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AhaSlides Alternatives | 8 Free Interactive Tools in 2024


Jane Ng 26 March, 2024 6 min read

Looking for AhaSlides Alternatives, in another word, aha competitors? In the competition between Interactive Presentation software providers, AhaSlides is a bright "candidate". AhaSlides stands out for its individual user experience, emphasizing originality in design and presentation and super-useful features for multiple purposes such as presentations, work, education, and entertainment. 

However, not every software or platform always satisfies the needs of every user. So, we have the following names if you are looking for Aha Alternatives.


When was AhaSlides created?2019
What is the origin of AhaSlides?Singapore
Who created AhaSlides?CEO Dave Bui
Average AhaSlides PricingFrom $7.95/ month
Overview about AhaSlides

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Best Aha Alternatives

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Mentimeter - AhaSlides Alternatives

You also could say AhaSlides is similar to Mentimeter! Launched in 2014, Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool widely used in classrooms to increase teacher-learner interaction and lecture content. In addition, teachers can also use it so you can use it to assess student learning and formative assessments. Help students debate, test knowledge, and learn in a fun way.

The main features of Mentimeter are:

  • Word Clouds.
  • Live Poll
  • Quizzes.
  • Informative Q&As

However, according to the review, moving or adjusting the slideshows inside the Mentimeter is quite tricky, especially the drag and drop to change the order of the slides. So you should make sure everything is in order before importing.

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Kahoot! - AhaSlides Alternatives

Kahoot! will make your class a lot more fun! Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform. This means that it will be used to make learning and quizzes more exciting and helping students be more interactive and engaging. Kahoot! is ideal for face-to-face and remote learning use with its massive game system. Teachers can integrate with third-party applications such as Zoom or Meet. In addition, it has unique features like:

  • Teachers can create quizzes with a bank of 500 million available questions.
  • Teachers combine multiple questions into one format: quizzes, polls, surveys, and slides.
  • Students can play individually or in groups.
  • Teachers can download reports from Kahoot! in a spreadsheet and can share them with other teachers and administrators.

Slido - AhaSlides Alternatives

Slido is an interactive solution with audiences in real-time in meetings and events through Q&A, polls, and quiz features. With Slide, you can better understand what your audience is thinking and increase audience-speaker interaction. Slido is suitable for all forms from face-to-face to virtual meetings, events with the main benefits as follows:

  • Live polls and live quizzes
  • Event Analytics
  • Integrates with other platforms (Webex, MS Teams, PowerPoint, and Google Slides)

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Crowdpurr - AhaSlides Alternatives

Crowdpurr vs kahoot, which one is better? Crowdpurr is a mobile-based audience engagement platform. It helps people capture audience input during live events through voting features, live quizzes, multiple choice quizzes, as well as streaming content to social media walls. In particular, Crowdpurr allows up to 5000 people to participate in each experience with the following highlights:

  • Allows results and audience interactions to be updated on the screen instantly. 
  • Poll creators can control the entire experience like starting and stopping any poll at any time, approving responses, configuring polls, managing custom branding and other content, and deleting posts.
An international conference powered by AhaSlides (photo courtesy of WPR Communication) 

Prezi Alternatives

Established in 2009, Prezi is a familiar name in the interactive presentation software market. Instead of using traditional slides, Prezi allows you to use a large canvas to create your own digital presentation, or use pre-designed templates from a library. And after you've finished your presentation, you can export the file to a video format for use in webinars on other virtual platforms. 

Users can freely use Multimedia, insert images, videos, and sound or directly import from Google and Flickr. If making presentations in groups, it also allows multiple people to edit and share at the same time or present with the remote hand-over presentation mode.

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Google Slides - AhaSlides Alternatives

AhaSlides is the Google Slides Alternative! Google Slides is part of Google Workspace's online tools. Google Slides is very simple to use because you can create presentations right in your web browser without installing any additional software. It also allows multiple people to work on slides at the same time, where you can still see everyone's edit history, and any changes on the slide are automatically saved. 

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Zuddl - AhaSlides Alternatives

Zuddl is a unified event and webinar platform. To simplify the process of running an event, users can use Zuddl to manage an entire event program, instead of using 8-10 different tools and platforms. Zuddl is suitable for users/businesses who need to improve their sales events, and regularly organize virtual, face-to-face, hybrid, and webinars. Additionally, it integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketto, Eloqua, and other commonly used CRMs.

Microsoft PowerPoint - AhaSlides Alternatives

Surely the name Powerpoint or PP or PPT is very familiar to you. As one of the leading tools developed by Microsoft, Powerpoint helps users create presentations with information, charts, and images. However, with the development of technology, Powerpoint currently faces some disadvantages. 

For example, high risk of technical problems - because it is not online software, so once there is a connection or computer problem, your PowerPoint presentation is also very likely to be lost and difficult to recover. In addition, you must also pay attention to the font or video, or image. Because in each different computer/laptop, they may or may not be displayed. Also, without features for real-time engagement with your audience, your PPT presentation can easily become boring.

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AhaSlides Alternatives - A workshop powered by AhaSlides in Australia (photo courtesy of Ken Burgin)

Final Thoughts

The above are online tools and software that you can refer to as an alternative to AhaSlides. Depending on your intended use, you can choose AhaSlides free alternatives to suit you best. However, to make your presentation engaging and interactive, you should refer to the following tips: