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How to Insert Links into a Mentimeter Interactive Presentation?


Anh Vu 19 February, 2024 5 min read

Is it easy to insert links into a Mentimeter Interactive Presentation? Let’s find out!

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What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is an online interactive presentation editor. Users can add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, and other features to their presentations.

If you plan to insert a hyperlink into your Mentimeter presentation, then I have bad news for you. You cannot insert links into a Mentimeter presentation. While the user community has asked for this feature for a long time, Mentimeter never heeded their request.

The good news is, AhaSlides can!

AhaSlides is a fully integrated and intuitive presentation software. Add live polls, charts, quizzes, images, gifs, Q&A sessions, and other interactive features to create an engaging and professional presentation for your audience.

Mentimeter doesn't allow you to insert links into your presentation. But AhaSlides can!

How to Insert Links into an AhaSlides Presentation?

AhaSlides aims to be intuitive. Links can be inserted into most text boxes, including question titles, image captions, headings, subheadings, and list items.

Links can be inserted anywhere in AhaSlides. This is a feature superior to Mentimeter
The link will be highlighted automatically

With this neat feature, you can insert reference links directly into your slide, so that the audience could quickly access on their phones. Similarly, you can insert your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles for your audience to follow.

The participants' view on their phone. With this feature, they can easily go to the links with just a click.
The audience’s view from their phones. With this feature, they can easily go to the links with just a click

Of course, you might find it inconvenient having to start your presentation over again on AhaSlides. However, AhaSlides comes with an import feature, in which you can upload your presentation in .ppt or .pdf format. This way, you can continue working on your presentation from where you left off.

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AhaSlides as the Best Alternative to Mentimeter

In addition to this feature, AhaSlides has numerous features that are superior to Mentimeter. These include:

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What Customers Say about AhaSlides

An international conference from WPR Communication, powered by AhaSlides

We used AhaSlides in an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online support was fantastic. Thank you! ????

Norbert Breuer from WPR Communication, Germany

AhaSlides is wonderful! I only discovered it about 2 weeks ago and since then, I’m already trying to integrate it into every online workshop/meeting that I am hosting. I have successfully done 3 large global online workshops using AhaSlides &, and my colleagues & the clients have all been impressed and very satisfied. The customer service is also extremely friendly & helpful! Thanks for this wonderful tool that is enabling us to stay connected & continue our work efficiently during these challenging times!?

Sarah Julie Pujol from the United Kingdom

We used AhaSlides in an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online Support was fantastic. Thank you! ????

Norbert Breuer from Germany


AhaSlides is a flexible and intuitive presentation software with no learning time. It allows you to add links, videos, live polls and much more to your presentation with ease.