number and color sequences
  • Memory Match – uncover hidden pairs by remembering locations
  • Tower of Hanoi – move rings sequentially on pegs
  • Rise of Kingdoms – manage cities and armies strategically
  • Chess and Go – outmaneuver an opponent with strategic thinking
Fun intelligence test for memory
Fun intelligence test for memory | Image: Freepik

Quiz & Trivia Games – Relays for the Mind

Quick thinking, general knowledge, and even reflexes can be learned and trained through quiz and trivia apps. The viral fame with live quizzes comes from the thrills of getting scores through speed and accuracy. Many trivia apps let you compete in different categories from entertainment to science, from easy to difficult.

Racing against clocks or peer pressure can improve your mental quick reflection and flexibility. Recalling obscures facts and areas of knowledge exercises your memory. Like a relay race, these fast-paced intelligence tests target different cognitive strengths for a mental workout. Some top options include:

  • HQ Trivia – live quizzes with cash prizes
  • QuizUp – multiplayer quizzes on diverse topics 
  • Trivia Crack – match wits across trivia categories
  • ProQuiz – timed quizzes on any subject
  • Total Trivia – a mix of quizzes and mini-games

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Creative Intelligence Test Games

Games requiring imagination and out-of-the-box thinking push your mental limits like a marathon. Scribble Riddles and Draw Something force you to visualize clues and convey ideas creatively. Just Dance and other movement games test physical memory and coordination, while Freestyle rap battles flex improvisational skills.

These creative intelligence test games make you dig deep mentally and push past ingrained thinking patterns. Practicing creative expression expands your mental flexibility and originality. Some examples include:

  • Scribble Riddles – sketch clues for others to guess
  • Draw Something – illustrate words for others to name
  • Just Dance – match dance moves displayed on the screen 
  • Rap battles – improvise verses and flow against an opponent
  • Creative quizzes – answer questions unconventionally
Physical Intelligence test for creativity

Train Your Brain Daily – The Mental Marathon

Just like physical exercise, training your brain requires discipline and consistency for optimal results. Set aside at least 20-30 minutes each day for playing intelligence test games and completing puzzles. Maintain a diverse daily regimen that engages different cognitive skills – try logic puzzles on Mondays, trivia quizzes on Tuesdays, and spatial challenges on Wednesdays.

Mix up the types of intelligence tests you take on. Vary the games you play each day and increase difficulty levels regularly to keep your mind challenged. Try competing against the clock to solve puzzles faster or beat your high score on brain training apps. Tracking your progress in a journal can help motivate you to push your mental limits.

Repeating this daily workout focused on intelligence test games will build your mental stamina over time. You may notice improvements in memory, concentration, processing speed, and mental clarity. The key is sticking to the routine and not just playing brain games occasionally. With consistent training, intelligence test games can become a habit that keeps your mind exercised and sharp.

Make brain training a part of your lifestyle, much like physical exercise. Do a diverse mental workout regularly and watch your cognitive fitness increase week after week. Intelligence test games provide an engaging and effective option for daily brain exercise.

Key Takeaways

Exercise your mind, build your mental muscles, and increase your mental endurance, are what intelligence test games are designed to do. They are perfect options for those who want to train cognitive abilities like a competitive athlete. Now it’s time to put down the mental weights, lace up your cognitive sneakers, and train for mental well-being like an athlete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the intelligence test?

The main purpose is to quantify and assess someone’s overall mental capacities. Intelligence tests aim to gauge fluid intelligence – the ability to think logically and apply skills to new situations. The results are used for educational or clinical evaluation of cognitive functioning. Practicing with games designed to test intelligence can improve these mental abilities.

What is an intelligence test example?

Some examples of well-known intelligence test games and assessments are listed below. These example intelligence tests exercise capacities like attention, memory, spatial intelligence, and logical reasoning.
Raven’s Progressive Matrices – nonverbal logic puzzles 
Mensa quizzes – a variety of reasoning questions
Wechsler tests – verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning
Stanford-Binet – verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning
Lumosity – online logic, memory, and problem-solving games
Chess – tests strategy and spatial reasoning skills

Is 120 a good IQ?

Yes, an IQ of 120 is generally considered to be high or superior intelligence compared to the overall population. 100 is average IQ, so a score of 120 puts someone in the top 10% of intelligence quotients. However, IQ tests have limits in measuring intelligence fully. Playing a variety of intelligence test games can continue building critical thinking and mental acuity.

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