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Are you GigaChad | 14 GigaChad Quizzes to get to know you better


Astrid Tran 05 September, 2023 5 min read

The GigaChad meme became viral as soon as it was first shared on Reddit in 2017, and is still popularly used nowadays. A GigaChad used to be a "gold standard"  for an attractive man with a muscular body, handsome face, and a confident pose.

So, are you thrilled to know more about your personality? In this test, we’ll see just how much of GigaChad you are based on your lifestyle, attitude, and choices.  

Don’t take the results too seriously - this quiz is just for fun and to know yourself better! Let’s get started!

gigachad face
GigaChad face photo | Image: Reddit

Table of Contents:

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Gigachad Quiz

Question 1: It's 3 AM, you can't go to sleep. What do you do?

A) Read a book

B) Try sleeping more

C) Drugs or Alcohol

D) This is normal. I don't get sleep.

Question 2: You find yourself at a party full of strangers. What do you do?

A) Confidently introduce yourself and work the room

B) Politely mingle until you find a familiar face

C) Stand awkwardly alone and hope someone talks to you

D) Go home

Question 3: It is your friend's B-day. What do you get them?

A) Nerf gun

B) Bill of rights

C)  Video game

D) Wait! Is it really my friend's birthday?

Question 4: Which one describes your body type?

A) I look like the Rock

B) I’m pretty muscular

C) I’m fit but not super-muscular

D) I have an average body type

Question 5: You get into a heated argument with your partner. What do you do? 

A) Calmly communicate why you’re upset and look for a resolution

B) Sulk in silence giving them the cold shoulder

C) You are always the person to say "sorry" first

D) Yell and lash out in anger

Question 6: Fill in the blank. I make my lover feel ___________.

A) Protected

B) Happy

C) Special

D) Awful

Question 7: You're interested in someone. What's your usual approach?

A) Ask them out directly and make your intentions clear

B) Engage in subtle flirting and humor to convey your interest without directly stating it.

C) Try to find a mutual friend and get to know them better as friends first

D) Admire them secretly from afar

Question 8: How much can you bench press in relation to your body weight?

A) 1.5x

B) 1x

C) 0.5x

D) I do not do bench-press

Question 9: How often do you work out?

A) Always

B) Twice a week

C) Never

D) Once a month

Question 10: Which best describes your typical weekends?

A) Traveling, parties, dates, activities - always on the go

B) Occasional outings with friends

C) Sitting at home relaxing

D) Don't know what to do, simply playing video games to kill time.

GigaChad Quiz
GigaChad Quiz

Question 11: Which best describes your current employment status?

A) High-earning job or owner of a successful business

B) Employed full-time

C) Working part-time or odd jobs

D) Unemployed

Question 12: What is something that makes a man instantly attractive?

A) Confidence

B) Intelligence

C) Kindness

D) Mysterious

Question 13: How Important Is It To You To Be Liked By Others?

A) Not important at all

B) Quite important

C) Very important

D) Extremely important

Question 14: How much money do you have saved currently?

A) A large sum invested wisely

B) A healthy emergency fund

C) Enough for a few months expenses 

D) Little to none


Let's check your results!


If you got almost "A" answers, you are truly Gigachad who has many excellent qualities such as being direct, never beating around the bush, financially savvy, emotionally mature, bold in their career, and health-conscious and physically attractive.


If you got almost all "B" answers. You are Chad with some features like being physically attractive, with a well-built or muscular physique, but slightly less masculine. You are a little assertive, unafraid to pursue your interests and have a wide social circle


If you got almost all "C answers, you are Chalies, a kind person, with a fairly attractive voice. You value deep connections and personal growth. You don't have high standards for your appearance.


If you got almost all "D" answers, you are Normie, you are neither bad-looking nor good-looking. Earn enough money to live well. Being an ordinary man isn't something to be ashamed of.

Key Takeaways

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GigaChad in real life?

GigaChad is an internet meme that originated from an edit of the stock image model Ernest Khalimov. Khalimov is a real person but the ultra-muscular and exaggerated image of him as GigaChad is fabricated. The meme took off across the internet, evolving into an alpha male icon known as GigaChad.

What does GigaChad mean?

GigaChad has become an internet symbol of an ultimate alpha male and someone who has unshakeable confidence, masculine strength, and overall desirability. The term GigaChad is used both humorously and seriously to denote aspirations of male dominance and the GigaChad ideal.

How old is GigaChad now?

Ernest Khalimov, the model who was edited into the GigaChad meme, is approximately 30 years old as of 2023. He was born around 1993 in Moscow, Russia. The GigaChad meme itself emerged around 2017, making the GigaChad image around 6 years old as an internet phenomenon.

Is Khalimov Russian?

Yes, Ernest Khalimov, the source of inspiration for the GigaChad image, is Russian. He was born in Moscow and has worked as a model in Russia and internationally. His photos were edited without his knowledge to create the exaggerated GigaChad meme. So the real person behind the meme is indeed Russian.

Ref: Quiz expo